metastatic rcc renal cell carcinoma mercury trial rectal cancer organ preservation surgery classification of pancreatic cancer pancreatic cancer breast carcinoma staging cancer oncology breast orthotopic neobladder radical cystectomy bladder preservation therapy neoadjuvant chemotherapy in bladder cancer trimodality therapy mibc non operative management in rectal cancer haber gama study total neoadjuvant treatment german trial metastasis of unknown origin clinically unknown primary inguinal axilla muo cup neoadjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer pdac br- pdac turbt bcg intravesical bcg therapy non muscle invasive bladder cancer bladder cancer caesar trial nc process trial protect trial briganti normogram kattan normogram risk pelvic lymph node dissection eau 2018 guidelines aau guideline asco guideline psa clinically localized prostate cancer replacement of esophagus extent of lymphadenctomy 2 field vs 3 field the vs tte surgical principles carcinoma esophagus indications of oncoplastic breast surgery type 2 oncoplasty type1 oncoplasty oncoplastic breast surgery role of surgery in metastatic rcc role of lymphadencectomy surtime carmena imdc criteria mskcc score prognostic markers risk stratiifcation kidney cancer midrange recurrence score tailorx oncotype dx her2 negative node negative hormone receptor positive adjuvant endocrine therapy radiation older women age>70 years calgb 9343 trus mri in rectal cancer gynecology gynecologic oncology vulval cancer laryngeal preservation surgery transoral laser microlaryngeal surgery supraglottic cancer early laryngeal cancer early glottic cancer laryngeal cancer pancreatoduodenectomy whipple's procedure barrets esophagus ge junction gastroesophageal junction carcinoma landmark trials ecog milan 1 acosog nsabp anatomy thyroid gland surgical anatomy ajcc 8th edition pathological classification gynec oncology carcinoma ovary ovary animal models chemotherapy anticancer drugs dcis microcalcifications mammography cell biology dendrtic cell pathology phyllodes tumour surgery
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