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Vertical Profile

  1. 1. Vertical Packarty : The Total Packaging Solution. It’s Providing Corrugated Sheets, Boxes, Offset Boxes, 3d & Emboss Printed boxes, Angle Boards, Plastic Corrugation, EPE, Tharmocoal, Bubble Roll, Strapping Patti etc... Also our spatiality in Design Development – It is Structural Design of the Corrugated Box. Where our designer make Compact Design with care of packing time, inventory and cost. We tied up with different Corrugated Manufacturers which located at surrounding area of Ahmadabad and Baroda i.e. Asalali, Naroda, Dholka , Halol. Company Profile
  2. 2. Time Line Rates Quality -Asurance Our Motto is TRQ
  3. 3. Corrugation World
  4. 4. Corrugation World
  5. 5. Corrugation World
  6. 6. DULPEX OFFSET JOBS Garment Box – Top/Bottom
  7. 7. Display Box Style There are many designs can make as suitable to your products
  8. 8. Proper advertisement of your Product at retailer.
  9. 9. Angle Board
  10. 10. Bubble Roll/Pouch
  11. 11. Wooden World