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Ottawa Valley Foods Case

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A Grade 12 case study on business culture.

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Ottawa Valley Foods Case

  1. 1. Case Study: Ottawa Valley Food Products Ltd. October, 2014
  2. 2.  Reading the Opening Paragraph  Read the Last Paragraph  Read the subtitles  Look at the Exhibits  Read the first sentence of each paragraph and the last sentence  You can now answer the following Questions: Tackling the Case
  3. 3.  Who is the Decision Maker?  What is the issue?  Why has the issue arisen  When do I have to resolve – Time Frame?  NOW GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING TO END AND WITH A PEN/HIGHLIGHTER AND START MAKING YOUR NOTES AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: Preliminary Questions
  4. 4.  Define the Issue  Analyze the Case Data  Generate Alternatives  Select Decision Criteria  Analyze and Evaluate Alternatives  Select a preferred alternative  Develop an action and implementation plan Answer the Following
  5. 5.  This Class: Small Group Discussion  Next Class: Large Group Discussion Assignment Next Steps
  6. 6.  Define the Issue:  What are some of the issues that might become criteria in your decision making. LARGE GROUP Discussion Points
  7. 7.  Generate Alternatives  What factors govern or guide the alternatives LARGE GROUP Discussion Points
  8. 8.  This is a very delicate situation for both Jennings and Mary. You must decide who to support and provide concrete evidence of why you support Jennings or Mary. The length of you answer must be no more than 250 words – one page single spaced. Include any examples from the case study to support your decision. Assignment Question
  9. 9. What Did they Actually Do?