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Welcome to Belarus (MICE presentation)

  1. Crafting the ideal travel Welcome to Belarus Destination Management
  2. What Belarus is best known for? National dish “Draniki” Safety There is still an IRON CURTAIN Charming ladies Last dictator in Europe Lukashenko Beautiful nature “White RUS” Average annual temperature is 8 °C
  3. Our clients Official delegations Business Travel Support Meetings & Incentives Tailor Made Tours (FITs & Groups) Congresses & Exhibitions
  4. Our main services Meet & greet Transfers & any other transportation Expertize & managing hotel reservations Excursions & Tours all over Belarus Entertainment & Incentive Programs
  5. Minsk The most beautiful city of Belarus Founded in 1067 Has the title of Hero City Was burnt down 18 times It has more foggy days than London
  6. Minsk The avenue is one of the widest and longest streets in Europe (15km) The avenue is an excellent example of the Stalinist Empire Style, vivid trace of USSR The avenue is a mix of styles and epochs: you find here side by side university and Government building, Lenin monument and catholic church, hotel and shopping mall Nezalezhnasti avenue
  7. Minsk Picturesque district in the historic city center and its cosiest corner Many houses host museums, antique and souvenir shops, coffee houses and restaurants, art galleries You can often find here festivals of street musicians and artists Troitskae Suburb
  8. Minsk “Diamond of knowledge” was built in 2006 It is not only a library and symbol of Minsk, but also a multifunctional sociocultural center with conference hall for 490 seats, restaurant and café, art gallery and vista point at the height of 73 meters National Library
  9. Minsk Minsk Arena seats 15 000 spectators. If you plan concerts, ice or circus shows, TV shooting, exhibitions, solemn ceremonies, seminars or even private parties Minsk Arena is made for you! By shooting a film “Legend #17” Arena served as a Forum of Montreal Interesting stages
  10. Minsk You can have royal entertainment and get excited by risking Belarusian millions in multiple casinos Prize money in Minsk casinos is taxable with a minimum charge – only 4%! Fun & casinos
  11. Attractions & Incentives
  12. Attractions & Incentives Notorious persons of Belarusian history will lead you through the emblematic places of the capital They tell you their story and state a real theatrical performance Don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with true Belarusians! Art excursions
  13. Attractions & Incentives Military historical open air museum built on the rests of true pillboxes Here you can see and touch the machines of WWII. Moreover you can turn into a Soviet soldier by putting on authentic uniform, riding a tank and shooting a gun To the peaceful visitors museum offers soldiers’ porridge and “100 front-line grams” Stalin Line
  14. It is not only a historic place, but an object with developed infrastructure: it comprises 2 conference halls for holding events, restaurant with dishes of old Belarusian cuisine, souvenir shop with articles of artisan production Medieval musicians will surprise you with ethnical instruments and their music. Dance experts will teach you how to dance medieval Branle and Rondo Mir castle Attractions & Incentives
  15. Museum-reserve “Niasvizh” was a residence of famous Belarusian prince Radziwill family Strolling through the prince castle and coaching through the park lanes you feel like one of the nobles Dinner in the refined restaurant plunge you into the atmosphere of resplendence and luxury of XVIII century Niasvizh Attractions & Incentives
  16. If you’ve always wanted to live in the countryside, this place is made for you! Here you’ll get up with the lark, heat the stove and Russian bath, cook in the stove, brew “miadavucha”, make homemade sausage, angle and smoke fish, milk a cow All these happen on the lakeside of Narach, the biggest Belarusian lake Ethnocultural complex “NANOSY” Attractions & Incentives
  17. Active and intellectual activity for strong in spirit and brain Turn into unexpected heroes and you’ll see how different you and your colleagues can be! Time and place differ, pleasure is the same Quest Attractions & Incentives
  18. Here you’ll find out how people in modern Belarusian village live But you won’t have to work, only original entertainment: shooting from “potatocannon”, fishing, bicycle rides, masterclass on pilaw cooking and lively boys- band with national songs Ganka estate Attractions & Incentives
  19. Culture of historical reconstruction is very popular in Belarus We’ll invite genuine contemporary knights, who will share their art with you You’ll have a chance to: - take part in joust; - try on real armor; - learn how to dance medieval dances or - enjoy antique music Medieval Culture Attractions & Incentives
  20. Believe it or not, we have something to offer the yachting amateurs too Belarus is considered to be “blue-eyed” because of numerous lakes, where experienced yachtsmen can participate in regattas, and beginners make pleasure of sail. If you wish, you can even learn how to manage the wind Yachting Attractions & Incentives
  21. Classic sightseeing excursion gets new colors, while driving through the city and feeling wind in the hair This variant gives a chance to see the main sights of the city closer and drive through the places, where none of the tourist buses can get Segway sightseeing Attractions & Incentives
  22. If you want to get a vivid memory from Belarus for a long time, you are to learn how to cook “draniki”! Or if you already know it, we offer you masterclass on “veraschaka”, “machanka”, “smazhnia”, “kalduny” and many others Masterclass Belarusian cuisine Attractions & Incentives
  23. Forests and lakes are our real pride! It’s possible to realize their magic only from inside. Bicycle tour is the right way to get deep into the see of bird songs, morning fresh and natural aromas Bicycle tour in forests Attractions & Incentives
  24. Modern equip makes traditional paintball safer and less painful Moreover it opens new locations for “military operations”: deserted summer camp, an old plant or a simple pinewood, where afterwards you can relax and have a picnic outdoors breathing fresh air Lasertag Attractions & Incentives
  25. Creative possibility to experience adrenaline rush and drive with no risk to life Would you like to organize Formula-1 competition? – No problem. It’s almost F1 Carting Attractions & Incentives
  26. No matter budget Every client is a VIP Best choice of transportation Best hotels options according to the budget Most interesting sights to visit considering customers’ demand
  27. Contacts Valeria Voropinova