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2017 holiday surveyCopyright © 2017 Deloitte LLP. All rights reserved. 28
Browse online
Make a purchase
Check/compare prices
Read product reviews
Track order status
Get product information: pricing and specifications
Check product availability in a store or website
Find and use discounts, coupons, sales information
Get store locations
Send/redeem gift cards
Access social networks
Accumulate loyalty points, 'badges,' etc.
Scan product barcodes to find more product information
83% use desktop/laptop for holiday shopping
“How do you plan to use desktop/laptop to assist you in your holiday shopping?”
*Probability is based on a 100% base of 83% that use a desktop/laptop for holiday shopping
The vast majority of customers will use a desktop/laptop during
their holiday shopping journey
The probability of converting a desktop/laptop shopper to purchaser is 75%
Planned desktop/laptop usage

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