bikaner technical university new startups and research engineering and technology chemistry application and uses mechanism volcanic eruptions landslides tsunami earthquake geological disasters forest fires cyclone drought cloud burst flood & flash flood hydrometeorological disasters preventive issues types of disasters environmental issues vulnerability risk hazards rajasthan technical university outcome and objective management disaster alternative sources of energy: use of microwaves green solvents use of alternative feedstock (bio fuel) green chemistry and sustainability development waste or pollution prevention hierarchy principles of green chemistry green chemistry: definition and concepts of green cloud and pour point. flash and fire point viscosity and viscosity index properties borosilicate glass. lubricants: classification hard glass types and properties of soft glass significance of annealing manufacturing by tank furnace chemistry of setting and hardening of cement. gl role of gypsum manufacturing by rotary kiln engineering materials: portland cement: definition sacrificial anode modifications in design. cathodic protection protective coatings-galvanization and tinning concentration corrosion and pitting corrosion. pr galvanic corrosion mechanism of chemical (dry) and electrochemical ( corrosion: definition and significance of corrosio conserve and protect nature save environment environmentally friendly plastic waste management growth kinetics sterilization and media microscopy identification and classification of microorganism ecological aspects species and strains single celled organisms krebs cycle glycolysis anabolism catabolism metabolism structure and function protein bioconjugation and future outlook electrochemcial immunosensing biosensors fluorescence band gap synthesis and characterization quantum confinement effect coding decoding molecular biology genetic code recombination complémentation enzymology enzymes: purpose: to convey that without catalysis plastic waste and e-waste management hazardous waste land fill leachate and gas management latest advan sanitary land filling biological treatment gasification pyrolysis incineration thermal treatment biogas production vermicomposting composting colleges and higher education schools university competitions biology physics engineering innovations applied sciences segregation classification management and disposal methods e-waste biomedical waste radioactive waste laws and experimentation complications in humans disorders electrical engineering 4th sem genetics 3r principle equipment for size and volume reduction waste hierarchy waste processing aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions pharmaceutical side effects of drugs aspirin and paracetamol chemistry of drugs organic synthesis free radicals reaction mechanism transfer stations collection route collection frequency waste collection vehicles types their characteristics waste collection containers waste collection: components of waste collection recently developed method versus traditional disposal and treatment of waste materials waste management prevention and control galvanization anodic and cathodic currents electrochemistry corrosion lime-soda process zeolite process clarks method: soap titration method edta method refining and mining of petroleum otto-hoffman method octane number and cetane number coal gas and oil gas synthetic petrol bomb and junkers calorimeter proximate and ultimate analysis break point chlorination ion exchange process zeolite lime soda boiler problems purification hardness engineering chemistry: water analysis science research invention environment protection grass root innovations sustainable development advantages and disadvantages chemical composition lubricants glass cement basics of inorganic chemistry experimentation numerical approach qualitative analysis activating and deactivating groups aromatic electrophilic substitution
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