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[EMC-LM 2nd convention] MOOCs for in-company-training by Christian Friedl

[EMC-LM 2nd convention] MOOCs for in-company-training by Christian Friedle. 19 February 2021

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[EMC-LM 2nd convention] MOOCs for in-company-training by Christian Friedl

  1. 1. Convention on European MOOCs and the labour market 19 February 2021 MOOCs for in-company-training (sector – individual companies) Employer’s perspective on flexible online education and MOOCs for sustainable employability and innovation Christian Friedl Corporate Edupreneur Senior Lecturer & researcher on innovation & edupreneurship at FH Joanneum Project coordinator Corship-Corporate Edupreneurship; BizMOOC-MOOCs for the world of business & Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Austria
  2. 2. MOOCs & in-company-training: some research… • Friedl (2021 – under review). Stimulating intrapreneurial intentions with digital training: the potential of Massive Open Online Courses. Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. • Zur & Friedl (2021 – under review). Workplace learning, the adoption of technology and Massive Open Online Courses – evidence from Europe. European Research Studies Journal. • Deimann & Friedl (2020). Machen MOOCs Karriere (MOOCs as career-driver)? Eine praxisnahe Reflexion über Erfahrungen von Unternehmen. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler. • CORSHIP Report 1.1c (2019). Micro-Credentials in EU and global https://www.corship.eu/research-insights • CORSHIP Report 1.1b (2019). Corporate Entrepreneurship online educational offers https://www.corship.eu/research-insights • Friedl & Farrow (2019). Massive Open Online Courses for Business Learning, open textbook https://moocbook.pressbooks.com/ • Żur, Karwiński, Friedl & Jansen (2018). BizMOOC R4.2 – joint evaluation report on three Pilot MOOCs. http://bizmooc.eu/wp- content/uploads/2016/02/BizMOOCR4.2-Evaluation-Report-On-3-Pilot-MOOCs.pdf • Friedl & Staubitz (2018) Corporate MOOC trends, in: Jansen, D., and Konings, L. (eds.). The 2018 OpenupEd Trend Report on MOOCs. Maastricht: EADTU, pp. 35–38. • Friedl, Staubitz & Jansen (2018). Flexible, self-directed and bottom-up: are employees overtaking their human resource departments with MOOCs? In: Learning with MOOCs conference proceedings. Madrid: IEEE. • Friedl & Zur (2018). The first MOOC on Intrapreneurship: How to successfully inspire 2,951 online learners from 98 countries with entrepreneurial thinking. In: Remenyi, R. (eds) 4th Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship Excellence Awards 2018. An Anthology of Case Histories, Reading: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, pp. 61–78. …
  3. 3. Key messages… On the downside • mismatch between a general positive attitude and a still low adoption rates compared to the offer • wrong expectations, as well as major reservations from some • Employees still ahead of employers On the upside • MOOCs (and MCs) on the rise within corporate training: small the next big thing • Bottom-up AND top-down • MOOCs & MCs door-opener for digital transformation
  4. 4. Some examples… Intrapreneurship MOOC on openSAP In which ways can MOOCs stimulate intrapreneurial intentions on individual- level (employees)? • Largest increase in perceived behavioral control (+ 28%), especially knowledge-related items > EDUTAINMENT – OR MORE? • Increases in intentions and attitude, although high at course start and perceived to be more stable > MOOC also a massive PRE-SELECTION INSTRUMENT?
  5. 5. PAGE 5 Some examples… Co-innovation MOOC on mooc.house • MOOC for open innovation, to connect ecosystem actors • With follow-up MC for a dedicated deep-dive • Co-development of course by 7 industry and academic partners from 6 EU countries Research on-going (surveys, focus groups): • Highly active community: pandemic, topic or design? • Stimulation of digital entrepreneurial ecosystem > LinkedIn Group, co-creation of book • Investigation of individual career pathways, long-term impact www.corship.eu
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