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DSC RNGPIT - Getting Started with Game Development Day 1

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DSC RNGPIT had organized a session on Game Development where students where introduced to the basics of Game Development and the Unity Game Engine Interface.
Students were also introduced to the game development flowchart where an example of Flappy Bird was given, and were also given a task to make flowcharts for their games.

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DSC RNGPIT - Getting Started with Game Development Day 1

  1. 1. Game Development Getting Started with
  2. 2. The overall process of making a game is called Game Development. This “overall” process consists of thinking of a game idea, compiling your ideas into a document for better understandability, actually making the game, polishing your game, making your game available to the public. In the previous point, the actually making a game, takes the most of the time. The rest of the processes are just for understanding your game better. Let’s see all the processes in brief. What is Game Development?
  3. 3. Game Development Process. Idea Release Polish Design Market Logic 1 2 3 4 6 5
  4. 4. Game Development Basics Visuals Game Logic Audio
  5. 5. How do we do it? When games were created in the “old-times”, they used to create every pixel on the screen by themselves, every logic for moving a pixel was written by hand. Now all these tasks are very tedious, so the developers came with something new, where a program manages all the stuff for you, and you can just focus on creating the logic of your game. These programs are called Game Engines. Game Engine is a very powerful and helpful tool which helps you in making games by not letting you worry on the basic stuff that just repeats every time for a new project.
  7. 7. Unity Game Engine Introduction WHAT? A game engine where you can create desktop, mobile, console, interactive games. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE? 2D / 3D games , AR / VR games/content. WHY? - ● Easy to Learn for beginners ● Free and powerful tool ● Biggest Community Support ● Build support for almost 30 platforms, including Mobile, Desktop, Web, Consoles, Virtual Reality, AR.
  8. 8. Unity Interface Introduction
  9. 9. Session 2
  10. 10. Unity Terminologies GameObject - An object which is in your game. Components - Components define the behaviour of the gameobject. A gameobject can have different types of components attached to it. Prefab - A gameobject which is needed multiple times can be made into a prefab in Unity and can be reused multiple times. Script - A piece of code that drives your gameobject. Asset - Things that make up your game are called Assets
  11. 11. Classes that make up Unity
  12. 12. Unity C# Script Structure
  13. 13. How does Unity work?
  14. 14. Game Flow / Game Loop Before we start making games, we should know what our game does. We must define a game flow for our game, or something that shows that our game is running. For eg. Temple Run, How do you know that it is still running? Unity uses the Update function for defining all the game loop related code. And Start/Awake for initializing your game. Let’s see how can we make a flowchart of our game, which is easily integrated to Unity as well.
  15. 15. The base level of your flowchart Flappy Bird type game flowchart
  16. 16. The inner level of your flowchart Flappy Bird type game flowchart continued
  17. 17. Pseudo Code for the above flowchart Note: Not the actual code of the game. It is just for understanding the flow of the game
  18. 18. We’ll be waiting to see your flowchart See you next week