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Sample ui string queries sheet1

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Sample ui string queries sheet1

  1. 1. Sample  UI  String  Queries Source UI String Query from Translator Problem Category Localization Coordinator's Answers Developer's Answers "{0} [ {1} ] has been copied from {2} #{3}." Please indicate what will replace {0} [ {1} ] and {2} #{3}. Variables ? {0} the external name of the targeted item definition {1} the value that was copied to the targeted item definition {2} the source (linked) item definition from which the value was copied {3} the item number of {2} "Error invoking AssetSummary method recursively." Should AssetSummary read as "Asset Summary", or should we keep its concatenated form? Not localized for now, according to the instructions for the previous [ ] project, could you please confirm? Shouldn’t all camel case be non- translatable? Correct. Do not translate camel case. AssetSummary (it is the name of a java class type) beginning Please provide more context. Context Why do we have a single word like this not capitalized? This is part of a re-occuring event frequency control. As in "Weekly: beginning Friday 3/1/2014 and continuing each Friday until …" Build Please provide more context. Part of speech Does this mean, for example, Build #? (noun), or a command verb? Yes this is the build number in the about box. The following fields do not exist for {item} in {container}. Click Append to add these fields and values to the description in the destination {item}. Are the terms in square brackets translatable? Translatable Are these variables or should they translate the terms? Yes, they are translatable. The second shift starts before first shift has ended for {0}. Please explain what a shift is in this case. Shall it be translated by "équipe" according to the ITIL Glossary? Context Part of speech Yes; it is a noun, and I confirmed that this is the correct term in the French ITIL glossary. User session cannot be created over existing component session. What do you mean by "over" in these strings? Please explain. Context We should have revised the developer's string before sending for translations. These sentences could have been written as follows: A User Session cannot be created while a Component Session is active. A Guest Session cannot be created while another Guest Session is active.