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Chris Savage | SearchLove San Diego, 'Why Your Next Hire Should Be A Video Producer'

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The costs of equipment, production, and distribution are changing the way that video is being created and used. These changes are creating enormous opportunities for us as marketers to truly start to take advantage of what video as a medium has to offer. Chris will be talking about why bringing a video producer on full-time is not only the natural next step but why companies that do so are leaping ahead with the types of account they are making and the return that they get out of every video they make.

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Chris Savage | SearchLove San Diego, 'Why Your Next Hire Should Be A Video Producer'

  1. 1. Why your next hire should be a video producer
  2. 2. @csavage
  3. 3. What’s the deal with business video?
  4. 4. Most businesses are attempting one of two things
  5. 5. Conversion videos Viral videos
  6. 6. Evaluate them for conversion
  7. 7. Arbitrage ads
  8. 8. Dollar generating
  9. 9. Inbound Marketing
  10. 10. Outside producer In house producer
  11. 11. Relationship generating
  12. 12. Another teaching example Why is this a video?
  13. 13. Approachable
  14. 14. Hiring videos
  15. 15. Relationships Generated Not Dollars Generated
  16. 16. Good design is good for business.
  17. 17. Generating relationships is good for business.
  18. 18. In house video is different
  19. 19. Being able to fail
  20. 20. Spur of the moment
  21. 21. Videos for smaller audiences
  22. 22. Culture & Personality
  23. 23. Why is this shift happening now?
  24. 24. Equipment is the right price
  25. 25. The one man band exists
  26. 26. Distribution is the right price
  27. 27. The opportunity is now
  28. 28. wistia.com/community
  29. 29. Start small wistia.com/learning
  30. 30. Thanks so much! ! ! ! @csavage wistia.com