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Conversations at Work

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Conversations are the lifeblood of organisations. If fact: organisations are conversations. This slide presentation is essentially about having better conversations.

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Conversations at Work

  1. 1. Conversations at Work Promoting a Culture of Conversations in the Changing Workplace Tim Baker Aubrey Warren
  2. 2. What we are covering The Right Culture Everyday Conversa tions Five Conversation s Framework The 9 Common Barriers to Communicati on The “face” of good communicati on Keeping conversations on the up … Conversations At Work Workshop …
  3. 3. Psychological Contract Individual Organisation I offer I expect The organisation expects The organisation offers
  4. 4. The Changing Employment Relationship Values Old Values New Values Specialised Employment Flexible Deployment Internal Focus Customer-focus Focus on Job Performance-focus Functional-based Work Project-based Work Human Dispirit & Work Human Spirit & Work Loyalty Commitmen t Training Learning & Development Closed Information Open Information
  5. 5. The 9 Common Barriers to Communication ∎inattention during conversations ∎restricted information channels ∎lack of feedback ∎a culture of not asking questions ∎too much formality ∎overreliance on email ∎lack of role models ∎a fear of emotion ∎physical office lay-out
  6. 6. Baker, T. (2013). The End of the Performance Review: A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance
  7. 7. It’s all about the conversation ...
  8. 8. The “face” of good communication ?
  9. 9. Keeping conversations on the up … • Show up • Listen up • Speak up • Lift up
  10. 10. 5 more everyday conversations at work … • Coaching – intentional ongoing development • Mentoring – informal day to day sharing (and example) • Delegating – it’s about your development too … • Visioning – sharing and sustaining the “why” • Encouraging – ensuring people feel significant
  11. 11. Conversations At Work Workshop … • One-day facilitated, interactive workshop incorporating: • Communication culture and behaviour • The 9 barriers to conversations • Communication as a shared, meaning making process • Appreciating communication styles • The 5 Conversations Framework • Introduction to coaching conversations • Showing up, Listening up, Speaking up, Lifting up • Personal application and follow through … • Individual copies of Conversations At Work • Participant workbook
  12. 12. Tim Baker tim@winnersatwork.com.au 0413 636 832 www.winnersatwork.com.au Aubrey Warren aub.warren@pacific.qld.edu.au 0412 756 435 www.pacific.qld.edu.au RRP $39.95 inc gst 20% discount for AHRI webinar participants … limited time only 20% AHRI webinar discount