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E commerce

  1. E – Commerce Made By:- Devyani Verma
  2. What is Commerce? Buying and selling of a product is known as Commerce. It is a component of business which includes all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers.
  3. Who is involved in Commerce?  ProducersProducers are people whoare people who produce different kinds ofproduce different kinds of products and services.products and services.  SellersSellers are people who sellare people who sell products and services toproducts and services to people.people.  BuyersBuyers are people whoare people who purchase products andpurchase products and Sellers Producers Buyers
  4. What is E-Commerce? E commerceE commerce means buying and selling of any product through the Internet. This is an effective and efficient way of communicating within an organization and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.
  5. How is it good? One does not need to go to shops or showrooms. One does not need to carry cash with a fear of losing it. One does not need to search an item manually with the help of a salesperson. One does not need to travel to another country for purchasing products. One can choose products from all over the world. One can save time, money and effort. There are no geographical and time barriers.
  6. E-Commerce Ethics The key factors are:- Trust Security
  7. Advance uses of Internet InternetInternet Education Searching Information Newsgroups Online Newspapers Finding People E-Greeting Cards Video Conferencing Downloading Internet Shopping
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