Accelerating Cognitive Business with Hybrid Cloud

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27 de Mar de 2016

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Accelerating Cognitive Business with Hybrid Cloud

  1. © 2015 IBM Corporation Accelerating Cognitive Business with Hybrid Cloud
  2. 1) The Customer-activated Enterprise, Insights from the Global C-suite Study, IBM Institute for Business Value, 2013 2) IDC Directions, "How SaaS Gets Built" Doc # DR2014_T3_RM March 2014 3) See ProgrammableWeb, 100% 70% 14000+ Frontline Decision Making Business Leaders go Mobile First Real Time Insight Driven Processes CIOs enable fast insight-driven decisions Digital Innovation Developers are rewriting the world in code of the LOB apps in customer-facing roles will be built for mobile-first consumption by 20171 of CIOs say analytics and big data drive innovation at their firm2 APIs published today, public APIs doubled in the past 18 months3 Disruptors are reinventing business processes and leading their industries with digital transformations
  3. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 3 cognitive : of, relating to, or involving conscious mental activities (such as thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering) Ray Kurzweil Killing Machine Lt. Comm. Data
  4. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5Page© 2015 IBM Corporation Computing is going into things we never thought of as computers. And, we’re putting computing into the hands of billions of people. The data that has resulted is the world’s new natural resource. Code at the core. Built on cloud. Fueled by data. Transformed through cognition. A Cognitive Business
  6. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 6 What kind of Cloud? More than 65% of Enterprise IT Organizations Will Commit to Hybrid Cloud Technologies Before 2016, Vastly Driving the Rate and Pace of Change in IT Organizations
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  9. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 9 Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud Definition “The connection of one or more clouds to on-premises systems and/or the connection of one or more clouds to other clouds” Successful hybrid clouds deliver: 1. Integration and portability 2. Data and analytics 3. Visibility, control and security 4. DevOps Productivity Existing IT Private Public
  10. © 2015 IBM Corporation Clients want both Business and IT outcomes in Enterprise transformation “Deliver IT-as-a-Service” (existing solutions) • How to control and govern services and service providers across the Enterprise? • How to speed provisioning and and deliver usage based costing? • How to ensure security and regulatory compliance across deployment models? • How to gain operational insights to optimize and streamline operations? “Deliver Innovative Solutions” (cloud-native solutions) • How to rapidly deliver new, innovative business services with exceptional customer experiences? • How to leverage data to gain insights for delivering differentiated value to customers? • How to build applications by composing services from within the Enterprise and from the services ecosystem? • How to foster an innovation culture within the organization? Enterprise Transformation Optimize Enterprise IT Outcomes Innovate Business Business Outcomes Systems of Record Systems of Engagement
  11. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 11 Outcomes are creating challenges to balance Reliability and Agility Agility needs: • Flexibility • Choice • Speed • Variable cost • Options for managed services Enterprise Traditional Multiple SaaS Multiple PaaS Multiple IaaS Reliability needs: • Visibility and control • Cost effectiveness • Scale with consistency • Security compliance • Governance AgilityControl New Vblock IBM Exadata Other Other Other Addressing these requirements with cloud has introduced a number of pains 1. Lack of Visibility & Control across growing numbers of service providers 2. Shadow IT with LOBs leveraging the Cloud and bypassing Central IT 3. Complex Integration of a multitude IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Cloud Providers 4. Complexity in Supporting and Managing multi-sourced IT Infrastructure
  12. © 2015 IBM Corporation Achieving Desired Business and IT Outcomes Ensures consistency & compliance • Reporting and trending analysis enables strategic and proactive responses to enterprise needs • Automation drives consistent and reliable Business and IT processes. • Ensures Enterprise security policies are implemented consistently across all environments • Allows visibility and consistency across the Hybrid Cloud Offers end users choice and flexibility • Robust self-service portal with greater choice of services from multiple providers • Control, manage and govern providers easily • Balances agility and cost with control to give users flexibility of choice within policy • Eliminates need for Shadow IT Enables IT-as-a-Service delivery • Brings speed and agility to respond to business needs • Eliminates Enterprise IT rescue from issues derived from Shadow IT usage • Leverages Enterprise knowledge, expertise, & services Enables Dev Ops across the Enterprise • Business and IT Teams reach objectives more quickly driving efficiencies in design (up to 60%) and maintenance/update (up to 80%) cycles • Drive informed decisions through expert guidance and best practices • Deliver applications with greater efficiency (up to 98% faster) and cost management (up to 89% reduction) Managed Services Cloud Brokerage Services Hybrid Cloud Services Innovation Platform Service Management & Orchestration Integration Services Managed Services Service Catalog
  13. © 2015 IBM Corporation = most popular Common Hybrid Use Cases IBM Confidential Next Gen Hybrid Workloads Hybrid Cloud Brokerage & Management Hybrid Infrastructure Scale Out Independent Workloads SOE - SOR Integration Portability & Optimization Backup and Archive Capacity Access Disaster Recovery Choose private, public or hybrid cloud based on independent workload requirements Systems of Record on Private and Systems of Engagement on Public Application and/or data are portable and can go to and from public and private for improved optimization Planned or Policy based Management and sourcing across multiple environments (infrastructure, platform & app) Leverage off- premise resources for backup and archiving of on- premises resources Opportunistic use of public cloud as additional resource for large jobs (e.g., HPC, BigData, Batch) Setup and make available a parallel environment off- premises Private Public App A App B App C App A App B App C Private Public App A App B App C App A App B App C EnvironmentEnvironment ServiceService Private Public AppApp Dev / TestProduction EnvironmentEnvironment ServiceService Private Public AppApp Dev / TestProduction Private Public App BApp A Private Public App BApp A Private Public App A Public Policy Private Public App A Data Store Data Store App A Data Sync. Private Public App A Data Store Data Store App A Data Sync. Private Public App A App A (1) App A (2) Private Public App Data Emerging
  14. © 2015 IBM Corporation Industrialized Hybrid Cloud: IBM’s Differentiator Hybrid Infrastructure Hybrid Development Hybrid Operations PublicLocal Dedicated IBM Industrialized Hybrid Cloud Transform Your Infrastructure Transform Your Operations Transform Your Processes Transform Your Applications Transform Your Business into a Digital Enterprise Open Standards Cloud Management: Modular IT Services Integration Visibility & Control Security DevOps Portability Data Localization and Management Intelligent Cloud Brokering and Management Analytics Security ProfessionalServices ManagedServices Partners
  15. © 2015 IBM Corporation © IBM Corporation 16 Cloud Business Apps (SaaS) Digital Innovation Platform (PaaS) World Class Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) Watson Analytics IBM Verse Kenexa Talent Suite Digital Marketing … IBM Cloud Orchestrator Gravitant IBM provides a broad cloud portfolio
  16. © 2015 IBM Corporation STRATEGIC ACQUISITIONSWe invested in hybrid cloud for you in 2015 100% of relevant IBM software on IBM Cloud Over 200 new and enhanced cloud services 8 new datacenters (incl. Australia, Brazil, and India) 20K new Bluemix users/week 3.2B Watson API calls per month
  17. © 2015 IBM Corporation Hybrid Your Way VMware partnership IBM API connect New Platforms Blockchain Cloud video platform Watson Cognitive Services Composable Development Tools Bluemix OpenWhisk Cloud Data Services GitHub Enterprise partnership Swift on IBM Cloud Innovations for hybrid cloud today and tomorrow
  18. 19Page© 2015 IBM Corporation 1. Next Steps – Identify & Prioritize Areas for Cloud Adoption Cloud Adoption Advisor Online Assessment: One of the biggest obstacles to utilizing cloud computing in your organization is knowing how to approach your cloud journey and focus your efforts. This 20-30 minute assessment will help you identify and prioritize areas to achieve your cloud adoption goals. After completing the questions, we'll provide you an online assessment, and an opportunity to download a PDF of your results and your answers to the assessment questions.
  19. 20Page© 2015 IBM Corporation 2. Next Steps – Understand your Cloud IT Economics *Complimentary* Which IT solution costs less? The answer depends on your IT requirements and business strategy. IBM offers no-charge IT economics studies to help you examine economic differences between solutions and provides recommendations to help you determine your IT strategy
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