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Digitant | Importance of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

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Digitant presents you the importance of digital marketing for manufacturing companies and make your strategy to improve ROI and get found by your customers online.

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Digitant | Importance of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

  1. 1. Importance of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies
  2. 2. • With the onset of the digital age, the scope and responsibilities of the marketing department of a manufacturing SME has received a complete overhaul. • Things like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing etc have entered into the picture, replacing traditional practices. • This has given the need of formulating a digital marketing strategy for any company, leaving companies unused to these practices confused and exasperated. • Their habits make them undertake a traditional approach to handle digital marketing practices that can prove to be tiresome and ineffective. Scope of Digital Marketing in Manufacturing Industry
  3. 3. • “By 2020, 60-70% of new car sales leads will be generated by a digital platform, says Frost & Sullivan, be it via websites, mobile sites, social media or apps.“ • “In the first-ever analysis of the defense industry’s use of social media by UK-based Defence-IQ, 62% of respondents believe that it is very important, if not critical, that defense contractors improve their online and social media presence.” • 74% use the internet to compare products across suppliers. • A Forrester study found that lead nurturing generates 50% more sales for companies at 1/3 of the cost, compared to companies that don’t nurture leads. Digital Marketing for Manufacturers – All you need to know !
  4. 4. • Unlike traditional marketing which only few could afford, Digital marketing is open for all. • Digital Marketing creates a level ground for SME’s to compete with bigger players. • There are avenues to advertise within any budget . • The return on each advertising dollar spent can be tracked and accordingly campaigns can be changed or altered. • The campaign size and reach can be easily scaled up or cut down. • The reach can be controlled according to the audience targeted. • Whether you want to market to a region, city or to a Global audience; you have complete control. • It is also possible to track audience reaction through social media monitoring Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  5. 5. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?
  6. 6.  To begin with, digital marketing is open source while traditional marketing can be afforded by a handful.  It enables small and medium sized enterprises to compete with well established businesses.  There are different ways to advertise within any budget. For example, one can track the return on every rupee spent and then change campaigns accordingly.  The campaign reach and size can be increased or decreased as per the requirement.  You can also exercise complete control over which area you want to focus on, i.e., whether you want to market to global audience, a city, or a region.  As digital marketing offers direct interaction with customers, it can help manufacturers to get referrals, sales leads, and product feedback through social media monitoring. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?
  7. 7. 6 Important Reasons to Consider Digital Marketing for Your Manufacturing Companies • Rise in Google search • Potential customers search about businesses online • Ranking on first page of Google • Competitor’s rankings in search results • Brand awareness • Increase in sales
  8. 8. Rise in Google Searches • As the years go by, Google Searches become more and more popular and continue to grow. • According to Internet Live Stats, “Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide”. • If a manufacturing company does not invest some effort in creating a proper digital marketing strategy for the company, chances are that the company would not be found online.
  9. 9. Potential customers search about businesses online • The need for a company to maintain a business can be proved by the fact that most customers procure information about any company online. • If you want your manufacturing SME to get noticed by potential customers, it is important to have a responsive website with good UX/UI, blog, social media pages with call to action buttons etc. • If you are missing out on any of these, your business might get affected. • These are also the platforms that enable you to come into direct contact of the customers. • Since referrals are used, online presence should feature in as a top priority of your manufacturing business.
  10. 10. Ranking on first page of Google • According to Velocity, 77% of Google Search Engine users do not look past the first page, which in turn implies that if your business does not feature in the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages, you are losing out on 77% of your potential customers. • By working carefully on a digital marketing plan and weighing various options, there are plenty of opportunities for your company to improve your Google SERPs.
  11. 11. Competitor’s Rankings in Search Results • If you enter keywords related to your business and field on the Google Engine, the results that get displayed on the first page will flash sites that do similar business to you. • It is because these companies have invested in a good SEO strategy. • This requires time, planning and some degree of expertise. • If you can strategise and optimise your content in a way that it is better than theirs, your company can also get featured.
  12. 12. Brand Awareness • If you have a digital strategy in place that is aligned to your goals, you can build a strong brand presence that can attract more customers. • This is however not a one day process. It requires some time and great deal of strategy planning and execution.
  13. 13. Increase in sales • If you can use your digital strategy properly, it can convert customers and lead an increase in your sales and help your company grow in a cost effective manner. • Digital Marketing requires some investment in terms of time, planning and execution. But once implemented, it can secure many benefits for your manufacturing SME that can lead you to prosper. Source: defensecontractormarketing.com, internetlivestats.com, ikf.co.in, sokrati.com
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