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Linked in City Centre workshop November

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Intense 3 hour workshop in the A to Z of using Linkedin effectively

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Linked in City Centre workshop November

  1. 1. LinkedIn  for  Business   Date:  Thursday  21st  November   Time:  9.30am-­‐12.30pm   Costs:  £95:00     LinkedIn  for  Business  workshop   Davies  &  Partners,  34  Paradise  Circus,  Queensway,  B1  2BJ     My  intensive,  three-­‐hour  LinkedIn  workshop  provides  a  step-­‐by-­‐step   guide  to  generating  new  Sales  from  this  powerful  platform.       The  workshop  covers:     • How  to  build  your  perfect  profile   • How  to  build  the  right  network  of  contacts   • How  to  create  &  develop  opportunities   • How  to  join  and  use  Groups  effectively   • How  to  plan  &  develop  your  strategy                                         Dawn  Adlam                          (LinkedIn  Coach)     “Dawn ill   enlightened me your   benefits of ever  d I am now a true convert! .   You  whaswonder  how  into thebusiness  Linkedinid  without  LinkedInThe session I   attended today has given me a great indepth understanding of how to benefit from Linkedin. Her style and approach is very personable and she makes it really relevant to your business. The most valuable tip from today is how simple it is to use and which groups to join.   ”   Beccie  Varney,  Making  a  Difference  Training,  Attended  LinkedIn  Workshop  Jan  2013   My  Guarantee  to  you   If  for  any  reason  you  find  my  training  isn't  every  bit  as  good  I  say  it   will  be  I  will  give  you  a  full  money  back  guarantee,  so  there's  no   risk  for  you  -­‐  just  the  promise  of  a  great  training  programme.       Thursday  21st  November  2013  Time:  9.30am-­‐12.30pm                        Location:  34  Paradise  Circus,  Queensway,   Birmingham,  B1  2BJ    Book  on  Line  at  http://www.thebizlinks.co.uk/events-­‐ dawn-­‐adlam   Contact  me  on  07780725564  /  email   dawn@thebizlinks.co.uk