histogram transportation planning tally marks bar charts range mode grouped data frequency distribution median mean deviation coefficient of range absolute frequency inclusive data mean central tendency relative frequency coefficient of mean deviation exclusive data standard deviation ungrouped data measures of dispersion ratio discrete & continuous data why planners need to learn statistics? choosing chart types pareto chart/diagram data categorisation - based on collection mode dot chart nominal what is statistics? line chart column chart/bar chart horizontal bar chart ordinal levels of measurement types of correlation scatter chart pie chart proportion interval radiometric resolution spatial spectral temporal radiometric temporal resolution spatial resolution urban planning spectral resolution need for remote sensing remote sensing remote sensing process who uses remote sensing and why? what is remote sensing? principle behind remote sensing swath sun-synchronous satellite geo-stationary satellites sensors and platforms steps involved in financial appraisal internal rate of return discounting cash flow method financial appraisal net present value non-discounting cash flow method traffic & transportation surveys pedestrian survey household surveys parking survey origin destination survey traffic analysis zone process of survey speed and delay survey road inventory survey introduction to environment ecosystem stages of a project cycle types of project project cycle introduction to transport planning traffic and transportation problems basics of transportation road hierarchy intersections level of service history of transport need for transport transport planning
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