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WooCommerce: An E-Commerce Solution for Wordpress

Slides on WooCommerce Presented on WordCamp Nepal 2015

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WooCommerce: An E-Commerce Solution for Wordpress

  1. 1. An E - commerce Solution for WordPress Digamber Pradhan Web Experts Nepal
  2. 2. • E – commerce plugin for WordPress • Free and Open Source Software
  3. 3. E – Commerce Solutions for WordPress • WP E – Commerce • Jigoshop • WooCommerce • Easy Digital Downloads
  4. 4. Why Woo?
  5. 5. 2nd Most Popular E-Commerce Platform 24% 22% 7% 47% Markest Share Magento WooCommerce Presta Shop Others *stats courtesy of Data Analyze
  6. 6. Community
  7. 7. Updates and Features • Security • Customizable • Support
  8. 8. The Freemium Model
  9. 9. Extending WooCommerce
  10. 10. Extending WooCommerce
  11. 11. Custom Needs
  12. 12. Example • Differential Pricing • Progressive Pricing • What’s the Solution? The term differential pricing is also used to describe the practice of charging different prices to different buyers for the same quality and quantity of a product, but it can also refer to a combination of price differentiati on and product differentiation. In the Progressive Pricing method, there is no single unit-price for the entire order. Each unit ordered is priced according to the "quantity interval" in which it falls. If 25 units are ordered, the first 9 may be priced at $5, and the remaining 14 may be priced at $4. If 100 units are ordered, there the total order may be distributed across several unit prices.
  13. 13. Unique Cases