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Chain Store Plan (Vietnam, Smartphone & Tablet)

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A case study of setting up a smartphone and tablet chain store

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Chain Store Plan (Vietnam, Smartphone & Tablet)

  1. 1. Retail Business Plan By Dunglt Y2012 Note: Confidential
  2. 2. Menu1. Customers: What is our target customers, audiences???2. Store Model: What model should we choose?3. Products: What products should we do?4. Services: What services should we do?5. System: What system should we run?6. Location: What location should we base?7. Decoration: What store decoration should we make?8. Marketing: What marketing plan should we operate?9. Vision- Mission and Target.10. Strategy.11. Organization Structure.
  3. 3. Custom ers What is our target customers, audiences??? Mid and high income Smart and entertain 20-40 ment year old orientatio n Loyal and Cities service people customer s
  4. 4. Mid and highincom 1. From 2007 to 2010, average e income of Vietnam grow more than 11% but still under the Aver Income increasing of East Asia with 16%. East Asia VN 2. Inflation from2009 to 2010 in Vietnam increase too much 3695 and over pass income, this 3165 2724 makes people poorer and 2240 affects to end-user consumption. 1030 1160 790 920 Y2007 Y2008 Y2009 Y2010 Growth Growth Income Inflation rate 24.40% 18.58% 16.46% 11.96% 12.62% 11.80% 12.07% 8.30% 7.00% Y2007 Y2008 Y2009 Y2010 Y2011
  5. 5. Mid and highincom e Aver Income45000 40,070 Average40000 income, Vietnam still35000 lags behind others in 31,800 ASEAN but from 201130000 Vietnam stand out of25000 poor countries. As TNS South Asia20000 Y2010 forecast, around15000 2015 Vietnam can have chance to10000 7,760 surpass Indonesia 5000 2,500 4,150 and Philippin. 2,060 750 1,040 1,160 0
  6. 6. Mid and highincom e 1. Mid and high income is wealthy and affluent segment 11% nearly 10M people. 2. Mid and high income almost base in urban area with around 8M people while rural is 1.2M. Urban& Rural Gr Vietnam1.50% 5.60% 3.90% 11.00% 15.00% 29.00% 34.00% 15M+ VND <15M VND <13.5M VND Rural 1.00%6.90% 0.60% 1.60% 12.00% 31.90% 46.00% <6.5M VND <4.5M VND <3M VND <2.0M VND Urban 3.70% 10.80% 13.50% 21.60% 22.20% 21.40% 6.80% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Wealthy Affluent Middle BOP
  7. 7. Mid and high 1. When economy down and almost segments as value andincom mainstream decreasing during hard period, premium still e growth. This shows that mid and high-end customers are not affected much by gloomy economy. 2. However, they will look for VFM (value for money) category.
  8. 8. Mid and Wealth – 4 Distinct Wealth Classes highincom e Status, luxury and $40,000& up/ exclusive Ric h year Afflue nt Aspiration, comfort and personal $24K- value $42K/ year Mid Affordability, conv $2K- enience& value for $12K/ money year <$2 BOP K/Y ear Inclusion, satisfacti on& price
  9. 9. Cities Smallest urban population in Asiapeople Vietnam shall experience an urbanization explosion like China and this means that: 1. There are many people can be rich man after “one night” because property increasing price and have more shopping, building business here. 2. Big cities will attract more high income people to stay and live caused by high standard living. Source: Country Statistics Offices
  10. 10. 1. There are more provinces with high advantages such as sea Cities port, tourist, factory areas join in to become big cities.people 2. Cities means that there will be higher standard living and business with Telecommunication system, internet, traffic road, trading and shopping area… 3. Cities means, people live there are mid and high income with higher education.
  11. 11. Cities Top 20 cities in Vietnampeople Diện tích Stt Thành phố Trực thuộc Dân số (km2) GDP (tỷ VNĐ) Avr income (USD) Đặc điểm 1 TP. Hồ Chí Minh Trung ương 7,162,864 2,095 418,053 2,800 Trung tâm kinh tế phía Nam, các tập đoàn lớn có trụ sở chính ở đây 2 Hà Nội Trung ương 6,448,837 21,063 80,952 1,950 Thủ đô phía Bắc 3 Hải Phòng Trung ương 1,837,302 1,522 24,000 1,800 Cảng biển lớn nhất phía Bắc 4 Cần Thơ Trung ương 1,187,089 1,401 32,351.50 2,350 Xuất khẩu lúa gạo, hải sản và hoa quả 5 Đà Nẵng Trung ương 887,069 1,283 42,670 1,580 Thành phố du lịch 6 Biên Hòa Đồng Nai 701,194 5,903 96,820 1,629 Các khu công nghiệp, nhà máy lớn ở Phía Nam 7 Nha Trang Khánh Hòa 392,279 5,217 36,514 1,710 Thành phố du lịch 8 Huế Thừa Thiên - Huế 335,575 5,062 26,265 1,300 Thành phố du lịch 9 Buôn Ma Thuột Đắk Lắk 326,135 13,125 38,637 1,023 Xuất khẩu cafe, hạt tiêu, hạt điều, khai thác gỗ, quặng 10 Vinh Nghệ An 303,714 16,490 42,879 659 Thành phố du lịch, khu công nghiệp, XK thủ công, mỹ nghệ 11 Vũng Tàu Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu 296,237 1,987 55,440 5,800 Thành phố du lịch, khai thác dầu 12 Quy Nhơn Bình Định 280,535 6,039 28,115 800 Thành phố du lịch, khai thác thuỷ, hải sản, muối 13 Long Xuyên An Giang 278,658 3,536 21,000 1,008 Nuôi trồng thuỷ sản, xuất khẩu gạo, hoa quả 14 Thái Nguyên Thái Nguyên 277,671 3,526 25,230 1,062 Khai thác quặng mỏ, nhà máy, khu công nghiệp 15 Nam Định Nam Định 243,186 1,652 11,725 914 Xuất khẩu thủ công Mỹ nghệ, khu công nghiệp, nhà máy 16 Rạch Giá Kiên Giang 226,316 6,346 18,722 1,003 Khai thác, nuôi trồng thuỷ hải sản, khai thác khoáng sản 17 Thủ Dầu Một Bình Dương 222,845 2,695 58,478 1,500 Khu công nghiệp, nhà máy 18 Hạ Long Quảng Ninh 218,830 6,099 13,314 1,200 Thành phố du lịch, nuôi trồng thuỷ, hải sản 19 Phan Thiết Bình Thuận 216,327 7,810 26,768 1,276 Thành phố du lịch, nuôi trồng thuỷ, hải sản 20 Cà Mau Cà Mau 216,196 5,331 16,110 1,285 Khai thác, nuôi trồng thuỷ hải sản, khu công nghiệp
  12. 12. 1. HCM city is big different with Cities others.people GDP (tỷ VNĐ) 2. The cities contribute high GDP show that their consumption and TP. Hồ Chí… 418,053.0 production come from??? Biên Hòa 96,820.0 Hà Nội 80,952.0 Thủ Dầu Một 58,478.0 Vũng Tàu 55,440.0 Vinh 42,879.0 Đà Nẵng 42,670.0 Avr income (USD) Buôn Ma… 38,637.0 Nha Trang 36,514.0 Cần Thơ 32,351.5 Quy Nhơn 28,115.0 5,800 Phan Thiết 26,768.0 Huế 26,265.0 Thái Nguyên 25,230.0 Hải Phòng 24,000.0 Long Xuyên 21,000.0 Rạch Giá 18,722.0 Cà Mau 16,110.0 Hạ Long 13,314.0 2,800 Nam Định 11,725.0 2,350 1,950 1,800 1,629 1,710 1,500 1,580 1,200 1,276 1,285 1,300 GDP per 1,003 1,008 1,023 1,062 head 800 914 6591. Vietnam have GDP per head around $1,160.2. There are 13 cities have Avr income above national index
  13. 13. 1. Base on GDP and Population data, cities are classified into 4 kinds Citiespeople of potential levels: T1, T2, T3 and T4 while T1 is the most potential cities. 2. However in another side, T1 is the most competitive cities because all companies invest and focus on them, therefore T2 and T3 maybe second choice of late comers. Point by GDP& Population T1 40.0 21.9 T2 T4 T3 6.3 6.6 4.5 4.9 2.8 2.8 2.9 3.4 3.5 1.2 1.4 1.5 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 1.2
  14. 14. Citiespeople Location& transportation: Vietnam have cities that are central locations and have coverage power to areas nearby: 1. Hanoi: • Capital: government, economy and Hai Phong culture of VN • Airport. • Cover North, West North. 2. Hai Phong: • Sea and airport. • Cover East North. Vinh 3. Vinh: • Sea and airport. Da Nang • Cover North Central. 4. Danang: • Sea and airport. • Cover Central of Vn. 5. Buon Me Thuat: Buon Me • Airport. Thuat • Cover highland area of Vn. 6. Ho Chi Minh: • Sea and airport. • Cover South area of Vn. 7. Can Tho: • Sea and airport. • Cover Mekong Delta area. Can Tho
  15. 15. 20-40 2nd youngest population in Asiayear old Vietnam’s consumption days are still ahead - 57% under 25 (Source: GeoHive)
  16. 16. 20-40100,000 Dân số VN (Nghìn)year old90,00080,00070,00060,00050,00040,00030,00020,00010,000 0 Y1921 Y1930 Y1939 Y1943 Y1951 Y1957 Y1960 Y1976 Y1980 Y1985 Y1990 Y1995 Y2000 Y2005 Y2008 GI Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Generation Z Generation, Greate st Generation, Builder s, Silents, Tradition
  17. 17. 20-40 A ‘young’ population means an increase in purchasing poweryear as it joins and progresses in the workforce old Silent Generation, Builders GI Gens 1926-1930 to 1945 The Baby Boom, Boomers Boomers 1945-1946 to 1960-1964 Gen X, Jones, Baby Busters Gen X 1963-1965 to 1976-1979 Gen Y, Boommerang, Echo Gen Y 1977-1980 to 1994-1999 Millennials, Gen I, Gen Z 1995- Gen Z 2000 to the present Target Customers
  18. 18. 20-40 year old Boomers Gen X Gen Y Born between 1940- 1962 1963- 1979 19680- 1995 Taken away for misbehaving 16th birthday presentShare with friends
  19. 19. 20-40year Gen X and Gen Y are open with new trend of old Technology and internet. Boomers Gen X Gen Y 52 37 29 14 12 11 10.5 9 6 Internet time spent (by Age, hours/week) Read Blogs( % Who have one time) TV time spent (by Age, hours/week)
  20. 20. 20-40year Smartphone ownership by Age, Worldwide old (Source: Nielsen)
  21. 21. 20-40year 30-40 year old segment: old Male is the main 20-30 year old segment: • They are company audience for tech • They have job and owner and high products and have stable income. income. influence of female • They are open, curious • They want to show purchase behaviour with new technology products just because their level in life. Source: TNS
  22. 22. Loyal and service What loyal customers look for???,and pleasecustome come back to Store Equity index and Loyal rs Mapping Understand your store equity to know what keep or stick customers into shops. Awareness- 21% Consideration- 20% Store Accessibility-Resource 14% Efficiency, Loyalty Store Equity program- 12% Index Large store format& wide selection- 12% Quality products- 11% The Brand Equity model deconstructs the sources of store Pricing& VFM- 10% equity to understand its building blocks
  23. 23. Loyal and service Branding and worth of mouthcustome rs Brand Advertising: Awareness- 21% • How to position your brand in to customer’s mind when everyday they have to receive chaos of huge information passively. • How to differentiate with customers in your products, services by educating programs. Consideration- 20% Worth of mouth and motivation: • How to motivate customers by rating, comments and advices. • Training course for customers. • Create and set up Forums and social network base on that customers can interact together and interact with suppliers.
  24. 24. Loyal Store Accessibility- 1. Convenient to get to. and 2. Ecommerce Website. service 14%custome 3. Parking area. rs 4. Good location and high traffic. 5. Google search: SEO. Efficiency, Loyalty 1. Loyalty Program. program- 12% 2. CRM format. 3. Efficient check out counters Large store format& 1. Always have what customers want in shop. 2. Everything need in one shop. wide selection- 12% 3. Pleasant store environment. 4. Has wide range of well known brands. 5. Well presented display shop. 6. Spacious. Quality products- 1. High quality products and brands. 11% 2. High quality services and warranty. 3. Always have first launch and new products. 4. High presented sale staff. 5. Training course for customers. 1. Products, services are good value for money. Pricing& VFM- 10% 2. Promotions by groupon or discount policy. 3. Provide own brand as good alternative for main brands.
  25. 25. Loyal and service Loyalty Mappingcustome rs 1. 2. 3.Considera 5.Satisfactio 4.Selection 6.Loyalty 7.Advocacy Awareness Knowledge tion n Pre- purchase Purchase Post- Purchase Track and boost loyalty across the post purchase the stages of your customer relationship lifecycle. The heart of Loyalty Mapping is based on understanding which customers are where in your lifecycle, measuring the strength of their relationship with you at each given stage, and quantifying the steps required to move them closer to your organization. How many customers have purchased, but are not yet satisfied- but waiting for an opportunity to switch? Who may be loyal but not yet willing to tell their friends? Who are your true advocates- and what will take to create more?.
  26. 26. Loyal and service Loyalty Mapping, however have to consider costcustome rs and ability to do Loyalty program for customers Customer retention: Customer loyalty: Customer advocacy: gaining more customers than customers spending more customers attracting new you lose with you customers
  27. 27. Smart andentertainment Different devices for differentorientat ion situations
  28. 28. Smart and entertai nment A Trends from content creation orientat ion to content consumptionTablets, Smartphone signal a change in PC usage: personalcomputing usage suggests that computing will increasinglymigrate towards mobile devices, including tablets andsmartphones, over time. Approximately 75% of total personalcomputer usage is spent consuming and sharing content, asopposed to creating content.Consuming content includes activities like browsing theweb, social networking, listening to music, viewingpictures, and watching video. Content creation includesactivities such as word processing, creatingspreadsheets, and photo editing. Given this typical usagepattern, we think consumers will increasingly migrate towardscomputing devices such as tablets that are optimized forcontent consumption.
  29. 29. Smart andentertainment A Trends from content creationorientat ion to content consumptionTablets, smartphone are optimized for content consumption.Mobility and ubiquitous connectivity mean that you can takea tablet virtually anywhere and have access to personalcontent and the web. High-resolution displays are ideal forweb browsing, email, watching video, and readingbooks, magazines, and newspapers. Long battery life, thanksto operating system and processor innovation, means thatone can consume content all day on a single charge (on theiPad, for instance). Content is robust, offering a considerableselection of music, movies, TV shows, books, and magazinesthat can be accessed with the click of a button. Applicationmarketplaces offer a wide array of options that significantlyenhance the tablet computing experience beyond tradtionaldesktop computing.
  30. 30. Smart andentertai At evening when people come back home, leisurenmentorientat and relax time, people spend more in Tablet and ion smartphone than PC. (Google)
  31. 31. Smart andentertainment At weekends when people stay at home or goorientat travel, leisure and relax time, people spend more in ion Tablet and smartphone than PC. (Google)
  32. 32. Smart andentertainment A Few trends we’re seeingorientat ion
  33. 33. Smart andentertai How people use devices for their entertainmentsnmentorientat ion
  34. 34. StoreModel What model should we choose? Traditional Market Chain Super Stores Market Shopping Mall
  35. 35. What model should we choose? Tradition Shopping Chain stores Supermarket market mall Big stores 500-1000sqm Big stores 500-1000sqm base in shopping malls base in districts and sell full range of brand Many stores 100-200sqm provinces, sell full range products:Small, street IT shops and base in districts and of brand products: CE, appliances, mobile, IT,only focus into IT or provinces, sell focus into CE, appliances, mobile, IT, digitalmobile products Mobile, laptop. digital products… products, clothes, cosmeti
  36. 36. What model should we choose? CE& Clothes, C Mobile IT customers Appliance osmetic, lu customers Customers xury Tradition High Low market MedChain stores ium High MedSupermarket Low ium High Med Low HighShopping mall ium
  37. 37. What model should we choose? $9-10B&Volume& Gr: ???Market size $5B& CE Gr: 8%, Mo Gr: Shoppin 20%, Laptop Gr: g mall 11% Tablet Gr: 90%. Future trend Smart Ph Gr: 50% and now for Current trend luxury Super and now for market entry and middle income $1B& Gr Chain <10% Store Tradition Moving customers al market Low trend and have to change to nexts Growth& potential
  38. 38. What model should we choose?Growth Super Chain market Store Tradition al Shoppin market g mall Starting Peaking Maturing Changing
  39. 39. Chain Store Map No Sho p S M H Quantity: Sale, No Shop cover margin: H H 1. Mass market. 2. Entry segment. 3. Price competition. 4. Low margin. 5. Big coverage. Cov Hum an M M erag eQuality: Add valueservice to cover highprice1. Niche market. S S2. Mid and High segment. S M H3. Service competition. Reve4. Loyalty. nue
  40. 40. Chain Stores and Supermarket1. Brand by quantityof shop and coverage Noarea. Sho2. Balance risky from pbusiness in manyareas especially goahead to rural area. H M S H S Prod Cov ucts erag M M rang e e 1.Brand by service and product range. 2. Balance risky from S H business in many S M H kinds of products, brands. Reve nue
  41. 41. StoreModel Cities base, size: 100-150 m2, shopping mall is considered trend Mid and High end segment High revenue& Chain Store margin on products and services Limited shop numbers and human on shops Brand by quality service& products, high trained staffs.
  42. 42. Products What products, brands should we do? 2010 More Same Less Dont know Entertainment & dining out 22 49 28 0Home appliances (wash machines, Tv, hifi, etc) 22 55 23 1 What are the most important Household care products 22 61 16 1 categories???? Communication (telephone/fax/email) 24 55 21 1 • Personal equipment down Personla care product 25 59 16 0 demand from 6th in 2010 Pesonal equipment (mobile, laptop, etc) 27 51 21 1 to 10th in 2012. 29 59 12 0 Household utilities • Home appliances still Transportation 32 48 19 1 lowest demand in 2012 Helath care products/ services 34 53 12 1 But what the hottest products Food& beverages products 40 52 8 0 Education 57 34 8 1 or technology will led them 2012 growth??? More Same Less Source: TNSHome appliances (wash machines, Tv, hifi, etc) 12 62 26 Pesonal equipment (mobile, laptop, etc) 15 64 21 Entertainment & dining out 17 50 33 Communication (telephone/fax/email) 17 60 23 Transportation 21 64 15 Personla care product 23 61 17 Household care products 26 64 11 Household utilities 30 55 15 Food& beverages products 31 60 10 Helath care products/ services 35 58 7 Education 42 49 7
  43. 43. What products, brands should we do?
  44. 44. What products, brands should we do? Smartphone will lead Mobile market growth with many functions to serve add more values while all mobile market grow 17.4% CAGR, Smartphone is expected 51% YoYFunctionsadded 17.4% YoY 51% YoY Growth
  45. 45. What products, brands should we do? Price decreasing toGrowth above of market entry level around 3- with 51% 4M VNDHigh profit with normally 10-15%, high support Other accessories from suppliers. and services revenueGrowth slowdown from 22 to 14% Y0Y Price is end of bottom Low profit with No accessories and normally 3-4% services requirement
  46. 46. What products, brands should we do? Top 5 brands in Smartphone Market: 1. Nokia 2. Samsung. 3. LG. 4. Apple. 5. HTC
  47. 47. Brands Mapping High Product competitionSegment Mid Price Entry competition Small Mid High Market share
  48. 48. What products, brands should we do? What are the most important categories???? Smartphone will lead growth of mobile phone market with many new designs and functions: camera, video recorder, music, movies…. Mobile market5 models 20 models 22 models 15 models
  49. 49. Store Management tablet will lead PC market growth with many functions as entertainment than working as PC while all PC market grow under10% CAGR, Tablet is expected 92% YoYWorking/ Entertain mentcreating Working Entertainment
  50. 50. What products, brands should we do? Growth quickly andGrowth above of market eating to pie of with 92% laptop.High profit with normally Other accessories 10-15% and services revenueGrowth slowdown under Fierce Price 10% Y0Y. competition A few accessories Low profit with and services normally 5-6% requirement
  51. 51. Brands Mapping High Product competitionSegment Mid Price competition Entry Small Mid High Market share
  52. 52. Store Management What are the most important categories???? Tablet will be add growth of PC market when it make people comfortably with its entertainment functions. PC market3 models 1 model 4 models 6 models 1 model
  53. 53. What products, brands should we do? Smart TV led TV market growthFunctionsadded Smart TV LCD/Plasma TV CRT TV Growth
  54. 54. What products, brands should we do? 3rd partyaccessories
  55. 55. What products, brands should we do?Accessories: smartphone and tabletsconsidered as high value ones sothey need:1. Protect cases, screen. Sale2. Fashionable cases, bags, cables, storage, ea rphone.3. Normally one hardware sold out accompanies by 2-3 accessories HardwServices: smartphone and tablets Hardware arerequest users have high knowledge 80% 20%and demand:1. They need training course.2. Online advices.3. Download Apps, music, photos, movies, onl ine games.4. Warranty services. AccessRefurbished: smartphone and Accesstablets are high price and the most Service Servicedesire so: 20% 80%1. Not many people can afford to buy.2. Many people want to upgrade and change old to new ones and they want to sell.Chance to run refurbishedbusiness, let see Apple  Profit
  56. 56. What products, brands should we do?
  57. 57. Services What services should we do? 1. Revenue and profit from 1. Training customers about training course for High new products, user guide tech people. (Elementary) 2. Add more value to 2. Training for high tech shoppers’ brand. people: ask pay fee 3. Increase sale through training 1. Revenue and profit from 1. Do warranty service for service for customers. customers. 2. Add more value with quick 2. Service online for customers. and good service, hotline 3. Sell warranty card to SMB… service. 1. Have Apps store: 1. Revenue and profit from game, movies, books, movies apps download for , music, photos… customers. 2. Sell download service and 2. Add more value to shop. apps to customers. 3. Increase sale hardware 3. Sell download cards to through apps advertising. customers. 4. Do CRM to loyal customers. 4. Create own Apps Business Benefit
  58. 58. What services should we do?
  59. 59. System What system should we run? Human WEB Purchasin Suppliers g Sale Customers Shops Customers Services database Marketing & customer care Call Center Finance Ware house Potential Operation Loyalty In front System customers system Relationship
  60. 60. ERP & CRM Point of Purchasi sale Inventory ng Manage ment CreditManage ment Merchan ERP dising Marketin g& CRM Service& Repair Financial HRM& Accounti Payroll ng
  61. 61. ERP & CRMThe aim of marketing is to know and understand thecustomer so well that the product or service fits himand sells itself
  62. 62. ERP & CRMMobile and tablet Solution Mobile Solution
  63. 63. Loyalty Program Discount card Warranty cardTraining course Payment card Point accumulation Apps store card Value added card
  64. 64. System What system should we run? ERP& CRM: Foreign ERP& CRM: Local brands brands Benefits: Benefits: 1. Have already basement and 1. Have already basement and customers. customers. 2. Experience in Worldwide apply 2. Cheap price. with wide and big chain stores. 3. Have local team to support in 3. Match with many kinds of urgent cases. System: OS, Window. 4. Vietnamese language. Weak: Weak: 1. High cost. 1. Not much experience with big 2. Not easy for support in urgent and wide chain stores. cases. 2. Not match with many kinds of 3. Some do not have Vietnamese system: OS, Window. language Have to consider: 1. Cost. 2. Experience. 3. Local team to support. 4. Web and mobile base. 5. Vietnamese language.
  65. 65. System What system should we run? ERP& CRM: Foreign ERP& CRM: Local brands brands
  66. 66. Location What location should we base? Locate Locate Area Locate Road Locate shop District Which road: Which location: Which area match 1. Traffic road. 1. Street shop or shopping requirements: Which District 2. Two lines of mall 1. Cities area. 1. Shopping district. road. 2. Enough 100-150 sqm 2. Crowded living 2. High living 3. On left or right with wide space and social area. standard district. side: easy for facing road. 3. Shopping and 3. Competition parking. 3. Long time rental 4. Mid and high shops 4. Have side walk. contract. income area 5. Competition 4. Cost match to area 5. Competition shops shops Level A,B,C. 5. Have parking area. Hai Phong Vinh Da Nang Buon Me Thuat Can Tho
  67. 67. What location should we base?
  68. 68. What location should we base? Top 3 retail areas: District 1,2 and 7. Nexts: District 5,10, 11, 9 and Tan Binh
  69. 69. CBD Towers: Office and ServiceApartments: all bases in Q1 and Q3
  70. 70. Development plan HCMC
  71. 71. Offices Areas
  72. 72. Top Residential Condo HCMC
  73. 73. What location should we base?District 1: District 1: CBD (Central Business+ 7.72 Km2. District):+ 226,736 Po 1. Office, Service apartment, top residential: Diamond Plaza, Sedona suites, Somerset HCM, Norfolk… 2. Shopping area: Vincom, Parkson, Eden, Diamond Plaza, Kumho, Ben Thanh, Time Square. 3. International Hotel: Caravel, Sheraton, Rex, Intercontin ental, New World, Sofitel… 4. Shopping street: • Dis 1: Dong Khoi, Hai Ba Trung, Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. 5. Rental prices: 70-100$. CafeF1.com - 130 Trần Quang Khải, P.Tân 124 Suong Nguyet Anh, P ben Thanh, Q1. Định, Q,1, TP.HCM 7 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Q.1, TP.HCM 117 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Q.1, TP.HCM 63 - 65 - 67 Trần Hưng Đạo, Q.1, TP.HCM
  74. 74. What location should we base?District 3:+ 4.92 Km2.+ 222,446 Po District 3: CBD (Central Business District): 1. Office, Service apartment, top residential: Saigon Pavilon, Ming Long Tower, CT Plaza, Sherwood Residence, Endovina Tower 2. Local Hotel: Saigon Star, White Lion, Golden Rose, Victory… 3. Shopping street: • Dis 3: Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Vo Thi Sau, Dien Bien Phu, Cach mang Thang 8. 4. Rental prices: 50- 70$. 89A Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, P.6 ,Q.3, TP.HCM 26 Cao Thang 182A Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, P.6, Q.3, TP.HCM 355 Vo Van Tan, P 5, Q3, HCMC 74 Cach Mang Thang 8 47 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Q3, HCMC. 144 Võ Thị Sáu (Gần ngã 3 Phạm Ngọc Thạch), Phường 149 Cach Mang Thang 8, Q3. 8, Quận 3 181 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, P7, Q3
  75. 75. Shops base in Dis 1& 3
  76. 76. What location should we base?District 2:+ 49.74 Km2.+ 102,001 Po District 2: 1. New Service apartment, top residential: Thao Dien, Cheery Apartment, Tropic Garden, Hoang Anh Riverview, River Garden, City Horse, The Vista… 2. International School. 3. Location: Dong Tay Boulevard, Thu Thiem Tube, Ha Noi highway. 4. Rental prices: 30- 50$. Metro An Phú, An Khánh, Q.2, TP.HCM 139 Tran Nao 121A Nguyen Duy Trinh
  77. 77. District 2: New Urban
  78. 78. What location should we base?District 7:+ 35.69 Km2.+ 111,828 Po District 7: 1. Service apartment, top residential: Sunrise City, Phu My Hung, Ever Rich, Riverside Residence, Lacasa, Belleza. 2. International School. 3. Office and Shopping mall: Paragon, Crescent Mall, SECC, Lotte 4. Location: Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Huyen Tan Phat. 5. Rental prices: 30- 50$. 346 Huỳnh Tấn Phát, P.Bình thuận, Q.7, TP.HCM 473 Huynh Tan Phat 499B Nguyen Thi Thap 509 Huỳnh Tấn Phát, Phường Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7
  79. 79. Phu My Hung: Top residence area
  80. 80. What location should we base?District Tan Binh:+ 22.38 Km2.+ 417,897 Po District Tan Binh: 1. Residential and Office: eTown complex, Harmona Apartment, Louis iX, Cong Hoa Plaza, Carillon Apartment. 2. Industrial Park: Tan Binh. 3. Shopping mall: Parkson,Pico Plaza, CT Plaza. 4. Location: near Airport, Cach Mang Thang 8, Cong Hoa, Hoang Van Thu, Truong Trinh, Au Co. 5. Rental prices: 30- 50$. 670 Âu Cơ, P.10, Q. Tân Bình, Tp. HCM 415 Hoang Van Thu 05 Cong Hoa 848 Lạc Long Quân,P.8, Quận Tân Bình, TPHCM 190 Hoang Van Thu 650 Trường Chinh, P.15, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM 320 Truong Chinh 330 Cộng Hòa, P.13, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM 678 Truong Chinh. Số 79B Lý 359B Lê Văn Sỹ, P.1, Q.Tân Bình, TPHCM Thường Kiệt – 759 Cách MạngTháng 8, P.6, Q Tân Bình, TP.HCM 328 Truong Chinh Quận Tân Bình – TP.HCM
  81. 81. Tan Binh District
  82. 82. What location should we base?District Binh Thach:+ 20.76 Km2.+ 402,045 Po District Binh Thach: 1. High Residential and Office: The Manor, Saigon Pearl. 2. Location: link to 2 main streets: Nguyen Thi Minh Kai and Dien Bien Phu. 3. Rental prices: 30- 50$. 233 Nơ Trang Long, Q.Bình Thạnh, TP.HCM 26 Phan Đăng Lưu, P.6, Q.Bình Thạnh, TP.HCM 377-379 Điện Biên Phủ Phường 25 Quận Bình Thạnh
  83. 83. What locationshould we base?
  84. 84. Decorati on What decoration should we make? Shop Requirement: Decoration: 1. Display space: 80- 100 1. Create Logo, slogan sqm. guidelines. 2. Window facing: clear 2. Create Store Design and 5-8m. guidelines: 3. Height: 2.5-3m. • Design Store. 4. Service desk. • Fascia (Store front). 5. Training room. • Electrical design 6. Cash desk. (security). 7. Inventory room. • Lighting design. • Fixture Design. • Merchandising Design. 3. Premium design: Black or white.
  85. 85. What decoration should we make?, learn from Apple
  86. 86. Design Proposal
  87. 87. Design Proposal
  88. 88. Fascia Proposal
  89. 89. Electrical Plan
  90. 90. Lighting Plan
  91. 91. Fixture List
  92. 92. Merchandising Plan
  93. 93. Marketin g What marketing plan should we operate? Branding Promotion Marketing Advertising Customer Relationship
  94. 94. Branding Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Pinterest, Fou Social rsquare….. • Launching new products. • Online events in Social Media. • Offline events with Mobile and IT Events group as Tinh Te, So Hoa, VOZ. • Training course for Customers • Fashion show and Music sound fest.PR Branding • Test Labs and test review of new products in IT online news Editori • Editorials of strong points: als service, loyalty programs…. • Blog. • With Mobile brands: Samsung, Nokia, HTC… Co- • With Entertainment: Brands Megastar, Fashion Shops, Concerts…
  95. 95. Social Media
  96. 96. Cinema Ads& Events
  97. 97. Music and Fashion Events Music and Fashion Stars lead trends • Sponsor for Music and Fashion Shows& Events. • Stars will motivate and lead trends of Lifestyle and also entertainment
  98. 98. Advertising Local Channel. TV • Ads • Young Channel: Yan TV • Social news as Dan tri, Vn Express • IT News as Tinh Te, VOZ, So Hoa. Onlin • Fashion and star news: Ngoi Sao, The Gioi Sao. e Ads • Teen news: Zings, iOne, Kenh 14,… • Music news: Nhac so, Nhac cua tui Print • Hightech: Stuff, Dan Ong, Dien Tu Tieu Dung. • Fashion: Dep, Elle, Bazar, Her World. Ads • Heritage Advertising • SEO Art Words in Google Search. SEO • SEO for Web. Ads • Ads on Google • Ecommerce Web. • Afflliate with other Webs. Web • Mobile Web, Web Apps • Stick QR Code on Products. Qr • Customers can connect web or products via Code QR scan
  99. 99. Online Ads Online Music Info of Teenage IT& Hi-tech Webs Social& fashion Webs http://nhacso.net http://www.tinhte.vn/ http://kenh14.vn/ http://mp3.zing.vn/ http://www.zing.vn/ http://sohoa.net/http://nghenhac.info/ http://ione.net/ http://voz.vn/
  100. 100. Print AdsFashion Print Ads Hightech Print Ads
  101. 101. Television ChannelYoung- trend- Lifestyle• Music Channel by Vietnam• Focus into Teenage and Music fans• Contents: Music Shows and Information• http://www.yantv.vn
  102. 102. SEO: Google Search
  103. 103. QR Code
  104. 104. That is highly appreciated by South Area and big gift as Motorbike or Car… Get discount from list price if:Get discount from list price • Purchase on group.if: • Student group• Purchase big package. Lucky • Vip Group.• Purchase more value. Draw Pack Grou age p Promotion Bundli Coup ng on PriceBundling with other down Release coupon with valueproducts, co branding. or % discountBundling with service Only apply for old models and just very short time
  105. 105. Promotion
  106. 106. Customer Relationship Discount card Warranty card Training course Payment card Point accumulation Apps store card Value added card
  107. 107. Customer Relationship email: • How using of products. • Checking claims of customers. • Inform: new events, promotions, pointUpdate: accumulate.• Birthday Wishes. • Birthday wishes• Point accumulate.• New Promotion.• New events. Call: • How using of products. • Checking claims of customers. • Inform: new events, promotions, point accumulate. • Birthday wishes
  108. 108. Vision Vision, Mission Vision: • Build a top chain of high- end services to Vietnamese customers. • Core value: customer database. Mobile Restaurant Spa Luxury Shop Mission: • Start with mobile chain stores: Smartphone, tablet and luxury phone. • Then add more value services as restaurant, spa to customers. Step 1 Step 2 and 3
  109. 109. Open Shop PlanObjectives:• Y2012: • One Shop in HCM. • Shopping mall. 1,200B • Revenue: 106 VND/ Year.• Y2013: • 3 Shops in HCM. • Revenue: 448B VND/Year.• Y2014: • 6 Shops in HCM. • Revenue: 1,200B VND/ 448B Year. 106B Y2012 Y2013 Y2014
  110. 110. Time Line Start big Season in 2H Y2014 Start big Season in Q4 Y2013 Expect Start big Season economy in Q4 Y2012 will stand out of crisis and rising upNew open shop T10 T08-T09 Q3 Y2012 Y2013 Y2014 2m 12m 9m- 12m 6m Y2015 Pre start Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase N Set up Test drive Large scale test Quick growth
  111. 111. + 22.38 Km2. Time Line + 417,897 Po LocationDistrict 1: District 2:+ 7.72 Km2. + 49.74 Km2.+ 226,736 Po + 102,001 Po Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase NDistrict 3: District 7:+ 4.92 Km2. + 35.69 Km2.+ 222,446 Po + 111,828 Po
  112. 112. Porter 5• Too attractive market with many players Potential which makes the competition harder entrants• Hard to find a good location• Need to have high investment• On-going adjusted legal system which may make it difficult in getting business license Industry competitors Suppliers Customers • Power of dominant suppliers: • Consumers have many Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Appl products & buying channels to e… choose  The power of consumers • Although this model is growing year on year but many Substitutes consumers keep the habit of buying products in traditional • Vietnamese Traditional Stores. channels for a long time that • Supermarkets: Nguyen Kim, Phan may not change quickly Khang, HC… • E Commerce: Mua Chung, Nhom Mua…
  113. 113. SWOTStrength Weakness• Experience in Retail for long year. • Not much focus in service and CRM.• Have close relationship and power with • Not yet explore in mid and high-end suppliers. segment.• Back ground and back office basement to • With this current chain stores, Mobile serve logistics, inventory. World have to bear high expense while• Well-known brand in retail market. SW have to cut down price to fight with other• Have branches in nationwide. rivals and slow down in entry segment.• Have strong manage system. OTOpportunities Threat• Almost products come down from laptop to • High potential market for S&T retail feature phone while Smartphone and tablet shop which attracts many international are high growing market with 50-92% YoY. and local big brands. That makes the• A few of shops focus much into these competition fierce. market. • Traditional channels are still very• High inflation and bad economy made strong & already Vietnamese demands down a lots, however mid and consumers’ habit for a long time. high end segment still keep the pace and they care much about service VFM.• Service& technology still not much focus in retail shops
  114. 114. Suppliers Support Training products for Staff. Display products. Marketing support. PG sale. Warranty. Credit and AR. Margin: 12-15% for smartphone
  115. 115. Strategy Custo Produc Servic Locati Model System mers ts e onMid-high Smartphone,income tablet, smart TrainingCities People. TV and even course. Area. ERP& CRM20-40 YO. luxury phone Warranty District. Chain Stores LoyaltyLoyal as service. Road. Programcustomers. Vertu, Mobia Apps Competitors.Entertainmen do… downloadt orientation Accessories Social Media Plan. Decor Apple POS design Market CRM. ation ing 360 customers Besides retail, can sell Distrib through distribution ution channel to take volume
  116. 116. StrategyDifferentiate Servic System e Priority Distrib Market ution ing Produc ts Custo Locati mers on Decor Model ation Important
  117. 117. Organization& resource Head Back office In Front Store Purchasing Sale team Tech teamDevelopmentHR& Admin Logistics Web team Marketing team Q&A Finance
  118. 118. Organization& resource Team Person Work Store development Store Manager Find location follow target: population, traffic, space and parking. Design outside and inside, POPS, display box…. Purchasing PM Working with suppliers an sign cotracts PM by brands Make forecast for orders PM by Products Follows target with suppliers Make order and forecast for points of sale Logistics Logistic manager Make process order with suppliers Make and follow payment and shipping time with suppliers Tranfer and deliver goods to POS on time as requirements Deliver goods to customers Tech team Tech manager Make service for customers: Apps installation Make warranty to customers Make service on phone for customers HR& Admin HR Manager Recruitment and replacement Admin KPI analysis Training manager Training for sale staff and tech staff Training for customers Make motivation policy for satff Make enrollment everymonth Marketing Marketing Manager Make PR and events for company PR& events Plan marketing for every week, month and quaterly Operation Solve issues with customers and press Plan Finance Finance Manager Plan finance and money for company Analysis Manage payment, expenditure and credit Control inventory over, expense over… Warning and give advices for DOB about market, sale and inventory situation Q&A Q&A manager Manage process followers Survey about customers feedback Advise DOB new process and others way to improve sale, payment,,,process Web team Web manager Introduce and update customers about products, company, promotions, services…. Shopping online Sale team Area Sale Manager Manage sale team POS Sale Manager Sell at POS Shift Sale Manager Sale team