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Social Marketing - 5 Characters Types

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Presentation detailing the 5 types of clients (characters) who get involved with social marketing: Confused, Hopefuls, Experimenters, Participant and Insightfuls.

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Social Marketing - 5 Characters Types

  1. Five characters of Social Marketing Tuesday, 2 September 2008 Dominique Hind Mark (M Saatchi)
  2. Social Marketing Definition It is a platform for connection between like minded people or those that have a personal connection. Communities or groups are initially formed on physical connections social networks radiate outwards based on common interests between people (MGM). Social networking provides the platform for people to engage find other like minded individuals.
  3. Social Marketing A question Where does social marketing fit in a marketing context? Consumers expect to see commercial messaging on portals sites. BUT on social network sites, without relevance context, it has the ability to possibly devalue detract from a brands relevance, stature esteem.