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EENA2019: Track3 session5 _Emergency response centre administration in Finland_Marko Nieminen

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The structure, challenges and strategies affecting the emergency services differ in each country, as does the approach to the work of the emergency services and public authorities. This session will outline how some countries approach these challenges and you will hear them share their experiences.

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EENA2019: Track3 session5 _Emergency response centre administration in Finland_Marko Nieminen

  1. 1. EMERGENCY RESPONCE CENTRE AGENCY FINLAND 2019 Marko Nieminen Director of ERC Services
  2. 2. • The ERC Agency provides ERC services throughout Finland, excluding the Province of Åland. • The task of the ERC Agency is to receive emergency calls from all over the country that fall within the scope of the rescue, police, social and health services, as well as other information relating to the safety of people, property, and the environment, and to forward their content to the appropriate authorities or partners. ACT AND DECREE ON EMERGENCY RESPONSE CENTRE OPERATIONS 25.4.20192 The operations of ercs are provided for in the act on emergency response centre operations (692/2010) and the related decree (877/2010).
  3. 3. 25.4.20193 General Director Agency management group • director general • directors of departments Compliance monitoring Steering and Forecasting Department ERC Services Department Technical Services Department Headquarters Human Resources Unit Finance Unit C2 Centre Kerava ERC Kuopio ERC Oulu ERC Pori ERC Turku ERC Vaasa ERC Operative Unit Information Systems Unit Operations and Maintenance Unit ORGANIZATION Communications Unit Development Unit
  4. 4. 4/25/20194 • Most of the ERC operators in the emergency response centers work as call takers. The call taker also takes care of the dispatching of the different authorities’ units whenever it is possible. • Some ERC operators in emergency response centers have a task monitoring role. They support the call takers as well as the field commanders and units. They take care of the dispatching of tasks that are in the queue waiting for free units. ERC WORKING MODEL IN FINLAND
  5. 5. • We produce high-quality ERC services with the help of network-based operations and modern technology. • We promote safety and crisis tolerance in the society. • Our operations promote collaboration with reliability, fairness and professionalism. EMERGENCY RESPONCE CENTRE AGENCY 2020 25.4.20195 A network-based operating model New technology and increasingly sophisticated forms of service A reformed agency
  6. 6. 25.4.20196 A total of 7,400 emergency calls were received daily. A total of 7,200 emergency calls were responded to in under 30 seconds. A total of approximately 3,800 missions based on emergency calls were dispatched to other authorities. A total of 1,700 of the emergency calls were erroneous or malicious each day. The Emergency Response Centre 24 h Emergency Response Centre Agency statistics for 2018
  7. 7. DISPATCHED TASK TO DIFFERENT AUTHORITIES 25.4.20197 Emergency medical services ; 55% Rescue services; 6% Police; 35% Others; 4% Dispatched tasks following from emergency calls 51 % Emergency Response Centre Agency statistics for 2018
  8. 8. Number of personnel 607 PERSONNEL 25.4.20198 61% 39% women men Sex ratio 20-24 1% 25-34 15% 35-44 30%45-54 33% 55-64 21% Age distribution 7,8 13,9 21,8 55,1 1,4 Master’s degree Bachelor’s degree Vocational college Upper secondary vocational Unknown % Absences due to illness 16,2working days /person-year Education level 76% 24% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% permanent fixed-term Nature of employment Average-age 45,2 Job satisfaction 3,26 (on a scale of 1-5) 125 482 Administrative personnel On-call personnelpeople Emergency Response Centre Agency statistics for 2018
  9. 9. • Finland has the world’s most extensive ERC operator's degree programme. • The training, leading to an ERC operator's degree, is a comprehensive programme designed by the Emergency Services College (Kuopio), the Police University College (Tampere), and the Emergency Response Centre Agency. • The studies comprise a total of 90 credits and the studies can be completed in 1.5 years. • Each year, two training courses start the programme (2 x 16). • All ERC operators graduating from the Emergency Services College can be hired directly by the Emergency Response Centre Agency. • Also a bachelor’s degree in police services qualifies for working as an ERC operator. ERC OPERATOR'S DEGREE 25.4.20199
  10. 10. • AML (Advanced Mobile Location) was taken into use in Finland 2017. • When a caller dials the emergency number, the service automatically activates the telephone’s location services and sends the caller’s location to the ERC. AML also works with text messages. • The AML service sends the caller’s location information to the ERC’s information system via the mobile telephone network. The location information is sent as soon as the call is answered by an ERC operator. The information is refreshed after 5, 15, 25, 30 and 60 seconds and at 30-second intervals thereafter for the entire duration of the call. Emergency text messages are only located once. • AML is a pan-European service, but, in Finland, it only works on telephones that have a Finnish SIM card. • AML requires no special action from the caller. The service also works without data access. EMERGENCY LOCATION SERVICE AML 25.4.201910
  11. 11. Emergency SMS to the emergency number 112 • The Emergency SMS service is primarily designed for individuals who cannot hear or produce speech. • Emergency SMS messages can only be sent from telephone numbers that have been registered in advance. • The advance registration is done on the suomi.fi website. • During law preparation, registration with the Emergency SMS Service was considered essential in order to prevent vandalism and secure access to the service • AML is used in 112 SMS service. Interpretation services in sign language • In the autumn of 2019, Kela, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Emergency Response Centre Agency will start a one-year trial where a person with an emergency can make an emergency notification using Finnish sign language via an interpreting service centre for the disabled. SERVICES FOR SPECIAL GROUPS 25.4.201911
  12. 12. • When calling using the 112 Suomi mobile application, the emergency caller's exact location is automatically relayed to the ERC, which speeds up emergency call handling. • The 112 Suomi app was designed by the Emergency Response Centre Agency in collaboration with Digia. Digia Oyj is a Finnish IT company which delivers information systems, for example, to the various public safety authorities. • The 112 Suomi app can be downloaded free of charge on all Android and iOS devices. App stores also have free versions of the app for Windows and Jolla phones, but these versions are no longer updated. See the video > FASTER ACCESS TO HELP IN AN EMERGENCY 25.4.201912
  13. 13. • Additional features of the 112 Suomi app include a list of non-emergency telephone numbers. • The following numbers have been collected in the app: • Maritime search and rescue, Road Users’ Phone Service, Poison Information Centre, Public Service Info, MLL’s Child and Youth Phone, 24/7 service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and a phone service for providing tips on missing children. • When calling the Road Users’ Phone Service, the caller’s location will be transmitted to the Finnish Transport Agency’s Road Traffic Management Centre. See the video > EMERGENCY NUMBERS FOR NON- EMERGENCY NEEDS 25.4.201913
  14. 14. The Command and Control Centre of the Emergency Response Centre Agency • monitors the national situational picture of the Emergency Response Centres with regard to the amount of calls and missions as well as the personnel situation via ERICA. • maintains a situational picture of all the systems related to emergency response centre operations. • monitors the situational picture (amount of resources, missions and readiness for action) of the missions related to the emergency response centre operations and under processing in the Emergency Response Centre Agency. • cooperates with the different authorities and other operators, such as the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the situational, command and preparedness centres of the National Cyber Security Centre. • follows the situational picture of society • implements the communication procedures related to warning the population, and supports operative information services. 25.4.201914 THE COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTRE IS THE HUB OF COMMUNICATIONS AND THE CORE OF PREPAREDNESS
  15. 15. • The Emergency Response Centre Agency has a statutory task of relaying public safety alerts provided by the authorities to Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Company) who will then communicate the danger announcements on television, on the radio and on teletext page 112. • The Command and Control Centre will also issue the public safety alerts in the channels supporting the official system offered by the administration: 112 Suomi, social media channels of the Emergency Response Centre Agency, 112.fi. PUBLIC WARNING 25.4.201915
  16. 16. • The on-call consular services of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs were transferred to be handled by the Emergency Response Centre Agency’s Command and Control Centre on 1 August 2018. • The Emergency Response Centre Agency assists in the provision of consular service in situations where a Finnish citizen or a foreign national with a permanent residence in Finland is in distress abroad. • The service is implemented in the form of guidance and advice. • Approximately 7,000 to 8,000 requests are received each year regarding various problem situations abroad. CONSULAR SERVICE 25.4.201916 Free help desk: +358 9 1605 5555 Help desk email: paivystys.um@formin.fi Web consul: www.facebook.com/Nettikonsuli
  17. 17. ERC ICT SYSTEM: ERICA 25.4.201917
  18. 18. • The ERICA system will be a nationwide networked information system that provides the 112 services throughout the country. • The networked information system enables optimal use of the resources of the emergency response centres and enables obtaining real-time situational picture of the internal security in the whole country in a centralized manner. • The ERICA system will be used by the Emergency Response Centre Agency, police, fire and rescue, health and social services, as well as border guard to update the information of their units and risk analysis as well as for command and control center purposes. • There will be altogether 50 different sites using the system within the user rights of different authorities. ERICA IS AN ERC SYSTEM FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED IN THE 112 CHAIN 25.4.201918
  19. 19. • primary areas of responsibility to continue • distribution of tasks from the ERC of the scene of the incident • permanent ability to find replacements during disruptions common operational picture and overall incident management real time flow of information between the systems of ERCs and field commanders during the mission remote use competence, operatives maintain their own data with individual access to the necessary support services via the field system • integration of nationally approved risk assessment procedures into the system • regional differences noted in response planning and target-based specific guidelines • geographic data properties (caller, units and route optimisation) • information system usability • use of registers, documentation • support service arrangements • use of the nearest and most appropriate unit AN INFORMATION SYSTEM AS FULLY INTEGRATED AS POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS UNIFORM OPERATING MODELS CALL OVERFLOW DURING CONGESTED PERIODS
  20. 20. 4/25/201920 ERICA contains new things for call-taking and dispatching: • 112 calls from anywhere in Finland • Automatic geopositioning of caller • Automatic answer • Integrated risk analysis • Integrated communication tool (phone, TETRA radio, emergency SMSs). • Real-time response time of units / drive time calculation • Dispatch calculation / response proposal NEW FEATURES FOR CALL-TAKING
  21. 21. 4/25/201921 • All emergency calls include 112 phone calls, sensor system calls (fire and burglar alarms), eCalls, and emergency SMSs are brought together in one logical call queue. • At the moment, emergency calls are routed to the emergency response center that is closest to the caller location, but it is possible to answer the call from anywhere, if needed. • Transition to a fully networked operational model will happen in stages 2019 – 2020. COMMON 112 CALL QUEUE
  22. 22. • The purpose of the risk analysis integrated in the ERICA is to: 1. promote the uniform quality and specified form of the processing of emergency calls 2. improve the material related to emergency missions for the different authorities 3. support the operator in his or her decision-making. • A risk analysis will guide the dialogue between the ERC operator and the person making the emergency call with a question-response principle. RISK ANALYSIS IS THE ERC OPERATOR’S TOOL 25.4.201922
  23. 23. 4/25/201923 • With ERICA, the call-taker can dispatch the units with a single mouse click. Synthesized speech (TTS) takes care of the radio announcement. • All the units are in the same database throughout Finland and have a unique code in the ICT system. NEW APPROACH TO DISPATCHING
  24. 24. 4/25/201924 • The dispatch rules defined for units and other resources define which abilities and activity requirements are required in certain missions and thus define the most appropriate units to be dispatched – from any area (no borders). • According to these rules ERICA composes a response proposal, that is, a suggestion on which a unit or units should be dispatched, based on unit positioning data and information obtained in the incident assessment. RESPONSE PROPOSAL
  25. 25. 4/25/201925 ERICA is a nationwide system, which makes it possible to view the situational picture of authority operation as a whole. The situational picture means real-time information on • Field operation – location of active incidents, as well as location of the units and their ability to take on new tasks • Workload of the emergency response centres – waiting times of different queues SITUATIONAL PICTURE AND REPORTING
  26. 26. 25.4.201926 Units and C2C centers get more valuable information and the use of resources across "old" borders has improved. The queued tasks have reduced and reinforcements are dispatched quicker. Risk analysis / dispatch rules require a lot of work and co-operation inside different authorities to find the right balance in urgency classification and in using the resources a big cultural change The general understanding of emergency response center services amongst all authorities has increased during the co-operation process. People get better service! EXPERIENCES SO FAR
  27. 27. ERC OPERATIONS IN A CHANGING WORLD 1. Founding and developing of the Emergency Response Centre Administration between 2001 and 2009 2. Restructuring between 2010 and 2015 3. Network-based administration between 2016 and 2020 4. Strategy between 2021 and 2025 Reverse 112 + 112 big data? Speech to text? Interpretation tools? Robotisation and automatics in testing of automatic devices? 112 chat bot? AI / machine learning solutions? Transition to a fully networked operational model in stages 2019 - 2020
  28. 28. 25.4.201928 Thank you for your interest! marko.nieminen@112.fi Twitter: @MarkoNieminen1 @112_Finland