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Paypal, Barbri: Lost in the cloud? Top challenges facing CIOs in a cloud native world

At the heart of this panel-lead discussion sits a new piece of global research that looks at the big issues faced by today's technical leaders. From growing IT complexity, silo monitoring, limited resources and the rapid pace of new tech adoption - this discussion will hit all the hot topics, but it will also serve up lessons and learnings for everyone.

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Paypal, Barbri: Lost in the cloud? Top challenges facing CIOs in a cloud native world

  1. 1. #Perform2018 Mark Kaplan Director of IT, BARBRI Mark Tomlinson Performance Engineer, PayPal
  2. 2. The rapid adoption of technologies and the flow on effect of complexity #Perform2018
  3. 3. of CIOs are worried that IT complexity will make it impossible to manage performance effectively. #Perform2018 76%
  4. 4. The pressure to innovate faster #Perform2018
  5. 5. #Perform2018 76% of CIOs say multi-cloud deployments make monitoring user experience difficult.
  6. 6. Too much time spent on resolving problems #Perform2018
  7. 7. #Perform2018 of CIOs feel it’s harder to find time and resources to answer the range of questions the business asks, whilst delivering on everything else that is expected of IT 78%
  8. 8. The cost of trying to innovate faster #Perform2018
  9. 9. On average, resolving digital performance problems costs an organization $2.5 million #Perform2018
  10. 10. The role of AI today #Perform2018
  11. 11. #Perform2018 81% 83% of CIOs feel AI will be critical to mastering increasing IT complexity. of CIOs either have or will deploy AI in the next 12 months.
  12. 12. Thank You #Perform2018 Download the report at www.dynatrace.com/cloud-complexity-report