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  1. We had a humble beginning in 2011 with a small development Centre in India and a few clients in Qatar and in South Africa. We were strong in terms of the quality we delivered though we were small. Our journey to success has been majorly because we never compromised in our Quality of service. Today we work with major clients across the Middle East and a strong team dedicated to grow at a much rapid pace. Our capabilities have widened horizontally and today we are a complete one stop shop for all your IT requirements. Over 95% of our business involves repeat engagements in application development and maintenance for selected strategic clients. In every business engagement, we seek the opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic relationships. Our focus has always remained in bringing in the latest technology to our clients and supporting their operational and business needs in the most effective manner. We are proud to mention that we have never lost a single client but have doubled the volume of business with each client every year. We still strive to ensure that we bring the latest technologies to our clients in association with our partners who are masters in their respective domains. About Our Company
  2. Ÿ Infrastructure Planning & Deployment Ÿ Enterprise Collaboration & Resource Planning Solutions Ÿ Mobile & Web Application Development Ÿ Surveillance & Building Management Solutions Ÿ Information Security & Compliance Ÿ ITIL & ISO 20000 Process Engineering Ÿ Training & Development Ÿ Staff Augmentation What we do 3
  3. Our IT architecture, design and engineering services are driven by world-wide engineering collaboration teams that are dedicated to tracking and advancing communications technology and security. We also deploy new tailored network solutions and maximize the potential of existing networks, all the while adhering to local regulations and compliance requirements. This approach reduces risk and enhances security to our customers. Sustain development. Improve efciency. Reduce costs. Increase agility. Arita offers clients what they need to benet from the cloud and accelerate enterprise modernization. We manage consolidate and relocate data centers with multiple network access points, varying security levels, and high density solutions. Our enterprise network management solutions enable you to set policy-based network management scenarios that enhance management and improve reliability. Our tools and processes map trafc ow, report congestion points, project usage trends and provide truly proactive results by establishing threshold alerts. Infrastructure Planning & Deployment 4 Let us help you take your organization to new heights by offering you some of the following services in this category Ÿ IT Infrastructure Needs Assessment. Ÿ Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Ÿ Network Design, Device Conguration, Rollout & Optimization. Ÿ Complete cabling & Physical Connectivity. Ÿ Server & Storage Consolidation. Ÿ Virtualization, Clustering & Load Balancing. Ÿ Email & IP Telephony Ÿ Managed Print Services Ÿ Disaster Recovery Solutions. Ÿ On-Premise to Cloud Migration.
  4. We offer you ERP, BI, CRM and collaboration solutions that help you manage your business from end to end, improve productivity and access valuable insight into the way your organization functions. Our solutions help you integrate and connect all aspects of your business; eliminating information silos and streamlining operations. By offering a variety of solutions which are tailored to your needs, we have the required know how and partnerships in place to help you identify as well as implement solutions that are tailored to your strategies, business needs, and operational constraints. From solution selection, to implementation, to optimization, on to training & post go-live support all the while using tried and tested project management methodologies; we ensure your chosen solution’s rollout will be a resounding success. Let us help you get the most out of your data and transform your enterprise by offering you some of the following services in this category: Ÿ Requirements Gathering & Fit/Gap Analysis. Ÿ Oracle Implementation, Integration & Support. Ÿ SAP Implementation, Integration & Support. Ÿ Microsoft Dynamics Implementation, Integration & Support. Ÿ Microsoft SharePoint Implementation, Integration & Support. Ÿ Misys FusionBanking Implementation, Integration & Support. Ÿ IBM Cognos Implementation, Integration & Support. Enterprise Collaboration & Resource Planning Solutions 5
  5. Mobile & Web Application Development 6 Differentiating yourself from the competition and reaching new audiences necessitates developing a dynamic & powerful website. From grabbing your audience’s attention to leaving a long-term impression of your organization, the goal is to help you deliver your message and services as effectively as possible. By ensuring your website is informative, appealing and intuitive; we at Arita Solutions, help you achieve these goals through our professional web development services. In addition to our website development services, Arita Solutions has helped our clients create numerous mobile applications that help them reach a mobile and demanding audience. Nowadays, mobile apps are as important in establishing your organization’s credibility as websites were a few years ago. Custom designed apps can help your organization build a deeper connection with your targeted audience. Our mobile app development services include all major mobile platforms. Including iPad & iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, in addition to wearable technology like Samsung Gear (Android Wear) and Apple watch. Let us help you make your organization standout from the rest by offering you some of the following services in this category: Ÿ Brand & Online Presence Strategy Formulation. Ÿ Website Design & Development. Ÿ e-Commerce Development. Ÿ Search Engine Optimization. Ÿ Smartphone & Tablet Application Development. Ÿ Wearable Application Development.
  6. Our building management and surveillance solutions cater to enterprise clients as well as to the smart home consumer market in Qatar. We provide integrated management of physical security systems, CCTV, lighting, ventilation, power systems, elevators and re systems. Leveraging our established and strong partnerships with principal suppliers & solution providers in Europe and across the globe, we are able to implement solutions that are designed to t your specic need and budget. Our solutions can operate as independent systems or be seamlessly integrated with other existing systems to suit every requirement. Some of the key features and benets that our solutions provide include: Ÿ Increased energy efciency, cost savings, reliability and building life. Ÿ Ease of management and remote monitoring capabilities. Ÿ Utilization of industry standards and protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, OPC, and LonWorks. Ÿ Architecture that supports redundancy and high availability requirements. Ÿ Data consolidation and accessibility utilizing user-friendly web management interfaces. Ÿ Around theclock monitoring of building infrastructure. Ÿ Integrationwith existing directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory. Ÿ Increased staff productivity and tenant satisfaction. Surveillance & Building Management Solutions 7
  7. Having an effective cyber-security program in place can mean the difference between making and breaking your organization, not if, but when a security incident takes place. We at Arita Solutions offer a wide range of managed IT security & compliance services to organizations of all sizes. Key controls are provided to ensure adherence to best practices and regulations under the guidelines of lCT Qatar & Q-CERT. We are committed to surpassing our client’s expectations by constantly monitoring and improving their security posture. Our customers rely on us to have certied, expert analysts on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year and our dedicated counter threat research team is always on cutting edge of threat research and countermeasure development. Leveraging our existing partnerships with solution providers such as Sonicwall, Cyberroam, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco; our in-house security experts can help you deploy solutions that meet your needs and ensure a high condence level in your organization’s readiness to address the multiple cyber threats that exist today. We will also assist you with developing the required internal controls, governance framework and overall information security management system (ISMS) by conducting conformity assessments and implementing best practice frameworks and security standards centered around compliance, governance and security such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST and COBIT. Information Security & Compliance 8
  8. The need to redene and optimize the old legacy processes of an organization becomes an absolute necessity for the continuous growth and sustainability in the years to come. This is where IT service management best practice frameworks and standards come into the picture. The ITIL framework describes best practices for IT Service Management and the ISO 20000 standard prescribes the criteria for a service management system that a service provider may want to build, get audited against, and eventually certied by an accredited certication body. Utilizing our team of certied and experienced consultants, Arita Solutions can assist you in dening, standardizing, linking and optimizing your service management processes following either the ITIL best practices framework or the ISO 20000 standard, which in addition to preparing you for a future audit; will enable youtorealizethefollowingbenetsamongmanyothers: Ÿ Providing IT services that meet business, customer and user demands. Ÿ Ensuring interfaces between different processes are clearly dened and functioning as desired. Ÿ Documentingandcommunicatingrolesandresponsibilities. Ÿ Improving resource utilization and increasing end-user satisfaction. Ÿ Decreasing costs and justifying remaining costs associated with provisioned IT services. Ÿ Realizing a competitive and differentiating advantage. Ÿ Improving availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services. Ÿ Decreasing rework & elimination of redundant work. Ÿ Providingconcreteandeasilytrackableperformanceindicators. Ÿ Learning from previous experience and establishing a continuous improvement culture. ITIL & ISO 20000 Process Engineering 9
  9. We at Arita Solutions specialize in the delivery of onsite industry standard as well as custom information technology courses. Our training & development offerings are aimed at ensuring that you as an IT professional or your organization as a whole is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage, operate and ne-tune today’s complex IT environments. Our courses & programs are designed to be engaging, informative and outcome based, which enables our trainees to enjoy an exceptional learning experience. Beyond the standard Microsoft, CompTlA, Cisco, Linux and Oracle training as well as certication, we specialize in VMware and security training. Including VMware ultimate boot camp, VMware hacking uncovered, ethical hacking, penetration testing, forensics, secure coding, OWASP Top 10, CISSP, and ISO 27001. In addition to IT service management courses centered on the ITIL as well as ISO 20000 framework and standard respectively. Through our extensive network of expert and experienced instructors; we can cater a course to meet any of you organization’s needs. Knowledge, understanding and hands on experience are our top priority. We are committed to listening to our clients and we will always take feedback from trainees and use it to improve training effectiveness and delivery. Training & Development 10
  10. We at Arita solutions have been helping our clients overcome this challenge for a long time by identifying, sourcing, hiring and onboarding IT professionals of the highest caliber. Using either our existing pool of IT professionals or bringing on board new resources, we ensure an exact t for your exact requirement. Beyond a simple job description and responsibilities sheet, we work closely with our clients to understand their current human capital capabilities and future plans in order to develop a clear and thorough roadmap that illustrates what needs to be accomplished and how it will be accomplished. Our dedicated and specialized human capital consultants can also work closely with you to develop specic, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely key performance indicators that will ensure you are always keeping track of your team’s performance and ne tuning it as required. Couple the above with our deep understanding and thorough implementation of frameworks such as the SFIA, we have the capability to augment your team with professionals who possess unique competencies that are well suited to your organizational needs. Our evaluation methodology is designed to measure each candidate’s prociency level by evaluating six skillset categories revolving around seven responsibility levels. In addition to gaging each candidate’s overall cultural t. All to ensure a perfect t for your organization. Get in touch with us today so can we help you build the team of your dreams! Staff Augmentation 11
  11. Our Products Brands We Support Desktop Computers Access Control & Time Attendance Laptop Computers Printers, Copiers & Scanners Firewalls & Network Security Appliances IPTV & Surveillance Routers, Switches & Access Points Servers & Storage VoIP, Telephony & Telepresence 12
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  15. Arita Solutions W.L.L. P.O. Box : 23349, Barwa Commercial Avenue, Sayer, Type 5, Block No: 55, Level 1, Office #C103, Doha, State of Qatar Mob: +974 5536 8226, Tel. +974 4443 2560 Fax. +974 443 64024,