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Adidas 11600825

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Adidas case studt

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Adidas 11600825

  1. 1. ADIDAS By Debaleena Das 11600825
  2. 2. BRAND DETAIL The company Adidas was founded in the early 1920s as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, in Herzogenaurach in Germany. Adolf Dassler designed a pair of sport shoes in 1925 and few years later he and his brother Rudolph were selling special shoes for tennis players and began design specific shoes for different sports. The family company split in 1948. After the split, Adolf (Adi) Dassler founded Adidas and his brother Rudolph founded Puma. The three-stripe logo was designed in 1941 by Adi Dassler and he registered it as a trademark for Adidas after the split. The strength of Adidas was its product innovation.. The connection of Adidas to the Olympics has a rich heritage. At the 1972 Olympic game in Munich, every official wore Adidas. Activities: manufacture and distribution of textiles, shoes and appliances for sport and related products. Adidas has 107 subsidiaries in 20 countries, and exports to 160 countries.. It is my favourite because: 1. New technology that I can relate to like cloudfoam, 4d printed shoes, ultraboost. 2. Stylish Design which makes me look different from anyone else. 3. Wide range of collection that makes me unique and out of the crew.
  3. 3. Brand essence of Adidas is Relentless. Vision: Need of comfort with stylish design makes Adidas necessary. Promise: Adidas wants to foster for their customers that feeling agency and power you get when you push boundaries and break through to new heights of performance. People who participate in training or sports know when they are pushing harder than they ever have before. It is a powerful moment. Affordable New technology Competitive pricing Emotion: Sporty, funky, traditional Personality: Sporty, new technology embedded with smartest looks. Style: Comfort loaded with excellence.
  4. 4. 1. Celebrates diversity 2. Shows work life 3. Tells why isAdidas so important. 4. Its an emotional as well as functional ad 5. Theme shows working environment. Unity in diversity 6. Story line is based on how Adidas has conquered all over the world with its presence.
  5. 5. Taunts in favour of Adidas : 1. Put onYour ADIDAS and step off: at least you must try because its better to try than sitting idle, lets step on the game. Failure , not our choice. 2. All day I dream about sports so crush your comfort zone: Once you come out of the comfort zone, you can unleash a lot of feelings for yourself. 3. When you try you have nothing to lose: try hard, if you win you lead, if you lose you guide.