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Financing options for brouwersdam in zuid holland

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This is about the energy-from-water opportunity, ‘Multi level governance’, the role for European Regions and ‘Blending’ of subsidies and finance from NL and EU.

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Financing options for brouwersdam in zuid holland

  1. 1. Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam EIP Action Group Energy & Water Works 9 February 2016 Zjev Ambagts Province of Zuid-Holland / Project Bureau TPP BD z.ambagts@pzh.nl
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Table of contents 1. Introduction: water problem, water solution and energy-from-water opportunity - Lake Volkerak-Zoommeer - Lake Grevelingen - > Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam 2. ‘Multi level governance’; role for European Regions 3. ‘Blending’ of subsidies and finance from NL and EU 3
  4. 4. Delta in South West of Netherlands 4 Envisaged location of Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam City of Antwerp City of Rotterdam
  5. 5. Storm surge in 1953: 1835 casualties 5
  6. 6. 1971: Brouwersdam; 1 of 14 Deltaworks 6
  7. 7. Brouwersdam today 7
  8. 8. Water quality/ ecology problem today 8 Negative impact on regional economy (shell fish, tourism, …)
  9. 9. Water solution: restoration of tidal range 9
  10. 10. Integrated design of culvert (water) and tidal power plant (energy from water) Value of culvert (water): 1. Water quality, under water/ inter tidal ecology Lake Grevelingen 2. Regional economy: shell fishery, recreation, tourism Added value of integrated design of culvert and tidal power plant: 3. Energy transition: predictable renewable energy, CO2-emission reduction 4. Innovation: cost-effective and fish friendly capture of energy at low tidal range 5. Export potential: showcase for European industry Opportunity: Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam 10
  11. 11. ‘Multi level governance’ Steering Group Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam National - Ministry of Economic Affairs (Energy from Water, Narura 2000) - Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment / Rijkswaterstaat (Water) Regional - Province of Zuid-Holland (chair) - Province of Zeeland Local - Municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee - Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland 11
  12. 12. 13 Noordzee Grevelingen N57 bestaande Brouwersdam combiwand Duct-turbine stormschuiven kerende wand technische ruimtedoorstroom- openingen grondlichaam fietspad Grevelingenbestaande caissons in Brouwersdam Noordzee 30 meter NAP +11m NAP +9m fiets- pad N57 secundaire weg NAP -11m NAP -9m NAP -1m NAP +0,5m turbine storm- schuif technische ruimte
  13. 13. Modellenteam GCBD 14 Public reference - Culvert of 135 meter long en 40 meter wide - 15 turbines, diameter of 6 meter; 22 MW installed capacity - Energy production: 67 GWh/ year; circa 22.000 household equivalents Water: € 105-115 million, mainly public budget required Energy from water: additional costs +€ 75-100 million, mainly private investment/ finance required Optimum at 25 MW for 25.000 household equivalents 14
  14. 14. Modellenteam GCBD 15 Potential support from Ministry of Economic Affairs (NL) and from European Commission/ European Investment Bank (‘blending’) 50 cm of tidal range; loan 60% at 6% interest; return of investment = 7% Energy Innovation subsidy NL, up-front Energy exploitation subsidy NL, first 15 years Need for additional support from e.g. European Innovation Fund, up-front or during operation € 6,0 mln € 0,12 per kWh € 20,8 mln 15 Counting with, not yet counting on … EFSI loan and/ or guarantee could lower values
  15. 15. Ocean Energy received funding under NER 300 16 Ocean Energy projects € million under NER MW € million/ MW under NER Under NER300: Sound of Islay, UK 21 10 2.1 Stroma Tidal Turbine Array, UK 16.8 9 1.9 Under ‘Innovation Fund’ (NER400)? Tidal Power Plant Brouwersdam 20.8 22 0.9 Bargain!
  16. 16. Roadmap 2016: arranging public conditions; preparation of public procurement 2017: selection of private consortium water/ energy from water (x -> 3 -> 1) 2018-2019: project development in hybride public-private alliance, decision making on investments 2020 – 2022: construction of culvert/ tidal power plant combination 2022: start of exploitation of tidal power plant Condition: budget for culvert/ tidal range at Lake Grevelingen in 2016 17
  17. 17. Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam Certification of turbine technology Tests, demo’s, certification Energy 4,5MW 18
  18. 18. Role for European regions (and RWS) • Interconnection of sectoral policies in integral solution • Teaming-up public and private parties in hybride alliance • ‘Blending’, financial innovative arrangement: – Energy Innovation subsidy NL – Energy exploitation subsidiy NL – Energy Innovation subsidy EU, e.g. NER400/ Innovation Fund – EFSI guarantee and/ or loan 19