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Powerpoint presentation Derek M Allan Photography

Powerpoint presentation of a vast selection of photography perfomed for various clients in Hong Kong and Asia by Derek M Allan photography. For more information or contact, please visit my website at www.derekmallan.com

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Powerpoint presentation Derek M Allan Photography

  1. 1. Derek M AllanPhotographyIndustrial Architectural Corporate Construction and Stock Photography
  2. 2. Serving Hong Kong with finephotography since 1981, mymany commissions include press,industrial, corporate, portraiture,public relations, construction andarchitectural subjects.
  3. 3. I photograph with digital and transparency film. Working with camera formats from135mm to 5X4 inches. Using three choices of lightingequipment on hand, I am able to shoot subjects anywhere and under any restrictions or difficulties.
  4. 4. I have been working as aprofessional photographer for thirty five years now. I work alone in my chosenprofession, guaranteeing that each of my clients receive apersonal service and my very best quality photography.
  5. 5. For information of my rates ofcharge and conditions, please contact me at derekmallan@yahoo.com