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SearchLove San Diego 2015 | Cindy Krum, 'Mobile-First SEO and How to Prepare for the Next Mobilegeddon’

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On April 21st, Google launched the mobile-friendly algorithm update and it set a new precedent in the SEO community. Google has switched to a mobile-first paradigm that includes apps as SEO assets. This session will provide attendees with a detailed understanding of what happened in the mobile-friendly update (aka: Mobilegeddon), as well as providing actionable steps that all webmasters (and app owners) can take to ensure that they are not caught unprepared when then next mobile update is unleashed.

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SearchLove San Diego 2015 | Cindy Krum, 'Mobile-First SEO and How to Prepare for the Next Mobilegeddon’

  1. 1. @suzzicks Mobile-­‐First  SEO:     How  to  Prepare  for  the   Next  Mobilegeddon  
  2. 2. @suzzicks   April April 20 21
  3. 3. @suzzicks  OMG - What is Going On?
  4. 4. @suzzicks   We Need a Hero!
  5. 5. @suzzicks Thinking  About   SEO  as  Mobile-­‐ First  
  6. 6. @suzzicks   What  is  the  Threat?   More Types of Mobile Devices Web Results Being De-Emphasized Mobile Traffic is…Still Growing
  7. 7. @suzzicks   Google’s  Goal  
  8. 8. @suzzicks   Types  of  Mobile  Sites   mDot   Responsive Design Selective Serving Single Page App Rel=“Alternate” Rel=“Canonical”
  9. 9. @suzzicks   Desktop  Is  the  Default  Canonical   Responsive/Dynamic Serving App Deep Linking mDot Site CANONICAL TO DESKTOP
  10. 10. @suzzicks   Honor the Integrity of the Canonical Internal Links Self-Referencing Canonicals XML Sitemap301 Redirects Server Rules
  11. 11. @suzzicks   SeKngs  that  Impact  Mobile  Search   Chrome vs. Google Now Location & Privacy Android vs. iOS Logged In or Out
  12. 12. @suzzicks   Standard  vs.  Basic  Search  Results   Standard  Search  Results   Basic  Search  Results  
  13. 13. @suzzicks   Fundamental  4/21  Changes   Desktop  Crawl  is  for  Content  &   Desktop  Rendering  is   Canonical   •  For  mDot  Sites   •  For  Responsive  Design  &   Selec<ve  Serving   •  In  App  Indexing  &  Deep   Linking   Mobile  Crawl  focuses  on   Rendering  Rather  Than   Content   •  Need  CSS  &  JS  to   Render   •  Rendering  is  about   UX   •  Hidden  Text  &   Links  are  Devalued  
  14. 14. Why  CSS  &  JavaScript?  
  15. 15. @suzzicks   Why  CSS  &  JavaScript?  
  16. 16. @suzzicks   Why  CSS  &  JavaScript?   Illiterate…
  17. 17. @suzzicks   Why  CSS  &  JavaScript?  
  18. 18. @suzzicks   TesVng  for  “Mobile-­‐Friendly”ness  
  19. 19. @suzzicks   Mobile-­‐Friendly  Test  
  20. 20. @suzzicks   Mobile-­‐Friendly  IntersVVals   App  Banners:   •  Content  Moves  Down   to  Accommodate   Banner   •  Chrome  &  Apple  Both   have  Pre-­‐Made  Code   that  is  Acceptable   •  Custom  App  Banners   Cause  Problems   Full  Page  IntersVVals:     •  Content  is  Covered   •  Covered  Content  Has  No  SEO   Value   •  Miss-­‐Match  With  Deep  Linked   Apps   •  Time  Delays  &  Scroll    Delays  May   Work-­‐Around  (Temporarily)  
  21. 21. @suzzicks   Webmaster  Console  Fetch  &  Render  
  22. 22. @suzzicks   Webmaster  Console  Mobile-­‐Friendliness   GET IMAGE J
  23. 23. @suzzicks   Mobile  UX  Signals   Font Size & Tap Target Size View Port Flash & Errors
  24. 24. @suzzicks   Mobile-­‐Friendly  Page  Speed   (Probably  Next)   •  Google  PageSpeed  Test   •  Webmaster  Tools  –  Page  Speed   Report   •  Google  Analy<cs  Page  Speed  Report   •  WebPageTest.org   •  YSLOW-­‐  Plugin   •  URIValet.com  
  25. 25. @suzzicks   Improving  Page  Speed  with  Images   Sprites   File Size Responsi ve Images.o rg Image Server Quality: 85% Width: 300px Quality: 70% Width: 150px Quality: 326 PPI Width: 200px
  26. 26. @suzzicks   ResponsiveImages.org   •  HTML5  for:   •  Crop   •  Scale   •  Art  Director  
  27. 27. @suzzicks   Other  Recent  Changes  to  the  SERP   Featured Answers Aggregations Interactions Paid Results Private Results EasytoSee Packs Cards Carousels Expansion Information Semantic Natural Language Compound Search Entity Understanding
  28. 28. @suzzicks Mobile-­‐First  SEO   is  Focuses  on   User  ‘Intent’  
  29. 29. @suzzicks       Intent Desktop Intent
  30. 30. @suzzicks       Intent Mobile Intent
  31. 31. @suzzicks   Device  Intent  Ma^ers!   It’s a Ranking Factor.
  32. 32. @suzzicks   What  Might  Indicate  Mobile  Intent?     1.  Voice  Search/Natural  Language   2.  Searches  for  Apps   3.  Local/Map  Search   4.  News  Search   5.  Shopping  Search   6.  Video  Search   7.  Image  Search     8.  Find  Phone  Numbers   9.  Music  Download  Search   10. Media  Download  Search     11. Fact  Search   12. Func<on  Search   13. Search  Device   14. Social  Interac<on  
  33. 33. @suzzicks   Answers  aka  Featured  Rich   Snippets  
  34. 34. @suzzicks   Answers  aka  Featured  Rich   Snippets  
  35. 35. @suzzicks   Answer  Doubles   “Lois  Lane  is  a  fic,onal  character   appearing  in  comic  books   published  by  DC  Comics.  Created   by  writer  Jerry  Siegel  and  ar,st   Joe  Shuster,  the  character  first   appeared  in  Ac,on  Comics  #1   (June  1938).  Lois  Lane  is  an   award-­‐winning  journalist  and  the   primary  love  interest  of   Superman.”    
  36. 36. @suzzicks   Variable  DescripVon  Length   (Page  Scrape  -­‐  Not  Meta  DescripVon)   135 306 134 135 340
  37. 37. @suzzicks   More  InteracVon  from  the  SERP  
  38. 38. @suzzicks   More  InteracVon  from  the  SERP  
  39. 39. @suzzicks   IdenVty  Queries  &  Card   Results  
  40. 40. @suzzicks   Compound  Search  Queries   Same Query Query + ClickQuer y
  41. 41. @suzzicks   Implied  Keywords   “How tall is it?”
  42. 42. @suzzicks   Schema.org  on  Mobile   RestaurantTV ShowRecipe
  43. 43. @suzzicks   Crumb Trail Url Formatting Westword > news > photos-ten-best-park… denver.cbslocal.com > top-lists top-pla… Yelp > search > Find_loc=Denver, +CO www.denver.org > denver-parks
  44. 44. @suzzicks   Crumb  Trail  Url   FormaKng   Yankee Candle > mobile Bath & Body Works > family Anthropologie > candles > home-candle Search for: “Scented Candle”
  45. 45. @suzzicks Making  Apps   Your  Ally  
  46. 46. @suzzicks   5  Types  of  App  Results   App  Pack   App Single App Carousel Deep LinksIcon Deep Links
  47. 47. @suzzicks   Android   &   iOS  Intent  
  48. 48. @suzzicks   Understanding  App  Packs  
  49. 49. @suzzicks   New  Android  App  Packs  
  50. 50. @suzzicks   Android  Deep  Linking  User  Experience   Google’s Deep Linking case studies: https://developers.google.com/app-indexing/case-stud
  51. 51. @suzzicks   “Google  will  be   considering  "high   quality"  apps  to   be  a  posi,ve   ranking  factor  in   mobile  search.”   -­‐Mariya  Moeva  (Google   Webmaster  Trends  Analyst,   SMX  West  2015)   Google Require Website Parity to Rank Deep Links WebApp
  52. 52. @suzzicks   Deep  Links  Without  Website   Parity   Social Media Spotlight Search API Email & Paid Ads
  53. 53. @suzzicks   Learn  How  to  Deep  Link     –  The  Full  Details   iOS 9/ AppleSearch Deep Linking Implementation Guide: http://searchengineland.com/app-indexing-new- frontier-seo-apple-search-ios-app-indexing-223880 Google Deep Linking Implementation Guide: http://searchengineland.com/app-indexing-new- frontier-seo-google-search-deep-linking-226517 Emily Grossman
  54. 54. @suzzicks The  End  
  55. 55. @suzzicks   Thanks!   Cindy  Krum   cindy@mobilemoxie.com   Call:  720-­‐231-­‐7277   Twifer:  @Suzzicks