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Dynatrace: Meet our captain of product and all things awesome, Steve Tack

Through his work with our global customers, Steve is an expert on the rapid changes playing out in today's IT environments and the challenges this presents now and the future. In this session Steve will dive a little deeper into how we're shaking up the industry; he'll hit on our latest innovation and you'll get to learn why you need to join us on a journey of transition today.

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Dynatrace: Meet our captain of product and all things awesome, Steve Tack

  1. 1. Steve Tack SVP Product Management, Dynatrace Meet our Captain of Product and All Things Awesome #Perform2018
  2. 2. Steve Tack, SVP Products Your Dynatrace future
  3. 3. Law of accelerating returns
  4. 4. humans are linear by nature — and technology is exponential.
  5. 5. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion.
  6. 6. Who can still manage by Visio?
  7. 7. 5 ½ years ago in a Chicago hotel…
  8. 8. 20172015 201820142013 Answers not data Automation not manual All-in-one and more than ‘APM’ Built for the enterprise cloud
  9. 9. 20172015 201820142013
  10. 10. 20172015 20182014 2015
  11. 11. 20172015 201820142013 AppMon SyntheticDC RUM
  12. 12. 2015 201820142013 2017 you are here
  13. 13. Enterprise unified monitoring Cloud and digital transformation
  14. 14. relentless innovation
  15. 15. User Experience Application Services & processes Platform IaaS Physical Real-time application topology discovery Anomaly detection Business impact analysis Problem and root-cause analysis BizDevOps insights Automation & Orchestration Collaboration & Workflow Big data analytics API integrations
  16. 16. The traditional approaches are perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.
  17. 17. Multichannel Digital Experience
  18. 18. Multi-cloud Management
  19. 19. Microservices, Containers and Serverless
  20. 20. • Scalability slide
  21. 21. 100,000agents on a standard three-node cluster
  22. 22. APM Infra Logs AIOps Users
  23. 23. Infra Logs AIOps Users APM Users Infra LogsAIOps
  24. 24. How can you put this into action?
  25. 25. Cloud & digital transformation cloud initiatives, DevOps, NoOps, BizDevOps1 Unify enterprise monitoring expand coverage and consolidate2 Plan your Dynatrace journey action your roadmap with experts @ Innovation Center3