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16 Copyright © 2015 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Deloitte University Press | Tech Trends 2015 | @DeloitteOnTech @DU_Press #techtrends
The software-defined stack will require new tools, but it can also help
produce more streamlined, responsive IT capabilities where risk
management becomes muscle memory. Standardization can minimize
vulnerabilities and variances, and produce an accurate assessment of
your risk profile.
 Consider financing: some vendors
may accommodate creative financing
 Standardize design: emphasize
templates and commonality to
manage complexity
 Facilitate teamwork: infrastructure
and application teams should work in
tandem for rapid deployment
 Support migration: existing assets
should be analyzed application by
application to determine the technical
considerations needed to support
migration. The business needs
should then be layered on.
 Beyond the data center: companies
may realize benefits by coupling
SDDC initiatives with a broader IT
transformation effort

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