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Desiree Dimech - Graphic Designer portfolio

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Graphic Design Portfolio

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Desiree Dimech - Graphic Designer portfolio

  1. 1. Hi, My name is Desiree Dimech, I am a graphic designer, currently residing in the European island of Malta. I love anything that is creative & artistic. I have been very interested in fine arts since I was a child. Yet it was only in my early 20’s that I decided to pursue an art related career. After I got my A Level in Art, I started my studies in graphic design. Introduction: I have completed an HND diploma in graphic design, and I have very recently finished a Bachelor of Art (Hons) in graphic design and interactive media student course. In my free time I still enjoy painting as it still is one of my passions. Though it might be very different in outcome, I also enjoy creating vector illustrations and photo manipulations. I am currently working as a freelance Graphic Designer as I look for a full time position. Logos
  2. 2. Logo created for an upcoming Maltese Rock Band , (2012). JaneDoe
  3. 3. Logo, business cards, invitations and poster created for a Maltese fine artist, currently residing in Greece, (2013) Nats Nathalie Micallef Artist / καλλιτέχνης B.A (Hons), M.A www.nathalieart.com +356 7925 6288 natmalsu@hotmail.com +366 7925 6288
  4. 4. Logo created for a Maltese music production company. I created several logo variations for these clients to choose from, this was my favourite one, (2013). Island Dreams
  5. 5. Logo Created for a Canadian corporation that provides web hosting, server hosting and other related services. The client wished for the branding of stationary and a uniform, (2012). Triple X Corp.
  6. 6. Logo created for an exotic pet store in America, (2014). Ensin Pet Care Logo created for an English audio video chat program, (2014). IllustrationsCam Friends Empire Today Logo created for an American home improvement and home furnishing company specializing in installed carpet, flooring and window treatments. (2014)
  7. 7. Illustration and poster created for a branding and packaging assignment. The objective was to make something repulsive seem inviting. (2013) Pickled Brains
  8. 8. Illustrations created for a packaging and branding assignment. (2013) Mucha Perfume Collection
  9. 9. Illustration created for the Ritzenhoff 2012/13 Champus Competition. The Elegant Dance
  10. 10. Ella Fitzgerald Illustration created in honour of the Queen of jazz Ella Fitzgerald, (2011). Editorial
  11. 11. Editorial piece created for an assignment documentation, (2014). Typeface Documentation
  12. 12. Editorial piece created for an assignment, (2013). Basic
  13. 13. Other works Editorial piece created for an assignment, (2014). Diamonds
  14. 14. Children’s Activity book about healthy eating. Created for the Maltese Ministry for Children in collaboration with MCAST. (2012) Fun Time with Alien
  15. 15. Set of illustrations created for an assignment, (2011). Shipyards
  16. 16. Set of photo-manipulations created for an assignment, (2011). Bio/Mech
  17. 17. Art work created for a game / app. Part of an assignment. The game is to be released before the end of 2014. Petals&Paper
  18. 18. desireedimech@gmail.com