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KEYNOTE | Tendências do Marketing Digital: Artificial intelligence marketing

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Apresentação de Bianca Mello, Marketing Manager na IBM, no Digital Day Campinas.

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KEYNOTE | Tendências do Marketing Digital: Artificial intelligence marketing

  1. 1. Watson Customer Engagement Bianca Mello Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 11/22/171
  2. 2. Watson Customer Engagement2 What is Artificial Intelligence?
  3. 3. Watson Customer Engagement Artificial Intelligence is Basically, it is the simulation of the human capability to learn and solve problems 11/22/173
  4. 4. Watson Customer Engagement We see a problem or opportunity and we invent tools to help us solve for it Now, we enter a new age where technology and human intelligence come together to simplify the processing of information and enhance our understanding of it 11/22/174
  5. 5. Watson Customer Engagement Today our challenge is to make sense of the vast amounts of data created in the world around us– A growth that has far outpaced our ability to consume it 11/22/175
  6. 6. Watson Customer Engagement Watson augments our cognitive capabilities. Watson understands, reasons, learns and interacts naturally with us. 11/22/176 Our solution is Watson
  7. 7. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/177 But you might still be asking What exactly is Watson?
  8. 8. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/178 A tablet you talk to? A giant server or piece of hardware? A robot?
  9. 9. Watson Customer Engagement Simple Answer: It can be all of those things! Embedded in your platform It’s powerful, natural learning software to quickly consume vast amounts of data, and share with us what it learned 11/22/179
  10. 10. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/1710 In other words… You don’t plug Watson into a wall. You plug Watson into your platform, in order to help realize your vision and achieve greater competitive differentiation through hidden insight.
  11. 11. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/1711 After all, it’s how you choose to use Watson that makes all the difference…
  12. 12. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/17Footer12 healthier 9 million patients can benefit from personalized cancer care safer 2.2 billion weather sensors are helping predict disasters With Watson, the world is smarter 156 million children could receive one- on-one education more creative Fashion designers are creating dresses that think cleaner 10 million tons of CO2 emissions are being reduced more engaged 3.7 million shoppers can find perfect gifts
  13. 13. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/1713 But… How can we use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?
  14. 14. Watson Customer Engagement Technology to Impact Creativity to Innovate Together
  15. 15. Watson Customer Engagement Marketing Professional Challenges nowadays Your customer wants a personal and simple experience Insights in the ocean of data Omnichannel and integrated on-off Disconected Ecossystem and multiple Marketing Solutions Show results, improve ROI FDC
  16. 16. Watson Customer Engagement How can Artificial Intelligence help you in Marketing? Some examples: Spot trends Know customers better Personalize engagement Fuel growth Discover opportunities Optimize merchandising Streamline fulfillment Anticipate needs Alert you to problems Drive collaboration Open new markets Mitigate risks Increase efficiency Deliver agile execution And do this at scale…
  17. 17. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement17 AI can provide you an personal assistant sending you real time insights about Marketing and performance metrics Marketing Assistant
  18. 18. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement18 With Artificial Intelligence you can personalize content and scale to improve results Personalize Content
  19. 19. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement19 Artificial Intelligence can help you create audiences and predict needs in minutes Audience Insights
  20. 20. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement20 With Artificial Intelligence you can save 40 person weeks a year Content Tagging
  21. 21. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement21 AI can help you identify and solve customer experience challenges within minutes and take quick action to improve conversion Predictive Journey Path
  22. 22. Watson Customer EngagementWatson Customer Engagement22 With the power of cognitive to the paid media bidding process in order to more accurately target our desired audience Cognitive Bid Optimization
  23. 23. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/17Footer23 The new Marketing era begins now
  24. 24. Watson Customer Engagement 11/22/1724 Check us out online ibm.com/watson/marketing/br-pt Bianca Mello biancacm@br.ibm.com What’s next?