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BNI Elite Feature Presentation November 29, 2011

BNI Elite 8 minute feature presentation by Dorothy Vernon-Brown

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BNI Elite Feature Presentation November 29, 2011

  1. 1. AKB² Small Business Marketing 202 brought to you by The University of Purple CowFaculty of Entrepreneurial Studies
  2. 2. A bit What can AKB² Do For You  Corporate Identity & Branding  Website content  Social Media  Event Marketing
  3. 3. A bit Today’s FocusSocial Media for Small Businesses 101
  4. 4. WHY SHOULD I CARE??? The stats don’t lie. Here’s the trend: More than 800 million active Facebook users Approx. 62% of Canadian use at least 1 social network 86% of Canadians with a Social Media profile use Facebook Approx. 40% access via mobile devices
  5. 5. ………if you still don’t believeC has grown exponentially - less than 1% in 2009 10% in 2010 19% in 2011 LinkedIn use has doubled 6% of socially networked Canadians in 2009, to 14% in 2011.
  6. 6. The demographics……….
  7. 7. 3 important reasons to leverage Social Media….…… 1. Connect and engage with prospects and clients2. Become visible (consistency on the cheap) 3. self-promotion (not hard sell, I said)
  8. 8. A Quick HOW TO on  Strategically craft your profile (include your keywords, products, services etc). Complete all areas & add photo)  Give & Ask for recommendations  Build your industry network –search LinkedIn directories & networks. Check out who is in your network Be active – update status, ask & answer questions
  9. 9. A Quick HOW TO on Launch & lead a group – any topic that interests you  Link to Twitter account (if you have one)  Repurpose content from other Social Media channel (e.g blogs)  Spy on the competition – R&D what works for them  Invest 10 mins a day
  10. 10. A Quick HOW TOR&D – look at FB pages of complementary businesses, competitors and big brands you admire Gather info – how often is the page posting, what times, what are they posting, what’s getting the most interaction, what’s working for them
  11. 11. A Quick HOW TO What tabs do they have?(e.g specials, contests, photo gallery)How does the Welcome Tab showcase the business? Also check out what isn’t working?
  12. 12. A Quick HOW TO What’s the goal?Connect, Engage & Self-promote (Note: Don’t preach/don’t sell)
  13. 13. A Quick HOW TO What to post? First rule of thumb:Post content you would want to read or share Example:  Industry News – Hot Topics  Company News – new partners, an award etc  Upcoming events  Photos  Videos  Blog posts  Inspirational Quotes  Company Specials & Deals
  14. 14. A Quick HOW TO Some unwritten rules to your FB updates:1. Post everyday including weekends B2B engagement consistently higher during the day – some say Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m B2C engagement consistently higher c Sundays noticeably higher than Saturdays for B2C
  15. 15. A Quick HOW TO Some unwritten rules to your FB updates: 2. Focus on engagementAsk questions, post helpful tips, link to useful articles, include fun trivia facts that your audience will Like and Share Goal: To connect and get a response from your audience
  16. 16. A Quick HOW TO Some unwritten rules to your FB updates: 3. Have a Call to ActionAsk people to do something – Click on the Like or Comment or check out your video or go to your website.
  17. 17. A Quick HOW TO Some unwritten rules to your FB updates: 4. Don’t oversell or undersell Note to self: Not a sales pitch forumDo highlight a service, a special, a deal and event from time to time
  18. 18. A Quick HOW TO Some unwritten rules to your FB updates: 5. Make it Fun!!Don’t forget – it’s a social community. Think of ways to entertain your audience.
  19. 19. &Next presentation Time’s Up!!
  20. 20. If after this….. Social Media Still instills FEAR Threatens to hog your time and you are still CluelessWalk away. Let AKB² Small Business Marketing take it off your To Do List!!
  21. 21. Follow us, Like us, Visit us : www.akbsmallbusinessmarketing.com
  22. 22. Thank You!!