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10 Tech-Savvy Design Tools For Graphic Designers!

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Design tools have provided ease and variations to designers. With the increasing use of technology, we are sure that there is any graphic designer who is not addicted to tech-savvy design tools. From color palettes to sketching apps and creating infographics, design tools have aced the design game!

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10 Tech-Savvy Design Tools For Graphic Designers!

  1. 10 Tech Savvy Design Tools For Graphic Designers.
  2. Tech savvy design tools are aimed to provide ease to graphic designer and enhance their creativity. We have scouted ten worth using apps that are massively appreciated in the design world.
  3. Hipstamatic: Analog photo experience, with an all-new editing su
  4. Sketchbook pro: Drawing app and painting software for illustrators.
  5. Designmantic: Create logodesign within minutes at a flip of a button.
  6. Color Schemer: Fun and easy to explore, create and share your color ideas
  7. Pantone: Easily create color palettes for inspiration.
  8. Pixlr: Transform everyday image into a work of art.
  9. Vecotr snap: turn your photos into vector art.
  10. The typography manual: Complete package of essential type resources
  11. Adobe illustrator draw: Turn your iseas in to production-quality artwork
  12. What are your favorite design apps? https://plus.google.com/+Designmantic https://twitter.com/designmantic https://www.facebook.com/DesignMantic https://slideshare.net/DesignMantic