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Drafting CIS on water reuse: State of play in February 2016

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Common Implementation Strategy on Water Reuse in Europe

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Drafting CIS on water reuse: State of play in February 2016

  1. 1. Drafting Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) Guidance on Water Reuse: State of play Claudia de Luca DG Environment Unit C1 Water European Commission
  2. 2. Drafting CIS Guidance on Water Reuse: State of play Claudia de Luca DG ENV, Unit C1 Water
  3. 3. Activities to date  An outline structure of the guidance circulated for comment to CIS WG Programme of Measures (PoM) in mid-2015  First draft guidance shared with WG PoM in October 2015  WG PoM established a drafting group (MSs and stakeholders)  Second draft produced and discussed by drafting group in December 2015  Third draft circulated for comments to drafting group, previous WG PoM, WG Chemicals, Groundwater, Ecostat, SCG and the EIP Action groups
  4. 4. Key Points: Scope  The CIS guidance document provides information, guidance and pilot case examples  Attention on river basin/water scarcity planning – taking in consideration water hierarchy  The guidance stresses the importance of all relevant sources and uses for reused treated wastewater; main emphasis on appropriate safe use in irrigation (agriculture and landscape) and aquifer recharge.  It explores benefits, risks and challenges of reuse.
  5. 5. Key Points: Reuse standards  The guidance does not promote specific standards, but stresses the need to meet the right standards for each use and refers to MS/international standards  It explores how standards should be promoted and implemented, e.g. in public communication, issuing permits, monitoring, etc.
  6. 6. Key Points: Planning, Communication and Funding  It provides a step-by-step guide to the main issues to consider in planning for reuse  It explores the consistency with the existing EU legislation (WFD, Groundwater legislation, UWWTD, Nitrate Directive)  It examines funding issues, such as income generation from water pricing, EU funding water reuse schemes, etc.  It stresses the role of public participation and communication
  7. 7. Future planning  Comments on the 3rd draft of the guidance due by 17 February  Need to get the text right – correct emphasis, accuracy, etc., and seeking for other examples  Draft 4 will be discussed during the drafting group meeting in March 2016  Final draft to be provided to SCG in May 2016  Aim: Water Directors approval in June 2016  The timetable is ambitious, but we have kept to the planned timetable to this point!
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention ! Information and documents available at the dedicated EC Internet page: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/reuse.ht m