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Project Incubator Award 2010 Bee Natural Uganda

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Project Incubator Award 2010 Bee Natural Uganda

  1. 1. Bee Natural UgandaProduction of honey pineapple jam,carrot jam and Orange Marmalade
  2. 2. Company Description Bee Natural Uganda Ltd is a limited liability company that was registered in September 2007 Employs 23 personnel who are led by a dynamic team of; CEO Business Manager Operations manager Quality analyst Marketer
  3. 3. Company productsDeals in several bee products includingLiquid honeySolid waxWax foundation sheetsCompany is looking into producing new products thatincludePropolisCandlesPine apple jamCarrot jamOrange marmalade
  4. 4. Company activitiesApart from engaging in honey processing,other activities include:Farmer Training-of over 250 farmer groupsin West Nile on Good Apicultural Practices,colony multiplication and queen breeding &rearingLinking them to financial institutions wherethey are able to purchase productionequipment equipment at lower interest ratesBuying all that they produce.
  5. 5. Financial Considerations(US$)Item 2009/2010 2008/2009Revenue 89,500 121,000Raw Materials 43,500 58,220Operating Costs 33,300 44,400Marketing Costs 3,950 5,680Interest 2,068 7,550PaymentNet Profit 37,460 49,700Retained 37,460 87,160Earnings
  6. 6. Jams and Marmalades ProjectThe company made a decision not to focuson one product due to it’s seasonality. Wehave embarked on developing a new line ofproducts - carrot and pineapple jam fromfresh carrots and pineapple respectivelyWe are therefore working with MakerereDept of Food Science and Tech to incubatethe above new products.This also is in line with the companyphilosophy of engaging rural producers to dobusiness with us.
  7. 7. Carrot jam, pine apple jam and orange marmalade Products are produced and formulated under the incubation. Below are some of the jams and marmalades undergoing testing and improvement.
  8. 8. Sinlessly Sweet THE END 10 10