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Presentation unodc cnd side_event_dawa_portugal_dianova 2017

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UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 60th CND Session, 12-17 March, Vienna

We are pleased to share that Dianova Portugal has been a speaker at the Side Event, the 16th march at 2.20-3:10pm, “DRUG AWARENESS ON ADULTS: A FIVE-STEP APPROACH TO PREVENTION" co-organized by the Yeşilay Türkiye Turkish Green Crescent, Dianova Portugal, EURAD, and NTAKK”, under the topic “DAWA 2015-2016: Health Communication Learning Lessons and Achievements from the Portuguese Perspective”, presenting the conclusions and achievements of the DAWA 2015-2016 transnational project on the Portuguese perspective!

Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC) Programme for CND 2017 http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/commissions/CND/

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Presentation unodc cnd side_event_dawa_portugal_dianova 2017

  1. 1. “DAWA 2015-2016: Health Communication Learning Lessons and Achievements from the Portuguese Perspective” UNODC | CND 60th Session, Vienna, Side Event, 16th March 2017 You’re not Alone! Let’s Talk about It…
  2. 2. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther Dianova Portugal Publicly recognised as Private Institution of Social Solidarity, Public Utility Association and Non-Governmental Organisation for Development. COOPERATION & COLLABORATION 1. Social Economy 2. Agent of Social Innovation 3. Promoter of Organizational Transformation and CSR 4. International Projects 5. Member of Dianova Network AREAS OF INTERVENTION 1. Prevention and Health Promotion 2. Addiction Treatment 3. Socio-professional Reintegration 4. Psychosocial Support 5. Training and Project Management 2015 OUTPUTS 9.912 DIRECT BENEFICIARIES
  3. 3. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther “DRUG ADDICTION AWARENESS ON ADULTS” 2015-2016 • Financed by Erasmus + Program KA2 overall budget 134.745€ • Goal to develop innovative scientific-based communication strategies and products to raise awareness on adults on drug addiction Under the Coordination of the Green Crescent Society • In Partnership with Dianova Portugal, Istanbul Public Health Institute, NTAKK, EURAD • The Dianova expertise and success of several Social Awareness Communication Campaigns such as “REACT” (implemented in 5 countries outreaching 46 million people) and National Coordination of European Commission and European Parliament campaigns e.g. “EYE2014” were crucial contributes to the Project Activities carried out, attended and organized by the Portuguese Staff • 3 Project Coordination Meetings + 1 Ceremony Video Award Istanbul • 4 Staff Training Program in 4 Countries: Turkey, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal • Organization of Staff TP Portugal under the topic of «Scientific Research on Health Communications» • 1 Communication Campaign + Pre-tests + 1 National Video Contest B A C K G R O U N D
  4. 4. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther Inter-organizational experience exchange and knowledge transfer: - Dianova 5 Day Staff Training Program, organized with the support of EMCDDA and the SICAD, over the topic of «Scientific Research on Health Communications» aiming to provide the participants with specific contents on how to develop scientific research on the health communication field - 6 leading mainstream Academic Professors & Researchers and 4 Experts in the field of drug addiction provided lectures over defined issues - Management of Study visits to 3 Regional Health Administration + Dianova HQ & Treatment and Social Reintegration units: TC, Social Housing, Socio-professional Flower Greenhouse - Benchmarking tools from other international projects coordinated by Dianova: - Contest Operating Rules (following international standards) - Registration Forms - Technical features for the International Video Contest as well as the contest Evaluation Grid - Campaign Pre-test review and analysis (Portuguese language) PROJECT
  5. 5. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther 4 Project Management Meetings held in Istanbul 4 Staff Training Programs in 4 Countries: 64 attendees Dianova Staff TP in Portugal: • 18 attendees + 14 speakers in 5 days 250 people participated in the Pre-test Survey Drug Awareness on Adults Research in Portugal 13 Portuguese University Participants in the International Video Contest 3 Portuguese videos’ winners at the Ceremony Awards in Istanbul 8 Interim Reports drawn up Project News coverage on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube: +10,000 followers), EMCDDA + SICAD Publications and Print Media OUTCOMES
  6. 6. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther
  7. 7. “Make it Normal” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLXHyuZQkv8 1st National Winner from Portugal of the international university video competition "Let's Talk About it"
  8. 8. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther • PARTNERS should be highly committed to project RESULTS • High proficiency level of common LANGUAGE for the communication flow properly • Communication must be swift and effective • PLANNING to be observed within the time frame • Assessment the project BUDGET’s appropriate to the actions to be taken • Specialized multidisciplinary teams • EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT of the coordination operationalization & financial areas • EVALUATION of the problem framework subject to scientific evaluation and specific context of each country + SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION of the instruments to be applied • Opportunity of MOBILITY to understand specific contexts, share of good practices & fostering INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION CONCLUSIONS CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS
  9. 9. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther REFERENCES • Prof. Dr. Rui Brites (PhD), ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management– Lisbon University, “Research Methods in Health: What?, How?, What for?, When?” • Prof. Dr. Susana Henriques (PhD), CIES-ISCTE-IUL Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology – University Institute of Lisbon, “Communication in Health and Follow-up Study Results and Methodology” • Dr. Ludmila Carapinha, Monitoring and Information Division at SICAD, “Addictive behavior and dependencies: the integrated management of information and knowledge and the definition and evaluation of public policies” • Prof. Dr. Margarida Gaspar de Matos (PhD), FMH faculty of Human Kinetics – Lisbon University, “Presentation of the results of the HBSC study – Youth and Young Adults Consumption Habits” • Prof. Dr. Mafalda Eiró-Gomes (PhD), ESCS School of Communication and Media Studies – IPL, “Structure of a Health Campaign – from Empowerment to Advocacy – Strategy for behavioral changing • Prof. Dr. Félix Carvalho (PhD), FFUP Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto, “New Psychoactive Substances: mechanisms of action and toxicology” • Prof. Dr. Ivone Patrão (PhD), ISPA Applied Psychology School – University Institute, “Research on Online behavior in Portuguese youngsters: results on ciberaddiction studies” • Dr. João Reis, Psychiatrist, Santa Maria Hospital, “Presentation of NUPI – Intervention Centre on Internet Problems, Santa Maria Hospital. Presentation of 2 Clinical Cases”
  10. 10. Commitment| Solidarity| Tolerance| Internacionality… Inspiring the Change! www.dianova.pt #togetherfarther Social Organization specialized on Prevention & Health Promotion, Addiction Treatment, Socio-professional Reintegration, Psychosocial Care and Training. National Coordinator for Portugal of European campaigns at the EC (DG Justice, DG Migration and Home Affairs) and at the European Parliament. Member of Dianova Network with consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and Official partner of UNESCO. DIANOVA PORTUGAL Corporate Communication Director rui.martins@dianova.pt Quinta das Lapas 2565-517 Monte Redondo Torres Vedras Portugal Tel.: +351 261 312 300 secretariado@dianova.pt Thank you