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Docker for the Enterprise with Containers as a Service by Banjot Chanana

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Banjot Chanana is Senior Director of Product Management at Docker bringing solutions for enterprises to build, ship and run Docker applications on-premise or in their virtual private clouds.

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Docker for the Enterprise with Containers as a Service by Banjot Chanana

  1. 1. Banjot Chanana Sr Director of Product Docker for the Enterprise with Containers as a Service
  2. 2. What is a CaaS • Why CaaS is needed • Introducing Docker Datacenter • Agility, Portability and Control Benefits Agenda How Enterprises Get Started • Monoliths vs Microservices • Case Studies of Container Adoption
  3. 3. Docker Is Driving Force Behind Modern App Initiatives 80% Docker is central to cloud strategy State of App development Survey: Q1 - 2016 3 out 4 Top initiatives revolve around applications 44% Looking to adopt DevOps App Modernization DevOpsCloud
  4. 4. Cloud Zone 2 Data Center Development Center Headquarters Build and Run a Global Software Supply Chain Build, ship, run any application, anywhere
  5. 5. The Problems in Today’s Supply Chain I want to build this new thing I need to deploy Works on My Machine Let me give you the package repo Let me get you some machines How does this work in Production
  6. 6. To Solve the SW Supply Chain, You Need Both Sides! Developers IT Operations • Freedom to create and deploy apps fast • Define app needs • Test and Build locally • Quickly and flexibly respond to changing needs • Standardize, secure, and manage Dev-Prod Parity: Run in Prod, what is developed in Dev Capture the intent of Dev in order to deploy/manage in prod
  7. 7. Three Components for CaaS DEVELOPERS IT OPERATIONS BUILD Development Environments SHIP Secure Content & Collaboration RUN Deploy, Manage, Scale
  8. 8. Operating Systems Config Mgt Monitoring LoggingCI/CD ..more.. Infrastructure Docker Universal Control Plane App and cluster management Security Content Trust, RBAC, LDAP/AD Docker Engine Container runtime, orchestration, networking, volumes, plugins Docker Trusted Registry Image management and distribution Images Networking Volumes VirtualizationPublic Cloud Physical/Converged An Integrated Dev and Ops Platform Docker Datacenter
  9. 9. Docker Datacenter for On-premises/VPC CaaS Client Compose Partner IntegrationsDocker Interfaces Volume Plug-ins Monitoring Logging Network Plug-ins Docker Universal Control Plane Docker Trusted Registry On premises Datacenter Virtual Private Cloud Commercially supported Docker Engines Docker Swarm Docker Datacenter Content Security Storage Drivers LDAP/ AD Docker for Mac/Win
  10. 10. Docker Datacenter Focuses on 3 Areas Docker Universal Control Plane Docker Trusted Registry On premises Datacenter Virtual Private Cloud Docker Datacenter Content Security 1 Secure out of the box (TLS, AuthN, RBAC) 2 Enterprise ready configuration (HA, simplified GUI, integration APIs, etc.) 3 Docker native experience (docker API, docker-compose) Docker Engine swam
  11. 11. Benefits to Enterprises – Faster Releases, Consistent Delivery, and Better Resource Utilization State of App development Survey: Q1 - 2016 + +Agility Portability Control 13X More software releases 20X Better resource utilization 44% Reduce VM usage by >25% Eliminate “works on my machine” issues 41% Move workloads across private/public clouds 62% Report reduced MTTR
  12. 12. Enterprises in Every Industry are Adopting Modern application platform for DevOps and microservices Transform monoliths to secure and agile DevOps environments Moving 90% of all applications to Docker
  13. 13. Containers for Monoliths or Microservices? Both! Legacy App: One container per app. Microservices: one service per container. App comprised of many containers linked together
  14. 14. Enterprises are containerizing both Monoliths and Microservices Docker platform standardizes environment AND enables workload portability 80% 46% plan to build new microservices in 2016 #4 container workload is traditional databases 1 in 3 have already containerized legacy apps Will leverage Docker to enable hybrid cloud initiatives
  15. 15. We Found Three Paths to Container Adoption 1 Containerize Monoliths Build-Test for CI; Migrate to the Cloud; Get Better CapEx/OpEx than VM 2 3 Containerize Monolith; Transform to Microservices Look for Shared Services to Transform Enable New Microservices and Apps Greenfield CaaS
  16. 16. Why Containerize a Monolith? Migrate Workload Anywhere Infrastructure agnostic platform • Standardize: Docker abstracts away the infrastructure and virtualization away from app • Portability: Containers move without friction from one environment to another – no recoding needed • Lift and Shift: Containerize legacy and microservices to gain portability Bins/Libs App OS Bins/Libs App OS Bins/Libs App OS Before: VM formats are proprietary Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App Bins/Libs App OS After: Docker abstracts above VMs for portability Docker Engine OS Docker Engine
  17. 17. Why Containerize a Monolith Case Studies: Swisscom and Energy Company Swisscom • 400 MongoDB VMs • Now 400 containers in 20 VMs • Reduce Capex and Opex costs Energy Company • Containerize apps for portability • Migrated from cloud to datacenter in 5 months • Accelerated release process • Reduce VMs by 1/3 in non-prod environments
  18. 18. Containerize and then Transform Methodology 1 2 3 4 5 Inventory App Portfolio Identify common platform components (OS, etc) Identify targets for refactoring / converting to microservices Identify targets w/no change to architecture Get to containerizing
  19. 19. Blog Post on methodology to converting • https://www.ctl.io/developers/blog/post/how- to-migrate-legacy-applications-into-docker- containers/ CodeLift can put your code in a container • https://codelift.io/ There’s a Little Help Out There
  20. 20. Containerize Then Transform Case Study: GSA Challenge • Migrate away from monolithic application • Long and cumbersome application development cycles Solution • Build a new developer platform (IAE Common Service Platform) • Docker Trusted Registry and commercially supported Docker Engine on AWS Benefits • Improved customer centric services • Reduced time-to-market • Improve security and reduce attack surface area
  21. 21. After Greenfield CaaS Case Study: ADP DevOps and microservices transformation App Service App Service App A App B Auth …more App Reg Marketplace Logging Auth Session …more App Reg Logging Before App BAuth App Reg Marketplace Logging App Service Application Teams Universal Control Plane App AAuth App Reg Marketplace Logging App Service App BAuth App Reg Marketplace Logging App Service App AAuth App Reg Marketplace Logging App Service Portability Authorization App Registration Session Management Marketplace Integration Logging …more Trusted Registry
  22. 22. What if You’re Already Using Microservices? Gilt now ships 100x per day Challenge • From dev-to-deploy: weeks • 7 Monolithic apps • Wasted time implementing monolithic IaaS and PaaS Solution • Continuous Delivery with Docker Benefits • From dev-to-deploy in minutes • 400+ microservices • Deploy 100+ changes a day • Easily burst to cloud burst at peak shopping times
  23. 23. Summary: Enable Modern Application Initiatives with a CaaS Cloud Microservices Cloud Migration Hybrid and Multi Cloud Datacenter Consolidation Containerization Microservices App Modernization DevOps CI/CD Dev Self Service DevOps
  24. 24. Summary: Enterprises Can Decide How to Adopt Containerize Containerize & Transform Build New Apps Enable CI and DevOps Better Resource Usage Enable Cloud Initiatives Transform iteratively Ship faster, with better reliability Enable Developers to Self-serve Enable Business transformations
  25. 25. • Learn More about Docker Datacenter https://www.docker.com/products/docker-datacenter • Get a Trial or Purchase @ https://store.docker.com • Come Talk to Us at the Docker Datacenter Booth! • Try Docker Datacenter at the Hands On Lab Get Started with Docker CaaS Solutions!
  26. 26. Thank you!