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Hollywood Quiz

  1. By Dev
  2. 1Q) In the movie L.A. Confidential, Guy Pearce, who would have acted as one of the three primary cops, specifies the person who gets away with the crime they committed, with a peculiar name. In fact the same name will be useful to him for identifying the real villain later in the movie. The same word also inspires a British band to name themselves after it. What is it?
  3. 1A) Rollo Tomassi.
  4. 2Q) It is the super computer that will start thinking on its own and in its own cunning way as the movie progresses in the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. It has become one of the famous villain characters ever since till date. ID it.
  5. 2A) HAL 9000. (HAL - Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer)
  6. 3Q) Doctor Strange protects the New York Sanctum, one of the three bases of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Where are the other two sanctums located?
  7. 3A) Hong Kong and London
  8. 4Q) This car(X) which was modified in the movie franchise Back to the Future and when it operates at the speed of 88 miles/hour it will activate a core component(Y) thus enabling it as a time-travelling machine. Identify X and Y.
  9. 4A) X – DeLorean Y – Flux Capacitor
  10. 5Q) “I know Kung Fu” is an iconic phrase in an epic science fiction movies series. Who says to whom after what?
  11. 5A) Neo (Keanu Reeves) says that to Morpheus when he challenges him, after Neo has been injected with the knowledge of how to practice kung Fu.
  12. 6Q) What is the uniqueness between 1990 Jurassic park novel and its 1993 movie adaption with respect to the movie rights.
  13. 6A) Spielberg & Universal Studios pulling off the movie rights for the novel even before it was completed and published by Michael Crichton.
  14. 7Q) Identify the famous movie line from the below pictures.,
  15. 7A) “Run Forrest Run” from the movie Forrest Gump.
  16. 8Q) Bloodstone is an 1988 Hollywood movie directed by Dwight H Little which revolves around a mythical ruby. It stars one of the famous Indian actor(X) in a leading role and composed by one of India’s finest musician ever(Y).
  17. 8A) X – Rajinikanth Y – Ilayaraja The movie was even released in Tamil as Vairavel
  18. 9Q) This is type of a genre where physical comedy that includes pratfalls, tripping, falling, are highlighted over dialogue, plot and character development.[1] The physical comedy in these films contains a cartoonish style of violence that is predominantly harmless and goofy in tone
  19. 9A) Slapstick Comedy E.g. Home alone, Dumb and Dumber, etc.,
  20. 10Q) In The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, once Frodo embarked on the journey to the Mordor with the Ring, he was instructed by Gandalf to meet himself in a place shortly (X) but Gandalf never arrived there though the four hobbits would find themselves an aid through a stranger they call (Y) initially, who will guide them from the danger of the Nazguls. Identify X and Y.
  21. 10A) X – Bree. Y – Strider.
  22. 11Q) Thor reveals to Jane about a special phenomenon called ‘The Convergence’ which happens in every 5000 years with respect to the Realms(like Earth/Asgard). What is that?
  23. 11A) The Convergence is an alignment of all the nine Realms in a straight line which causes differences in the physical makeup of the Universe including shifts in gravity.
  24. 12Q) The Matrix series is famous for popularizing this visual effect, in which the action within a shot will progress in slow-motion while camera’s viewpoint appears to move through the scene at normal speed. What’s that visual effect?
  25. 12A) Bullet time.
  26. 13Q) “It's my privilege. Thank you.” – These are the words of one of the shortest Oscar speeches given ever. Later he said he genuinely did not believe he had a chance of winning the award and thus did not prepare a speech. Who for which Film?
  27. 13A) ‘Joe Pesci’, for the movie ‘Goodfellas’.
  28. 14Q) These X and Y, are long time close friends from childhood, both of them even shared a same bank account once before moving out to LA for film opportunities. They became widely popular for a movie Z, staring both X and Y. The movie mainly focuses on unearthing X as a mathematical genius. Also, They wrote the screenplay together for the same movie which won the academy award for best original screenwriting. Identify X, Y and Z.
  29. 14A) X – Matt Damon, Y – Ben Affleck, Z – Good Will Hunting
  30. 15Q) X is an American film and television production company founded in 1987, which is a subsidiary of Y, one of Big 6 mega production houses in Hollywood. The founders told this company was formed to allow create freedom to individuals and to make the films of the highest quality, whether they made or lost money. And truly to the purpose, this company has produced several classics till date. What are X and Y?
  31. 15A) X – Castle Rock Entertainment, Y – Warner Bros Some of the movies produced are Shawshank Redemption, Green mile, Before Series – Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight
  32. 16Q) Guess the Super Hero. They fight evil with the aid of rings that grant them a variety of extraordinary powers, all of which comes from imagination and/or emotions.
  33. 16A) Green Lanterns.
  34. 17Q) In the movie Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando’s character Colonel Curtz would have been portrayed under shadows and silhouettes to make his character seem more mysterious than one expected. What was the primary reason to show the character in that perspective? (The reason looks to rather manage something outside of the film’s story)
  35. 17A) Because Marlon Brando arrived for shooting with excessive weight(> 300 pounds or 136 Kgs) than the actual requirement. So Francis Ford Coppola and the cinematographer Vittorio Storaro had to take a different approach to hide it.
  36. 18Q) This character was created in homage to the action heroes of 1930s film serials by George Lucas and co-produced the series of the films which depicts the adventures explored by this character directed by Steven Spielberg. This film series is always attached to the adventures of rare artifacts and has shades of super natural ending and is one of the commercially successful in Hollywood (Its pretty easy, isn’t?).
  37. 18A) Indiana Jones portrayed by Harrison Ford.
  38. 19Q) Identify the movie from the below pictures (Its simple again)
  39. 19A) Transformers.
  40. 20Q) X  Naples  Munich  Moscow  New York are the places where the main character (Y) of the famous movie franchise travels to learn the past conspiracy happened to him. Give me the X, Y and the particular movie name of this series.
  41. 20A) X – Goa Y – Jason Bourne Z – Bourne Supremacy
  42. 21Q) Robert Towne who wrote the original screenplay of this 1974 movie (X) which is critically acclaimed for its screenplay writing, ends with a negative climax against Towne’s wish. Because the director (Y) wanted to end with a more reality situation than just in a plain positive way. Years after the movie release Towne agreed to the actual climax saying it actually makes more sense. Now across the film industries this movie’s screenplay is considered as one of the study cases for screenwriting. Which movie is this? And who is the director?
  43. 21A) Chinatown directed by Roman Polanski.
  44. 22Q) John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate then President of US, Ronald Reagan for a reason rather being personally insane than politically motivated. To everyone’s wonder he ridiculously referenced his motivation for assassination to a famous movie and particularly to impress an actress who would have acted in that movie. He proudly said he watched the movie at least 15 times in the theater before influenced by the main protagonist to assassinate him. What is the movie he refers to and especially the actress name he wanted to impress?
  45. 22A) Taxi Driver and Jodie Foster. Main Protagonist, Robert De Niro attempts to shoot down the president in the movie.