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Academic industry collaboration at kec dated 3.6.17 v 3

  1. Making the Students Placement Ready Presentation By: Prof. Neeta Awasthy, at FDP on Academic Industry Collabortion , at Krishna Engineering College on 3rd June 2017 Director, School of Engineering and Technology, Noida International University, Greater Noida, U.P.
  2. 1st Year Student • I ‘ll fix my grand father’s ford • My son will take care of India's Missile needs Final Year Student Head Clerk in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Trending #Why No one wants an Indian Engineer? Problem Statement
  4. BLOODBATH IN IT SECTOR 56,000IT professionals to lose jobs this year in 7 top IT firms. Headhunters India says that job cuts will be around 200,000 annually, for the next 3 years.
  5. JOBS SHRINK ABROAD TOO 70%of H-1B visas went to Indians in 2015, mostly for technology jobs. ASSOCHAM estimates that the visa curb will reduce jobs by 40% or more
  6. POOR PLACEMENTS 1.5millionengineers graduate every year, but only 500,000 get absorbed in the market. Campus placements are low; 40% in AICTE colleges and 66% in IITs.
  7. NUMBER OF ENGINEERING COLLEGES 3,288engineering colleges exist under the AICTE, more than double from the 1,511 colleges ten years ago. There are also 23 IITs, 31 NITs and 20 IIITs (As on 22nd May 2017)
  8. BUT QUALITY OF ENGINEERS GOES DOWN 80%of engineers in India are unemployable, says National Employability Report 2016, conducted by job skills matching platform Aspiring Minds
  9. So, we know the problem is Grim… Now, the Let us go for a four prong approach A.FDP on “How to Conduct Projects” B.INNOVATE with Industry by Research D.Making them Placement Ready
  10. A. FDP on “How to Conduct Projects” • Projects to be floated by the faculty • Identification of feasibility by all faculty in the department • Add one student of 3rd year and one student of 2nd year, who will take this legacy on • Multi discipline team for projects • Publish theTechnical Paper in UGC approved journal • Participate in Project exhibitions • Continue with the same project for three years • Show to MSME and IEDC, DST
  11. B. Innovate with Industry Solution from Different RegisteredColleges or University/ State or Nation with Mentorship from India and abroad Problems from Different Registered Industries with Mentors from Industry Funding Agencies eg. DST/ MSME/ State funding agencies/ Industry can choose to fund the problem
  12. INNOVATE is Unique • Flipboard/ Inshorts/TED/ HBC Channel Notifications/ professional magazines are one way communication • WIKI/ QUORA is a Question Answer Collaborative page • LinkedIn is professional worker’s website • No portal to communicate on practical area
  13. C. Why should the Industry Collaborate • ReducedTraining cost & Better Resources (CXO’s Nightmare) • Watermelon story • Float the (by Research) program • Course work of four subjects of 12-16 credits done from any university or through Online courses (MOOCs, Swayam, NPTEL etc.) anytime. • If completed 10 years in Industry, this can be waived off on clearance of screening committee.
  14. by Research Program • The candidate shall make the lab manual of one of the labs of UG level. • The candidate would mentor at least one group (4 students) in their summer training/ internship, project and technical paper presentation. • Special Lecture(Graduate Lecture or Seminar) by the candidate in respective department. • The candidate will have at least two technical papers; i.e. one with UG students and other as first name along with his guide. Both the papers must be in peer reviewed journals and conferences. • Criterion for successful completion: Dissertation Report as per the previous and current experience of the candidate and based upon the technical papers presented.
  15. First year Student In AKTU system, a lot of work load and competition for Ranking 2ndYear Student • Identification of Specific Interest Group • Psychometric Tests • Mentoring Programs 3rdYear Student •Seminar of Identified topic •IndustrialTraining in the same area •Global Business Foundation Skills Foundation Course by NASSCOM At the end of the program Projects in the same area
  16. Understanding of Economics
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