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The Journey to Cloud Native - A 3-Step Path to Modernizing Applications [Webinar Replay]

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Application modernization is critical to avoiding digital disruption. In a recent study conducted by Deloitte and the MIT Sloan Management Review, 87 percent of executives responded that they believed digital technologies will disrupt their industry. Yet, only 52 percent of CIOs say their ability to address this threat does not exist or is in the process of being built over the next 2 years.*

Join Alois Mayr, Tech Lead for Cloud and Virtualization technologies in the Dynatrace Innovation Lab, to discuss a 3-step path to modernizing applications and the unique benefits Dynatrace provides along the journey. Among the topics to be discussed include: how to achieve digital transformation success with key observations and patterns, best practices followed by companies who have achieved this successfully, and how to ensure minimal customer impact while implementing a cloud migration project.

During the webinar you will learn how to:

Manage highly dynamic larger-scale microservices without increasing operational costs. Enable efficient & effective delivery with a consistent set of metrics across the entire software delivery pipeline.

Allow application teams to collaborate, adapt and adjust based on the same information, from commit to production, with a complete feedback loop.

Automate monitoring and focus on innovation, even in polyglot development environments.

Ensure minimal customer impact during cloud migration and oversee ALL facts for cost optimization of cloud applications.
In seconds, identify problems and pinpoint to the underlying root causes using artificial intelligence.

*Deloitte: Navigating legacy: Charting the course to business value, 2016-2017 global CIO survey.

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The Journey to Cloud Native - A 3-Step Path to Modernizing Applications [Webinar Replay]

  1. 1. Journey to Cloud Native A Three Step Path to Modernizing Applications Alois Mayr, Technology Lead Cloud & Containers @mayralois
  2. 2. The future is … now bash-3.2$ cf target -s prod API endpoint: https://api.cf.$DOMAIN User: amayr Org: dynatrace Space: prod bash-3.2$ cf push
  3. 3. The cloud-native evolution 9 out of 10 of surveyed respondents are going to migrate to cloud technologies within the next five years Get your copy https://info.dynatrace.com/apm_all_wp_cloud_native_evolution_en_registration.html
  4. 4. ..but what does it mean to be cloud native? Container packaged - isolated unit of application deployment Dynamically managed - central orchestration process Micro-services oriented - loosely coupled, explicit dependencies Source: Cloud Native Computing Foundation
  5. 5. ..but what does it mean to be cloud native? Source: Pivotal.io
  6. 6. ..but what does it mean to be cloud native? Onsi Fakhoui: VP Cloud Research & Development
  7. 7. Bimodal IT Not every project is a cloud project, but cloud thinking is everywhere
  8. 8. Develop Big monolithic application. Small interconnected purpose-built services.
  9. 9. Pizza box teams Small teams can deliver features into production
  10. 10. You build it, you run it. Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon New rules in the game
  11. 11. Ship Deploy Big Bang Releases of single special built applications. Small continuous service delivery of standardized delivery blocks.
  12. 12. Compute Hardwired datacenters. Datacenter as an API.
  13. 13. We see three different stages how companies embrace transformation The journey to become cloud-native
  14. 14. Stage 1: First steps into the cloud by CD “Lift and Shift” to modern platforms Applications stay the same Release speed massively increases Automation is key
  15. 15. Writing fast cloud native applications Rule #1: Don’t write slow code
  16. 16. Control code complexity N+1 interaction patterns - control flow design More than 10 service hops - hard to debug Highly asynchronous - hard to understand Unusual Log Activity
  17. 17. Continuous performance management
  18. 18. Stage 2: Refactoring towards micro services First micro services Scheduling and orchestration Architectures become polyglot Independent release cycles
  19. 19. Writing fast cloud native applications Rule #1: Don’t write slow code Rule #2: Don’t write code that doesn’t scale
  20. 20. Control environment complexity Service call payload - < 200 kb Chatty services - > 50 service calls Inter-tier heavy interactions - granularity and locality Status codes - only OK is 200
  21. 21. Understand micro service interactions
  22. 22. Tightly coupled. Really Distribute?
  23. 23. A whole new technology stack Develop Ship Deploy Run Scale Compute
  24. 24. …may or may not have an (immediate) impact to application service performance ..lets you face new problems
  25. 25. Stage 3: Dynamic micro services Up and down scaling near real time Advanced resilience mechanisms Infrastructure totally abstracted
  26. 26. Writing fast cloud native applications Rule #1: Don’t write slow code Rule #2: Don’t write code that doesn’t scale Rule #3: Understand application behavior
  27. 27. Watch your application live Health monitoring – symptoms Orchestration monitoring - causality Application monitoring - root cause
  28. 28. 7:00 a.m. Low Load and Service running on minimum redundancy 12:00 p.m. Scaled up service during peak load with failover of problematic node 7:00 p.m. Scaled down again to lower load and move to different geo location Deployments are no longer static
  29. 29. You don’t fly by hand here 820 Billion dependencies Network Problem Mushroom cloud effect
  30. 30. Make monitoring part of your platform
  31. 31. Make monitoring part of your platform
  32. 32. Make monitoring part of your platform
  33. 33. Thank you! Alois Mayr alois.mayr@dynatrace.com @mayralois