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The following story is about how nature can be mad at you and at us. Sometimes we as human beings are fool and do not realize the impact of our actions.

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  1. 1. They are Mad at You, at Us. Deimy Feng Wen
  2. 2. In Costa Rica, between the provinces of Cartago and Limón, there is a tribe that live there since many centuries ago. It is called the Cabécar. As many tribes, they will soon have a new chief. For this time, it is going to be a girl. Her name is Siarah. Many people were not content because their future chief is a girl, other people were not sure about her leadership. Some of the ancestor predicted that many tragedies are on the way to the community.
  3. 3. After many ceremonies and sacrifices, Siarah finally became a chief. The Cabécar is a really special tribe, they are still keeping their ancestor’s traditions. They plant their own food, they fish and hunt, and they care about each other. Whenever it is a special occasion and on weekend, they do their rituals. Siarah not is the Cabécar’s chief, she is also a mom of Eluney and Tabaré and Huenu’s wife. Now, she has to figure out how she will keep peace in the community. The people from outside of the tribe are keeping on throwing trash and destroying the places nearby.
  4. 4. Unfortunately, the more Siarah talk to the outsiders they do not listen to the tribe. The Cabecár even had made a lot of protests. Due to these problems, Siarah every day prays to the god of the sun, moon and volcanoes. She even makes sacrifices and treatments with the outsiders. Unluckily, the outsiders wouldn’t listen to her. They keep on causing problems.
  5. 5. This problem had been troubling during the last couple of years. Duo to that, Chichonal Volcano has threatened Siarah. Chichonal swear by the old and new gods that he will destroy everything with his fire. Siarah tired of her tribe that keep doubting about her, tired of the outsiders that do not listen to her, tired of the cops that do not care about the situation… She decided to give up and had the courage to go away.
  6. 6. The next early morning she and family left the place without people noticing it. From one moment to another, children started to fear Chichonal and even the adults. They stopped going there. Cabecars finally realized the severity of the problem. So, they started to look for Siarah. They did not find her. The Cabécar started to panic because Chichonal began to erupt little by little. The other villages were completely destroyed by the volcano.
  7. 7. After many days Chichonal finally exploit. It was a tragedy to the Cabécar and the other tribes. Despite of everything, Siarah even had the courage to come back and help others. People started to ignored her and blamed her for the explosion. She say nothing.
  8. 8. Two years later, Eluney asked Siarah why she didn’t do anything by then. Siarah answer was: ‘‘Chichonal needed to explode, he needed to show people how to respect him and help him to survive’’ Now Chichonal is happy because the outsiders and the tribe learned how to manage the trash and how to take care of him. Chichonal feels clean and fresh.