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Types of parking studies

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Types of parking studies- on street and off street.

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Types of parking studies

  1. 1. Prepared by: Name : M Faizan Dhrolwala En. No. : 130800106009 Branch : Civil Engineering B.E.-IV, Sem. -VII
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • Any vehicle will at one time be parked short time or longer time, provision of parking facilities is essential • need for parking spaces is usually very great in areas of business, residential, or commercial activities. • park-and-ride. • Providing adequate parking space to meet the demand for parking in the Central Business District (CBD) • This problem usually confronts a city traffic engineer. • solution is not simple, Parking studies are used to determine the demand for and the supply of parking facilities.
  4. 4. Types of Parking Facilities • On-Street Parking Facilities • Off-Street Parking Facilities
  5. 5. On-Street Parking Facilities • It is also known as curb facilities. Parking bays are provided alongside the curb on one or both sides of the street. • unrestricted parking. • unlimited and free. • Restricted parking facilities. • limited to specific times for a maximum duration. • may or may not be free. • handicapped parking • bus stops • loading bays.
  6. 6. On – street or Kerb Parking 1. Parallel Parking 2. 30 degree parking 3. 45 degree parking 4. 60 degree Parking 5. 90 degree Parking
  7. 7. Parallel Parking
  8. 8. 30 degree parking
  9. 9. 45 degree parking
  10. 10. 60 degree Parking
  11. 11. 90 degree Parking
  12. 12. Off-Street Parking Facilities • privately or publicly owned; • surface lots and garages. • Self-parking garages • attendant-parking garages
  13. 13. In many urban centers, some areas are exclusively allotted for parking which will be at some distance away from the main stream of traffic. Such a parking is referred to as off-street parking. They may be operated by either public agencies or private firms. A typical layout of an off-street parking is shown in figure.
  14. 14. Off-street Parking 1.Surface car parks 2.Multistoried car parks 3.Roof parks 4.Mechanical parks 5.Underground car parks Off-street Parking
  15. 15. Surface car parks
  16. 16. Multistoried car parks
  17. 17. Roof parks
  18. 18. Mechanical parks
  19. 19. Underground car parks
  20. 20. THANK YOU