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What is life at Dell? Our #CultureCode

Learn more about life at Dell - our culture code. The key ingredient? The people. We empower and showcase our employees, seek out feedback, train and certify teams on social media and plan for a legacy of good. More at http://dell.to/1FQQZyg.

SlideShare's April 2015 blog post about the backstory behind this deck: http://blog.slideshare.net/2015/04/08/dell-creating-a-culture-code-by-employees-for-employees/

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What is life at Dell? Our #CultureCode

  1. 1 What is Life at Dell? Our #CultureCode What is Life at Dell? Our #CultureCode
  2. 2 Aspects of Life at Dell What is our employment value proposition? How we listen and respond to feedback Meet Our People Learn about our 2020 Legacy of Good We are social and brand advocates Our Innovation and customer focus
  3. Our Purpose We empower countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams.
  4. ‘It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.’
  5. 5 Heading Career & Development Opportunities Winning Together Benefits & Rewards Entrepreneurial spirit Our community & life balance Diverse & Inclusive culture Career & Development opportunities abound We win together through collaboration We provide great benefits & rewards Entrepreneurial spirit is recognized & rewarded We are committed to our communities & life balance We value a diverse & Inclusive workplace A Great Place to Work Why work at Dell: our value proposition
  6. 6 Text Text Text •Great internal growth opportunities •The freedom to take multiple roles and responsibilities Career Growth Winning Team Customer Satisfaction •People I work with •Positive working environment •Supportive of flexible|connected workplace •Satisfaction that is achieved from helping to create happy customers •I feel rewarded when I support my customers in the right way What our employees share with us Tell Dell is an annual survey that measures the health of our company culture and brand advocacy and is tied directly to our People Strategy
  7. 7 Tell Dell feedback loop Tell Dell employee survey Survey HR Team With vendor support reviews and analyzes responses Leaders Results are shared with leaders including action plans, tips and best practices for improvement Employees Receive survey, responses are anonymous Analysis Action Leaders with high scores are more engaged and have higher engaged teams Tell Dell Feedback has resulted in: changes to performance management investments to simplify work focus on flexible workplace solutions
  8. 8 We listen and engage
  9. 9 We are committed to a rewarding candidate experience
  10. 10 What our team tells us In June of 2014, we asked our employees through our internal social media tool ‘If you could describe Dell in one word, which word would you use?’ This is what they told us…
  11. 11 We grow capabilities early in career Located: Bratislava, Slovakia As an intern, Frencien led an initiative focused on the selection and screening of marketing graduates. Located: Austin, Texas U.S.A. In her internship, Jessy has been fortunate to preview next generation Dell products! ‘I love the environment where my opinion is valued’ ‘I feel my work directly contributes to the success of the team’
  12. 12 We help shape employees’ career goals Chelsea Killough Located: Austin, TX U.S.A. “I started my career at Dell in 2012 in a development program for recent graduates. I was able to try out multiple areas and business units and was able to find my niche and dream role before I had even exited the program.” Julian Egea Located: Argentina “Dell’s Mentorship and Development Programs has fast-tracked my career from an intern to a management role in less than 5 years.”
  13. Individual Development Plan Guide Our Career Resource Center •Resources and guidance to enhance performance and develop careers •Training tailored to the needs of team members, leaders and executives •Leadership Competencies linked to self-study courses •Online Tools including Online Book Library, MentorConnect, and the Job Description Library. “Team members will have an easier path to map out their performance and growth [using the Career Resource Center]” “It is direct and easy to find training that applies to each individual” “I utilize the free Online Book library as a key resource to find relevant information to help develop team members”
  14. 14 We enable the ability to achieve work | life balance
  15. 15 Part of the Dell family… “Dell has given me such a great opportunity to accelerate my career while growing my family, and I am thankful every day to work for an employer that allows me to do both.” ~Meghan Johnson
  16. 16
  17. 17 Supporting each other and our differences Creating a welcoming workplace for all team members allows Dell to harness each individual's full potential, drive innovation and foster an environment for our global team to do its best work to meet the aspirations of our customers. Marie Moynihan, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President Talent
  18. Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan Our strategy for bringing sustainability and business objectives together to benefit customers while simultaneously leaving a legacy of social and environmental good. 18
  19. 19 Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good plan ‘Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan brings sustainability and business objectives together, benefitting customers while leaving a legacy of social and environmental good.’ - Trisa Thompson VP Corporate Responsibility 1 Promise: Creating a Legacy of Good
  20. 20 FY14 Legacy of Good highlights We’ve accomplished a lot in just one year. Here’s to building a Legacy of Good by 2020.
  21. 21 Is the connected workplace going to the dogs? At Dell, we believe in and continue to commit ourselves to having a globally connected and flexible workforce. Our Legacy of Good plan includes a goal for 50% of our team members to have a connected and flexible work arrangement by the year 2020. Benefits of a connected workplace: •Happier workforce •More engagement •Better serve customers and stakeholders •Attract and retain the best talent
  22. 22 A connected workplace story Fulfilling a life-long dream to relocate to Canada, the combination of Dell’s technology and innovative leadership made Georgia’s transition from the beachside to the mountains seamless. She now supports the Asia region based out of Canada. Learn more about Georgia’s Story
  23. 23 We promote employee health and wellness
  24. 24 We are committed to our communities In 2013, team members in 60 countries supported over 15K charities globally and contributed 739K of volunteer hours with a goal to provide 5 million cumulative hours by 2020.
  25. 25 And love to share this commitment with our teams Last year 56% of Dell employees volunteered their time, expertise and support to the charitable causes and nonprofit organizations they are passionate about through our Community Service program.
  26. 26 We celebrate our milestones and success!
  27. 27 Social culture begins with leadership team engagement and they set the example We offer extensive and evolving training, enforce robust Social Media and Community Certification and Governance requirements. Maintain a publicly visible Global Social Media Policy. Social media activity at Dell is open and available to the entire workforce. Our social culture
  28. 28 We make being social fun What’s a DELLfie? Dell employees are encouraged to share their selfies using #DELLfie and also use the company hashtag #iwork4dell when social
  29. 29 Enable Employees are provided simple and fun assignments to get involved with the company brand Grow More than 2,000 of employees over three years have become involved Clubs Designated club leaders develop and share opportunities by interest Local leadership Regional and local leadership drives engagement at the local level 12,000 SMaC Certified + X Brand Certified 1,500 Champs Dell Champion program
  30. 30 Our Dell Champions do More
  31. 31 We encourage innovation and forward thinking ‘We’re innovating new technologies like our wheat straw packaging and our AirCarbon – which is actually certified carbon negative and cleans the air – packaging. It’s exciting to be a part of a team that uses technology to improve the planet and to have fun in the process…’ -Oliver Campbell
  32. 32 Innovation can also empower communities Our team thinks inside the box! Through innovative thinking, our Dell team has created a solar powered classroom capable of providing a place for children to get educated but not requiring a technical infrastructure.
  33. 33 •Provided consulting, technology and funding •Enables the ARC to connect more people with critical safety tips, relief information and emotional support during disasters •Launched second center in Texas (April, 2014) and third center planned for San Jose, CA Introducing the first social media command center devoted to humanitarian aid
  34. 34 linkedin.com/company/dell facebook.com/careersatdell dell.com/careers Connect with us @careersatdell slideshare.net/dell