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Tools For Team Accountability

  1. Tools for Team Accountability 2.15.16
  2. Accountability The obligation of an individual or organization to answer for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. Resource:
  3. If you want a culture of accountability, it must be exemplified by your core team first.
  4. Tools That Encourage Accountability: 1. Job Descriptions 2. Job Scorecards 3. Execution Action Plans 4. Organizational Processes Lists 5. Regular Meeting Rhythms
  5. Job Descriptions • What: Should be an evolving, descriptive document that outlines responsibilities, organizational structure, and the “big picture” goal of the role. • How it helps: Paints the whole picture for both you and the employee of what their role looks like.
  6. Job Scorecards • What: A set of indicators that tell you when you’re doing your job well. It’s a measurable form of your job description. • How it helps: it lets you know whether you’re on track to achieve expected outcomes.
  7. Execution Action Plans • What it is: A project-based accountability tracker that captures the who, what, when for related tasks. • How it helps: Simplifies the communication and clarifies the details of action items that need to be accomplished.
  8. Organizational Processes List • What: A list of processes within your company along with who is responsible for each one. • How it helps: Know quickly who your go-to person is for each process, and see how responsibilities are distributed throughout your organization.
  9. Regular Meeting Rhythms • What: Daily huddle, weekly check-in, or monthly meeting – the size and frequency of which depends on what makes the most sense for your business. • How it helps: The continuous flow of communication between teams can boost motivation, improves clarity, and increases accountability.
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