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Beacon Explorers: Beacon Week San Francisco

BLE beacons have come a long way since Apple announced iBeacon support. At Beacon Week San Francisco, sponsored by Kontakt.io, we review some tips, insights and idea-starters for the new world of beacons.

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Beacon Explorers: Beacon Week San Francisco

  2. 2. BEACONS: OVERVIEW Beacons turn the physical world into a new digital channel. They bring digital content and engagement closer to the point of purchase.
  3. 3. WHAT IS A BEACON This is a beacon. It triggers messages and media on your phone or tablet. This Is A Beacon
  4. 4. WHAT IS A BEACON Beacon technology transmits small packets of data using Bluetooth Low Energy. When a customer’s phone “hears” the beacon it knows how close it is and we can then send a message, a notice, a piece of media or other information. These Are Beacons • Works at 2 inches and up to 100 meters • Doesn’t drain the phone battery • Your app will ‘wake up’ when close to a beacon (app can be closed) • Works on iOS, Android, etc • Opt-in technology = consumer acceptance Benefits
  5. 5. WHAT IS A BEACON Beacons are based on the Bluetooth Low Energy specification. Not the same as ‘regular Bluetooth’, this specification doesn’t drain a user’s battery, can last for years on a single battery, and is a medical-grade technology.
  6. 6. WHAT IS A BEACON Towards Bluetooth LE 4.2 ! • Low Powered Connectivity: The latest version of internet protocol (IPv6/6LoWPAN) for Bluetooth Smart devices. • Bluetooth Smart technology gateways: Internet connectivity with the flexible Bluetooth Smart Generic Attribute Profiles (GATT) architecture. • In 4.2, Bluetooth Smart is up to 2.5x faster with a huge packet capacity increase – nearly 10x more versus previous versions. • Keeps Bluetooth Smart devices from being tracked.
  7. 7. BEACONS INSIDE As you move closer to the beacon, different “triggers” can occur.
  8. 8. BEACONS INSIDE A single beacon can trigger multiple interactions. A message when you arrive; a video as you approach the car; a “request assistance” button when you stand next to it.
  9. 9. BEACONS OUTSIDE Extend the beacon experience outside with lock screen messages near digital or outdoor media.
  10. 10. BEACONS OUTSIDE Real-time synchronization between the app and screens in the world around you.
  11. 11. BEACON DEVELOPMENT DESIGN EXPERIENCES Beacons extend how we think about digital development. We can now more easily design digital engagement for the physical world.
  12. 12. HotSpot Parking - and referral/data and hand-over networks. Before and After
  13. 13. Don’t think of beacons as stationary. Think of them as moving. There’s nothing “locked” about a beacon. A sales associate, car, dog or product can be a beacon. We’re All Beacons
  14. 14. Think of content as exclusive. Stuff that you can only get close to a beacon, or even at a specific time. Let your customers collect these little media snippets or experiences and create their own take-home magazines or passbooks. Lock and Collect
  15. 15. You don’t want to slam your customers with coupons or offers the minute they walk in the store. Tease them, seduce them - give them a valuable tip, an insight, some advice. And as they get closer to the beacon, get them closer to a sale. Seduction
  16. 16. Give tools to the front-line staff. Posting content to a beacon - a product on sale, say, or just a joke of the day, is as easy as a few clicks on an app or web site. Front Line Counts
  17. 17. Tweet a shop window. Pin a product in a store. Share a shelf with friends. Think of the things you can do online and now apply them to physical things. With beacons, a store item is like a web page….and just like a web page, you can turn physical products into opportunities for social sharing. Make It Social
  18. 18. Beacons go way beyond retail. They’re found in industrial, education, and warehouse settings. They’re helping us to ‘see’ the world in a new way. Track People & Things
  19. 19. Beacons can collect thousands, even millions of data points. Time spent, number of people, heat maps, media clicked, social sharing. Big, Smart Data !
  27. 27. UX/UI: RISK/REWARD
  28. 28. UX DESIGN: The Real World START WITH REAL WORLD DESIGN • Your experience will be magic because it creates a tangible experience connecting your user’s phone to the physical world. ! • Challenge: we rarely design apps based on physical context. • Solution: map what your user does, what do they look at, what’s their sense of place, what are the sign posts? ! !
  29. 29. UX DESIGN: The Real World (2) There’s no error console for physical space • You need to plan carefully for different scenarios from signal interference to differences in response rates for different phones. ! • Challenge: how an app responds to beacons can vary. Design experiences to account for that. • Solution: unlike most other apps, you’ll need more methods for ‘failing gracefully’ ! !
  30. 30. UX DESIGN: The Real World (3)
  31. 31. UX DESIGN: The Real World (3) Beacons go missing ! • Challenge: beacons go missing, get moved or run out of battery. • Solution: plan for failure and look at robust cloud monitoring or variance tracking. ! !
  32. 32. UX DESIGN: The Real World (4) Bargain beacons? There can be significant variance in beacons. There’s a ton of work that goes into creating a great beacon. Use that expertise. ! • Challenge: your app won’t respond the same way if the beacon itself isn’t well configured. • Solution: rely on decent beacons. ! !
  33. 33. UX TENSION POINTS •Invisible vs Visible Beacons •Contextual or Push app interactions •Creepy vs. Useful •Big data driven or user choice ! !
  34. 34. QUICK TIPS
  35. 35. SOME TIPS It WILL Happen: ! •Your Bluetooth is OFF •You’ll get a LOT of exercise •You’ll hide beacons in a filing cabinet
  36. 36. SOME TIPS For multiple beacons: ! •Timers •Prioritization •If you want to get fancy, work RSSI and accuracy readings. •Whatever you do, remember that no single signal input is reliable.
  37. 37. SOME TIPS Do NOT use background modes! !
  38. 38. SOME TIPS For beacon deployment: ! •Don’t underestimate the time it takes to deploy •You don’t ALWAYS have to push up the advertising interval - it often makes very little difference to the end user !
  39. 39. SOME TIPS And remember the badger: ! !
  40. 40. The Tech Keeps Getting Better !
  41. 41. The Tech Keeps Getting Better ! It’s what we do with it that counts. !
  42. 42. BeaconBeThe beekn.net @dusanwriter doug@dot-3.net
  43. 43. THANK YOU
  44. 44. Think of how beacons bring content closer-and-closer to a specific context. GETTING CLOSER

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BLE beacons have come a long way since Apple announced iBeacon support. At Beacon Week San Francisco, sponsored by Kontakt.io, we review some tips, insights and idea-starters for the new world of beacons.


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