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Solteq and Descom – Modern Digital Commerce Service Provider

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Solteq and Descom have combined forces to become a modern digital commerce service provider. Together we are an excellent strategic fit. There is an exceptionally large synergy potential between us and we have great internationalisation opportunities.

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Solteq and Descom – Modern Digital Commerce Service Provider

  1. 1. & Small  enough to  care,  big enough to  carry through. WE  ARE  A  DIGITAL  COMMERCE  SERVICE  PROVIDER
  2. 2. EMPLOYEES REVENUE  2014 LOCATIONS 530 68,3 300 40,9 Helsinki,  Jyväskylä,  Lahti,   Stockholm,  Tampere,  Wroclaw 230 27,4 SOLTEQ DESCOM
  3. 3. WHY  DID  WE  COMBINE  FORCES? EXCELLENT  STRATEGIC  FIT Exceptionally  large   synergy  potential   between   companies Internationalization   opportunities Stronger  position  in   larger  projects
  4. 4. EXPERTISE  IS  THE  CORNERSTONE  OF  EXCELLENCE Best  and  most  skilled   people Constant  learning  to   enjoy  the  vision  path   Grow  with  business   and  own  interests Best  place  to   enjoy  work
  6. 6. 3 SOLTEQ  PORTFOLIO  – THE  LIFECYCLE  MODEL 12 PLAN BUILD GROW Marketing  &  Analytics  Services Business  Support  Services Platform  as  a  Service Solution  Management  Services Continuous  FrontEnd &  CX   Development Strategy  &  roadmap Business  Design Customer  Experience  Design User  Interface  Design Technology  Blueprints OmniChannel Sales,  Marketing  &   Customer  Service Procurement  &  Assortment   Management Order  to  Fullfillment Processes Business  Intelligence  &   Optimization   Master  Data  Management
  7. 7. We provide digital commerce services to  customers in   Manufacturing   Retail   Wholesale  and   Logistics. OUR  CUSTOMERS
  8. 8. SUCCESS  STORIES 9/10 OUR  GOALS Highest  customer  satisfaction Highest  retention   Best  loyalty of  our  customers   recommend  us.
  9. 9. LEARN  MORE SOLTEQ DESCOM www.descom.fiwww.solteq.com