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MyIT and SmartIT, future of IT Services?

The major preoccupation of IT System departments is to place users at the center of their IT transformation. Users, but also mobility and cloud, are put at the center of our customers’ strategy.

MyIT and SmartIT applications are BMC’s new answer to these concerns.

Implemented and introduced by Devoteam at BMC Exchange 2014 in Paris, will MyIT and SmartIT be the future of IT services?

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MyIT and SmartIT, future of IT Services?

  1. 1. Copyright MyIT & Smart IT, future of IT Services? Webinar by Devoteam Knowledge Communities February 11th 2015
  2. 2. Copyright Service Management Community is providing to its members: documents, utilities, toolkits and integration resources that enhance the value of Service Management Processes and Solutions (BMC, ServiceNow, HP, CA and SalesForce) The community organized a webinar on February 11th 2015 A webinar by Devoteam Knowledge Communities
  3. 3. Copyright 3 MyIT & Smart IT, future of IT Services? IT Departments are on a transformation path. They aim to stay a partner for their businesses by becoming a service provider and not only a provider of technologies and infrastructure. One main concern is to ensure that the user is at the center of IT transformation, and most of the innovation in IT are focusing on this point • Mobile devices • Bring your own device strategy • Apps Store • Catalogue of Service • End user Portal • Shared service center BMC, as the other Service Management vendors, develop its portfolio to answer these concerns. That is the objective of products like MyIT and Smart IT • Propose new front-end based on existing Solutions • Change the Value proposition by addressing the usage
  4. 4. Copyright 4 Agenda of the webinar 1.Introduction 2.My IT 3.Smart IT 4.Demonstration 5.Conclusion
  5. 5. Copyright 5 Introduction 1
  6. 6. Copyright 6 Our vision: A client-centric specialised company, delivering innovative and industrialised end-to-end solutions Devoteam : a specialised ICT Transformation partner • Who are we? Information and Communication Technology Consulting Group • 2013 revenue: 453 M€ • Long-term annual growth(>15%) • 3900 professionals • 21 countries in EMEA • Listed on Paris stock exchange Patrick Chemel IT Service Excellence - Regional Offer Director • More than 20 years of professional experience in consulting; • In charge of the IT Service Excellence Offer for the Mediterranean Region. Allan Dujiperou Solution Leader BMC ITSM • 9 years of professional experience in consulting; • Functional manager in Safran, Sanofi, …
  7. 7. Copyright 7 • Our consultant are at the cutting edges of BMC expertise with more than 100 experts trained each year. More than 20 years of experience in BMC technology implementation. 250 experts BMC trained and/or certified Expertise The highest level of partnership since 20 years Elite Partner More than 150 clients in Europe and Middle east Trust Our service centers provide 24/7 support Support
  8. 8. Copyright 8 MyIT & Smart IT IT use and install IT Department in an innovative role producing high added value TRANSFORM… Users adoption by reconciling IT use and common use ACCELERATE… Service available everywhere, at any time from any device. FACILITATE Devoteam and BMC support enterprises in their IT services management from the infrastructure to the user.
  9. 9. Copyright 9 My IT 2 MyIT and SmartIT are the exclusive properties of BMC Software.
  10. 10. Copyright 10 Access information about service outage in real time. Post and comment about incidents for a shared support. Browse questions, appointments and requests in the activity flow. Find and interact with experts. An interaction with Services with the flavor of a social network
  11. 11. Copyright 11 A “tweeter like” interaction with Support aligned with modern communication media Ask questions or request support in a free field. Receive in real time answers from the knowledge base. Make support requests using “IT” hashtags Follow you request in your activity flow.
  12. 12. Copyright 12 Service status updated in real time to avoid unnecessary Helpdesk calls. Service Health available on demand
  13. 13. Copyright 13 Access to buildings plan Availability of meeting rooms Equipment availability in meeting rooms Report equipment failure and see its condition. My IT features available at the fingertips of the end user
  14. 14. Copyright 14 Main features to improve user experience with IT Support • User and organization places localization • Plan to reach company different sites. • Company different sites plan with main resources (meeting room, shared resources…) • Opportunity to assimilate the various service offers depending on resource type. • Schedule appointment with Helpdesk service. • Meeting rooms booking • Access to services catalogue • Possibility of making requests • Possibility of reporting incidents • Following the various solicitations • Social • Sharing between employees. • Services • Identify different services • Social services • Appzone • Access to apps validated by the IT System department.
  15. 15. Copyright 15 • Devoteam configured the application used for the BMC Exchange event • Driven like a real project with specification from BMC, Integration and Test of the solution • String time constrain Devoteam proven experience with MyIT : the implementation of the solution at BMC Exchange 2014 • Configuration of the main features of the solution • “Map” to localize the event, • “Plan” to identify important areas during the day, to describe the floors of the building and the key “assets” of the event • “Services” to act as a real Service Provider and provide information to the attendees of the event • “Service requests” for action such as making appointment or setting up quiz to ensure an interaction and demonstrate the User Experience • Communication of Devoteam about this first implementation • Striog visibility during the event (Devoteam mentioned several times as the integrator of MyIT) • Leaflet dedicated to this integration with a screenshot of the interface
  16. 16. Copyright 16 Smart IT 3 MyIT and SmartIT are the exclusive properties of BMC Software.
  17. 17. Copyright 17 Smart IT : build new user experience for Service Desk users
  18. 18. Copyright 18 Main features to focus on Service Desk usage vs ITIL Processes • Dashboards dedicated to Service Desk work • Following in real time areas of operation (Requests, ads…) • Dashboard in real time (Incidents on time, by priority,…) • Simplification of support screens • Default configured screen according to usage • Consolidated view (Incidents, Work-orders and Requests) • Possibility of modifying their console (Columns, filters) • Contextual filter of the information • Work-orders details • Only necessary information • Requester location • Smart Recorder • Quick creation of tickets • Access to all opened and resolved tickets • …
  19. 19. Copyright 19 Demonstration 4
  20. 20. Copyright 20 Demonstration
  21. 21. Copyright 21 Conclusion 5
  22. 22. Copyright 22 Improve the image of the IT Department Devoteam value propositions for leveraging MyIT and Smart IT Solutions ... • Implementation of the service catalogue in MyIT • Deployment of MyIT / SmartIT Technology • Training and knowledge transfer to customer team • Solution is innovative, aligned with expectations of users and domestic usage • Service status available from any mobile device improve the communication • Simpler solution than existing tool ... through our expertise Devoteam value propositions • Quick access to auto-resolution • Main application made available (Apps Store) • Enable social interaction • Integrate other support department (facilities, HR, Finance) • Take advantage of maps and location capabilities Reduce Helpdesk solicitations Expand intervention perimeter of the IT Department
  23. 23. Copyright 23 This presentation is just an extract of the Webinar. If you want to know more about MyIT and SmartIT solutions... • Patrick Chemel Patrick.Chemel@devoteam.com Tel : +33 6 64 49 25 34 • Allan Dujiperou Allan.Dujiperou@devoteam.com Tel : +33 6 64 19 48 03 Please contact: