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SearchLove London 2017 | Kirsty Hulse | The Campaign Flop: What to do When Your Content Fails

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It's the nature of the work we do that some content sticks...and some doesn't. Kirsty will provide tips and recommendations on what to do when your content doesn't achieve the results you were expecting; how to manage stakeholders, secure budget after a campaign fail, and how to breathe new life into flopped campaigns.

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SearchLove London 2017 | Kirsty Hulse | The Campaign Flop: What to do When Your Content Fails

  2. 2. Two
  3. 3. Panic Get drunk Decide you want to give it all up and run a food truck
  4. 4. How can we prevent the campaign flop? A link formula Why content fails A creative process Access to information When content has flopped Managing failure Performance framework
  5. 5. @kirsty_hulse Preventing the campaign flop
  6. 6. Have as many campaigns working in tandem as possible
  7. 7. Multiple small campaigns
  8. 8. Small campaigns to supplement large campaigns
  9. 9. @kirsty_hulse What makes certain content successful?
  10. 10. @kirsty_hulse Idea Data Asset+ +
  11. 11. AMAZING IDEA + GREAT ASSET = Links AMAZING IDEA + DATA = Links STRONG DATA + AMAZING IDEA = Links 507 backlinks 132 ref domains 3.6k shares
  12. 12. 370 backlinks 125 ref domains 3.2k shares
  13. 13. @kirsty_hulse Ideas: Hard but cheap
  14. 14. @kirsty_hulse Data: Easy and cheap
  15. 15. @kirsty_hulse Assets: Expensive and hard
  16. 16. @kirsty_hulse Can we get results without an asset?
  17. 17. 147 backlinks 93 ref domains 150k + shares
  18. 18. 15,066 backlinks 1040 ref domains 700 shares
  19. 19. Children think parents spend too much time on their phones on holiday Some parents don’t use suncream
  20. 20. Total campaign time and cost = 2 days
  21. 21. IDEAS
  22. 22. Think laterally about your band
  23. 23. A furniture store talking about furniture? This content is going to have to be really good for me to see it as anything other than commercial
  24. 24. A lot of ideas struggle to get links (or payment is requested) because they look like advertising
  25. 25. WTF?!?! Go home Kirsty, you’re drunk.
  26. 26. A millennial targeted data security guide doesn’t exist. Use the data to create the news, and the guide as the asset for outreach.
  27. 27. DATA
  28. 28. Hi Kirsty Thanks for that info, it’s interesting but I'm not sure if it's one we'd cover. We don't do standalone stories on surveys/research from companies any more, so we wouldn't be able to do an article just on XXXs survey. There would need to be a new news 'hook' that wasn't survey findings.
  29. 29. Internal or publically available data is much better
  30. 30. Repurpose data from dense whitepapers
  31. 31. DataSearch is a research data search engine. Potential for academic links and university partnerships
  32. 32. www.exversion.co m
  33. 33. @kirsty_hulse Communicate to clients
  34. 34. If they made a film about volume of links as a metric
  35. 35. Starring Wil Reynolds!
  36. 36. @kirsty_hulse Links/coverage is the output of the strategy, they are not the goal
  37. 37. O G S M Top level business objectives. Normally something woolly Specific goals within the objective Strategies to achieve these goals KPIs and measurement