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Dan Galante Sales and Marketing Q & A 20 Questions

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Dan Galante Sales and Marketing Q & A 20 Questions

  1. 1. Dan GalanteSales and Marketing Q&A 20 Questions
  2. 2. Whats the best way to get your marketing letters opened?Direct MarketingThe first thing you want to do is to make sure you are directing yourmessage to the decision maker. It is important that your recipient seesyour message as valuable. In your mailing, I would ask catchingquestions in terms of the person you are trying to market to. Forexample, I would ask questions such as Are you happy with yourcompanys current sales and marketing results? Are you satisfied withyour companys standing in the marketplace? Do you want to know howyou can produce more? Contact me today for a free consultation. Thismessage will get the decision maker thinking because everyone wants toproduce more and you are offering a free trial of your work. This willallow your decision maker to see you more as someone who is lookingto help them as opposed to some salesperson looking to make acommission. You can tailor the questions to your specific offering.
  3. 3. Should A Global Company Have Only One Facebook Page?Viral Marketing,“A global company should have multiple Facebook pages because theculture, needs, wants and desires of its customer base varies from country tocountry. In order for a global company to maintain its place in the market, theyhave to cater to customer needs. Unless a company has a patent on aproduct, they face stiff competition from other companies that make products justlike they do. Companies like Coca Cola have multiple Facebook pages. So do manyauto manufactures’ and consumer brands. These Facebook pages are in multiplelanguages as well. Also their products are marketed differently depending on theregion. Having multiple Facebook pages is the norm and is a digital extension ofthe idea that a one size fits all approach to marketing does not work in a globaleconomy.”
  4. 4. In todays B2B sales world, where are the best places to position one’s self to findcustomers?Lead Generation“I would use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find people who may be right for youroffering using key words along with hash tags. I would then use a search engine likeGoogle to find the contact information for these prospects. These days almosteveryone has a digital foot print online. Also many people post their web address onTwitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. People also list their email address in their LinkedInprofile as part of their name, headline or in the physical body of their profile. If thissearch turns up empty, you could use a paid service like Jigsaw to get the contactinformation that you are seeking.”
  5. 5. What are the metrics to measure seo efforts?Search Marketing“I use Google analytics to measure my seo results because it allows me to see whatchannels drive traffic to my site and whether the traffic is direct or a referral fromanother source. Also it allows me to see what geographic and network locations thevisitors are located in along with what if any key words they used to search for me. Icould also see if the traffic is organic or from an AdWords campaign.”
  6. 6. How do you monitor what people say about you in the web?“I use Google alerts to monitor what is said about me on theweb.”
  7. 7. How do you use LinkedIn for business development or Generating leads? “I use my integrated Twitter feed to promote my products and services to myconnections and those in my network on LinkedIn. I also post updates toLinkedIn. LinkedIn groups are another place where I promote my content. Thegroups I am a member of allow me to target prospects who might be interestedin my offerings. As a result, I generate a lot of leads. I have included myLinkedIn profile to provide an example.”
  8. 8. How Much Content Should I Give Away?Internet Marketing, Writing and Editing “I would provide people with an outline of your message through articles, podcasts and videos.When I say outline, I mean just enough content to get your message across and engageprospects; whetting their appetite for more. At that point, I would make a call to action topurchase your products and services. For example, think of how your favorite TV show cuts tocommercial or ends just when the plot reaches a climactic point.”
  9. 9. Whats the best way to "own" a Twitter hash tag?Internet Marketing, Viral Marketing“You cannot own a hashtag. What you can do is use it a lot so that you areassociated with it. If your hashtag is already in use you could dominate it bysharing a lot of quality content. You could also advertise the hashtag onTwitter which will put it under the promoted tweets category. This will landyour content on the top page of that particular hashtag page and promoteyour message to other Twitter users.”
  10. 10. How can online word-of-mouth marketing be used to promote our businesses?Viral Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing “The first thing I would do is to provide value through my product or service to all ofmy customers. By providing value through your product or service you can earn theright to ask for testimonials and referrals from your customers. I have done this.Prospects will believe what your customers say about you more than anything yousay. Your customers could provide LinkedIn recommendations or video testimonials.These testimonials could be shared on your web site and on social networking siteslike LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. By doing everything that I suggested above youare in the driver seat and can get positive word of mouth marketing to promote yourbusiness. If you provide poor service and no value to your customers online word ofmouth marketing will destroy your business. You get to choose what customers sayabout your business online. Another way to provide value to your customers and toimprove your online word of mouth marketing is to create an e-zine or publish a blogor online newspapers. I publish several online newspapers on the topics ofsales, marketing and advertising just to name a few. All of this used together willallow you to use (wwom) to get and keep customers.”
  11. 11. What are some tips for email subject lines and placement of calls-to-action?Direct Marketing“I would make my email subject line very focused and specific; offering something ofvalue to the prospect. For example, if I were selling sales and marketing consultingservices, I would use this email subject line: Have a question about sales andmarketing? Click here to get your question answered absolutely free.”
  12. 12. Is there a "best day" for email marketers to reach consumers?Direct Marketing“Any day is a great day to engage consumers through email marketing especially intodays digital world. Consumers are on different schedules and have different needsso it is hard to predict which day would be best to send out emails. If you wanted toobtain concrete information on which day would be best to email consumers; youwould need to develop and implement a survey that asks consumers what day theyopened and received your message. You could use a service like SurveyMonkey tocreate the survey. This information could then be compared with their date ofpurchase to see how long it took them act on your message. If at first you get a lowresponse rate to your survey, you may need to offer an incentive like a gift card foreach completed survey or a chance to win a gift card in a drawing; this would bedependent on your budget.”
  13. 13. What are the best ways to promote a historical building as avenue for events in a small northern California town?Events Marketing, Advertising“I would partner up with your local historical society andsponsor an event for local business people to spread the word.You can invite members of the local and national media. Theycan help show off on video what your venue has to offer. Yourlocal and state tourism board could also help with a nationaladvertising campaign. I would also use social media networkslike Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to reach peoplearound the world. You can share videos about your venue.Another thing you could do is to run print advertising in theNew York Times travel section.”
  14. 14. Does anyone know sales professionals in Charlotte, NC? Iam looking to network down in that area.Lead Generation“Jeffrey Gitomer is the go to guy down in Charlotte, NC . Heis an expert in all aspects of sales.”
  15. 15. How can I find more participants for our online video training?Internet Marketing“I would target people interested in corporate culture change using LinkedIn andGoogle. Directors, VPs of Human Resources and Training would be a good place tostart. I would try to connect with them and send them an e-blast that includes a shortmessage about your product or service with links to your video clips. You could offer afree consultation to help the decision maker see how your product or service canbenefit them. In this email, you should include an email signature with your web site,Twitter handle, blog etc... Another thing you could do is to advertise on Facebook,Google and LinkedIn. Facebook, Google and LinkedIn allow you to target the peoplewho you want to see the advertisement. Good luck to you. Let me know how thingsturn out!”
  16. 16. Facebook page: How can I invite users to join my page?Web Development, Internet Marketing“You can email the interested parties the link to your page.Also you could put a link to your page in an email signature.You can share links to your page on Facebook, LinkedIn andTwitter. You can also put badge on your web site. I will includemy web address to show you an example. These are thetechniques I use to share my Facebook page with interestedparties.”
  17. 17. Whats your value? How did you create it?Advertising, Small Business“My value and how I create it is that Idifferentiate myself from the competition bybeing well prepared and doing research oncustomer needs. I also publish onlinenewspapers that offer free information on thetopics of sales and marketing. I make sure that Ido my very best to serve the customer and if Icannot help them I direct them to someone whocan.”
  18. 18. What are some of the other available products to find customer contactinformation besides OneSource and Hoovers? Are there any free ones?Lead Generation | Open“I would recommend using LinkedIn which offers a basic account option if you donot want to subscribe. Many people put their email and phone numbers in theheadlines of their profiles so someone like you could find them. You could also doan internet search in a search engine like Google to find customer information.”
  19. 19. What are some of your best strategies to get your clients topay on time?Small Business, Sales Techniques“I built great relationships with my customers where theycould talk to me if they had an issue. I made sure to lay out thepayment terms which were C.O.D at the time. If they werehaving difficulty paying or were unhappy with a product, Iworked out a solution with them where they were happy andthey paid the balance. I always made sure to ask for what wasowed to me. As a result, I had the lowest number of accountsreceivable in my company as aSales Representative from 2006 to 2008.”
  20. 20. Facebook Likes: Quantity or Quality?Whats more important in terms of a Business Pagesfollowers: quantity or quality?Internet Marketing, Viral MarketingIn terms of business Facebook page followers liking apage, quantity and quality are both equally important fordifferent reasons. Quantity is important because it allowsyour page to be perceived as valuable; new visitors toyour page will think if all of these people like it must begood or it is at least worth a look to find out. Now thatyou have all of these people liking your page, you wantthem to take action on your message. This is where thequality of the likes comes in to play. You have to measurehow many of the people who like your page on Facebooktake action on your message. Clearly both quantity andquality of the likes are important for a successful salesand marketing campaign on Facebook.
  21. 21. Would you rather pay for training on howto manage Social Media channels yourselfor hire a full time Social Media Managerto do it for you?Internet Marketing“I would first try to learn all I could on myown about social media. If at that point Ihad a need for someone to manage thechannels for me, I would hire a consultantto do training to see if they are worthbringing on board full time. Only afterthese steps were taken would I considerhiring a social media manager full time.”
  22. 22. Contact InfoEmail Dan@dangalante.comWeb address http://dangalante.com/Blog http://dangalante.me/LinkedIn: http://linkedIn.com/in/dangalanteTwitter: http://twitter.com/dangalante@DanGalante