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Employee relationship management(erm)

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This is a presentation created for online ERM system

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Employee relationship management(erm)

  1. 1. EmployeeRelationshipManagement(ERM)By: Dhruvil Upadhyaya
  2. 2. ERM What is ERM ?Employee relationship management refersto managing the relation between thevarious employees in an organization. Therelationship can be between employeeand the employer as well as betweenemployees at the same level.
  3. 3. ERM The core issues that can be controlled byERM are,1. Communication2. Conflict Management3. Employee Growth
  4. 4. ERM Functionality of Online ERM are,1. Information of all the employee, are at oneplace.2. All the employee have a rights to edit theirinformation.3. The communication between employee will beeffective.4. You can found the current contacts and emailsof employees.
  5. 5. ERM5. You can found current duties and circulars.6. We can also found the relationship between twoor more employees.7. You can also found the employee financialdocuments like tax forms, PF, Pay slip , etc…8. You can found the growth of the employee.
  6. 6. ERM9. Workflow system helps to manage andcoordinate the flow of work to and fromemployee.10. We can found that the employee gets salary oncorrect time or not.11. You can also get the feedback from theemployee. So you can found the satisfactionarylevel of employee.
  7. 7. ERM12. Employees will be up to date with thecompany’s information.13. Direct communication with employees.14. All the documents are at one place.15.Various kind of reports can be generated likeyearly, monthly, weekly.
  8. 8. ERM Benefits of ERM are,1. Reduce the time.2. Reduce the manual work.3. Increase the productivity.4. Increase the performance.5. Proper communication.6. Find the employees growth.
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