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Disruptive concepts creative thinking workshops

Brief presentation on Disruptive Concepts workshop offer.

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Disruptive concepts creative thinking workshops

  1. 1. Disruptive ConceptsCreative thinking workshops
  2. 2. ReasonableImplementing innovations is a long and difficult process. In order to succeed you have to invent something that no one has ever come up with.In Disruptive Concepts we know how to teach you how to think in a way that no one else would ever even think about.
  3. 3. Proposition We offer you workshops based on lateral thinking and 6 thinking hats conceptsof Edward de Bono which are used, among others, by Exxon, Shell and IBM.
  4. 4. Potential use casesLateral thinking and 6 thinking hats techniques can help you with:• Identification of competitive advantages sources• Implementation of innovative solutions in the organization.• Launching new products and services• Entering new markets• Processes optimization• Implementation of major changes in the organization
  5. 5. Benefits Using Lateral thinking and 6 thinking hats techniques ensures:• Generation of at least 100 ideas of how to achieve a goal defined at the beginning of a workshop• Involvement of 5 to 10 of your team members and optionally external experts• Stimulation of your team members’ creativity• Motivating the participants to work together rather than against each other• Interesting form of integration (workshop can be adjusted to the needs of a bigger integration event).
  6. 6. What do workshops look like?
  7. 7. 6 thinking hats6-thinking-hats-based problem solving process is a process of thinking on 6 different levels:1. Gathering facts and information about the problem.2. Finding creative solutions.3. Emotionally evaluating proposed solutions (without giving logical reasons).4. Providing reasonable advantages of proposed solutions.5. Providing reasonable weaknesses of proposed solutions.6. Keeping balance between all above-listed levels of thinking.
  8. 8. Lateral thinking – finding creative solutions Lateral thinking method provides an unconventional problem approach. To achieve such an approach, following techniques are used:• Using random information to initiate a brainstorm.• Extending the goal set.• Pushing provocative ideas.• Questioning assumptions.
  9. 9. Participants selection Workshops are conducted in a form of a structured brainstorm. The optimal set of brainstorm participants consists of:• Representatives of different levels and department in the organization.• External experts are a big plus (we can invite them).• External participants unrelated to the workshop’s topic are a big plus (we can invite them too).
  10. 10. Success case Example of our workshopGoal: What actions in the field of marketing and salesprocesses optimization should be undertaken by thecompany in order to become the market leader by the end of2013?Results: 100 ideas for improving marketing and salesprocesses in order to make the company the market leader.
  11. 11. ContactIf you are interested in our workshops,please contact us.Paweł SzwarcbachProject Manager+48 606 694 206pawel.szwarcbach@disruptive-concepts.com